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Popular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

If the hall is considered the face of a house or apartment, then the bathroom is a real hidden place of power. This is where we can relax, enjoy our favorite water treatments and self-care. Today it is not customary to treat bathrooms in a purely utilitarian way: designers and even psychotherapists recommend considering them… Read More »

Extravagant Bedroom Furnishings

Most living ideas are more about how the furniture is placed. But the type of furniture is also important. Above all, sufficient attention should be paid to the choice of bedroom furniture. Good night! Furnishing ideas for the bedroom What do you need in the bedroom? Basically, only the bed and the wardrobe are required.… Read More »

New Interior Style Softminimalism

Softminimalizm [soft or soft minimalism] – the most versatile style of the 21st century! In the design Soft minimalism of style, it becomes possible to combine male and female points of view on how the interior should be. This unique direction resolves all the differences that arise as a result of the choice of interior… Read More »

The Best Features Of Australian Style Interior Design

The uniqueness of the Australian style reflects the incomparable Australian way of life. It is possible to convincingly “recreate” Australia in a spacious apartment, a large room, and most precisely in a country house! This description of Australian interior design invites you to plunge into the world of wide spaces, breathe in the old-fashioned and… Read More »