Kitchen Trends 2024

Together we start the new year with you and the kitchen trends 2024. The latest highlights make a lot and promise not only a modern look but also numerous functional properties that make cooking a real experience.

Kitchen Trends 2024

This year we can look forward to dark, elegant colors such as black, gray and dark brown in the kitchen trends. There is no way around naturally grained wooden fronts and the natural wood look in the kitchen this year. What remains is that the kitchen and living room merge with each other and together form a holistic living concept. No wonder, then, that cosiness is a major theme in the 2024 kitchen trends. Closed and uniform fronts, showcases and sideboards are particularly popular as kitchen furniture. At the same time, our kitchens are becoming smarter and more functional thanks to intelligent electrical appliances and storage systems.

These are the colors of the kitchen trends 2024

Elegant and dark colors are the absolute trend for fronts, bodies and the like. At the same time, all other kitchen furniture is colour-coordinated. The latest kitchen trends are reflected in a uniform look, creating clarity, structure and order. This seems particularly important this year, as many people are increasingly working from home and often in the kitchen dining area. Black or anthracite as well as dark brown currently determine the color selection and thus replace the classics in white. A major advantage: dark tones can be combined with almost all materials and colors. This is how you skilfully set accents and ensure a loosening up.

Toned colors are also becoming a kitchen trend for 2024. Above all are pastel shades, dark red and terracotta. These bring a little more momentum to the interior, which is otherwise kept very dark. If you dare, you can also use metallic colors.

Instead of high gloss, all signs point to matt surfaces in the kitchen trends of the year.

From wood to marble look in the kitchen trends 2024

Another kitchen trend is the natural wood look. This is reflected in the all-over, grained wooden fronts, which impress with different variants such as oak or walnut. Elements made of stainless steel, glass and granite are combined. Some manufacturers provide exciting eye-catchers with fronts that imitate charred wood.

The concrete look with the popular industrial charm will continue to accompany us in the 2024 trends. The marble look, on the other hand, is making a comeback and is increasingly being used as a back wall or worktop in our kitchens.

New body heights for improved ergonomics as a kitchen trend for 2024

More ergonomics and storage space bring additional body heights, which are part of the kitchen trends for 2024. The need arises from the fact that today all family members are often involved in cooking and preparation. At the same time, the increased body heights offer more comfort and ensure clear lines with continuous fronts and uniform patterns. With the kitchen trend, even small kitchens are stretched and appear longer.

Smart kitchen trends 2024: intelligent kitchen appliances for more efficiency

The kitchen appliances of 2024 promise a lot. Smart, efficient, sustainable – if you look at the technological kitchen trends this year, you can look forward to some clever functions that make cooking, baking and preparation a lot smarter.

Let’s first look at the optics, the electronic devices are also kept in black or gray tones and together with the fronts form the consistent and clean look that is so popular this year.


The focus for built-in appliances continues to be on innovative functions and user-friendliness. Modern ovens can predict when roasts and the like will be ready, the contents of the oven can be recorded using camera technology and a suitable automatic program can be started. At the same time, they recognize when the food is ready and switch off by themselves.

Other manufacturers integrate voice control into production, which opens oven doors on voice commands. Practical kitchen trend when you have your hands full.


Many of the new models from the 2024 kitchen trends offer more storage capacity in both the fridge and the freezer. Thanks to innovative technologies such as active humidification and fresh mist, food has a longer shelf life. Networked models in the smart home create entire shopping lists based on the content.


With dishwashers, the trend continues towards sustainability and low consumption with high performance. Some manufacturers solve the problem with more floor space, others rely on automatically opening doors for a natural drying process. At the same time, programs can be set more individually.

For those who are particularly in a hurry, the kitchen trends for 2024 include dishwashers that can be tripled in speed. Even if they are already running. In addition, a condition in a networked household via smartphone, tablet or even voice recognition is not a problem.

Extractor hoods

Glass is increasingly being used as a material for extractors. With the help of sensors, these extend automatically when the hob is activated and are ready for use without any action. At the same time, this 2024 kitchen trend is significantly more efficient thanks to the air sensor, because it also automatically adjusts the performance. The air flow behind the glass pane is innovative, as it draws off the steam in a targeted manner.

In most smart homes, all devices are also intelligently networked with one another and can therefore be easily controlled via end devices.

Conclusion of the kitchen trends 2024

Kitchens are appearing clearer and more structured this year with consistent fronts, but are also becoming significantly cozier. Dark colors and the natural wood look determine the look of the kitchen trends for 2024. This creates a more homely, yet elegant ambience. The focus is also on customization. New body heights provide more ergonomics and storage space, while increasingly intelligent electrical appliances make cooking, baking and washing up more efficient.

Living and living space are merging more and more with the kitchen. Even the home office can be integrated into the kitchen with the new kitchen trends 2024. We would be happy to advise you personally on your personal kitchen trend for 2024.