Bauerngarten mit Gemüse

Creating a farm garden

The garden for people with a green thumb

A farmhouse garden like in grandma’s time radiates pure idyll! In the green, nostalgic and sometimes wild paradise, useful plants for the kitchen meet resting places that invite you to dream. With our tips, turn your property into a garden in a rustic country house style, which brings joy all year round.

What makes the Bauerngarten so special

The farmhouse garden is a form of the country house garden. It has its origin in the second half of the 19th century. Originally it was a fenced piece of land a little away from the farmhouse. Herbs, fruits and vegetables were grown there for everyday life. In general, the focus was on crops, which is understandable given the social status of a peasant family. Ornamental flowers had no place among the plants. Towards the end of the 19th century, the urban bourgeoisie discovered the advantages of its own garden for itself and so the peasant garden also lived in an urban environment and the focus shifted more to aesthetics. Today, the country house style is on everyone’s lips again and, accordingly, the cottage garden is again resonating. This modern country house garden can be based on the origins and be reserved for useful plants, but also offer a place for ornamental plants and fantastically beautiful flowers. If you want to create a farmhouse garden yourself, you can do this quite easily.

Cottage garden with colorful flowers at a house
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The features of a garden in the peasant style

In the farmhouse garden, clever structures meet romantic wildness. What at first glance looks like a colorful mess is a well-thought-out arrangement of ornamental and useful plants that gets the most out of the respective crop. The mixed crops reduce the risk of pests and plant diseases, attract useful bees and are a real feast for the eyes. However, this is exactly where the required green thumb comes into play. Not all plant cultures fit together. Anyone who makes mistakes in the farm garden and when planting the beds may be looking forward to a rich harvest too early. Therefore, new amateur gardeners should first familiarize themselves with the subject and start small in order to make the garden of their dreams a reality without frustration.

A garden with various beds
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Creating a cottage garden: ideas for a colorful plant world in a country house style

When creating a cottage garden, the planting plan is crucial. Vegetables and herbs can be placed on an area that is as square as possible, which is ideally oriented to the south. The east side is also a suitable location. A direct proximity to the house facilitates quick harvesting for the kitchen. The house wall at the same time provides useful protection from cold and wind. A traditional wooden fence to protect against animals is no longer necessary in most areas. Nevertheless, the boundary within the property is still popular and contributes greatly to the ambience.

Garden beds with different plants
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The basic pattern for the cottage garden

Four beds, separated by narrow paths, serve as a simple basic pattern when creating the garden. The middle of the wayside cross is the ideal place for a small tree, sunflowers or – quite romantically – a fountain. The path system is a harmonious contrast to the apparent confusion in the beds themselves and brings harmony to the garden. The design of the bed frames, for example with boxwood or honeysuckle, is also a treat for the eyes. They also reduce the spread of weeds. Kitchen herbs such as lovage, chives and rosemary, medicinal herbs from sage to yarrow and all kinds of vegetables grow and thrive in the beds themselves. Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and onions from our own garden are a culinary highlight every time again.

A garden with flower beds and paths
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Individual options for the planting plan

Of course, the Bauerngarten planting plan can be adapted individually. In the foreground are those plants that bring the greatest joy to the owner of the garden and his family. If there is not enough time for harvesting and processing vegetables, then there is nothing against planting the country house garden only with ornamental flowers.

Pure relaxation: this is how the farmhouse garden becomes a romantic oasis of peace

Fresh herbs for the pan and sweet berries for the cake are just one aspect of the farm-inspired lifestyle. If you want to create a cottage garden, you should place an equally strong focus on one or more relaxation corners. A path made of gravel, bark mulch or stone slabs leads from the front door through the splendor of flowers to the place that was chosen as a family meeting point and a place of relaxation. Here, during the warm months, people eat, drink coffee or read an exciting book. In the midst of the many plants it is wonderful to switch off from the stressful everyday life and the nature in front of the house gives strength for the upcoming tasks. Friends and acquaintances are guaranteed to be happy about every invitation in the idyllic surroundings. Within a very short time, the country house garden becomes the scene of beautiful moments that will be remembered forever.

The ideal place for the garden furniture is a little away from herb and vegetable beds, in the middle of marigolds, peonies & Co. So the sometimes large pieces do not interfere with gardening and when relaxing outdoors, the beauty of the plants is in the foreground. For larger plots, several of the cozy corners can be set up at once, for different purposes. Thus, the rustic garden bench overlooking the street becomes a meeting place for short conversations with the neighbors or a quick break in the midday sun, while the garden lounger and garden table behind the house benefit from more privacy.

Garden lounger Eucalyptus wood FSC, Oiled, Deckchair Deckchair, Outdoor furniture

Rustic & cozy: The right garden furniture for the farmhouse garden

Natural woods play a big role in the choice of furniture, which is used in the project “Designing a cottage garden”. The rural garden often looks like something from a bygone era. This is complemented by wooden furniture, which also exudes this ambience. This is why teak wood, which is as noble as it is robust, is often the first choice for nostalgic gardens. Tables, chairs and loungers made of the material are extremely weatherproof and are loyal companions for many years. In untreated condition, teak furniture develops a beautiful silver-gray patina due to wind and weather. Visually, the pieces of furniture automatically look antique and like long-standing family pieces. The patina appears outdoors after only a few weeks if there is enough rain. Thus, even brand new wooden furniture adapts to the historical look of the farmhouse garden in no time.

Garden Bench Premium 190cm Teak Bench Outdoor Garden Furniture

A country house garden with a modern look

If you want to have your garden in a country house style a little more modern, you can rely on a trendy mix of styles. Modern lounge garden furniture combines wood with aluminium elements. Colorful pillows provide cosiness and also radiate colorful with the flowers around the bet. Also very popular are small bistro sets made of wood, aluminum or rattan. This makes it possible to fully enjoy breakfast for two even in the smallest garden. Finally, with the matching garden decoration, the last optical finishing touch comes to the farmhouse garden. You can create and design your green paradise here again in a very creative way. Ideas with an eye-catcher guarantee are, for example, an old bicycle with flowers planted in a basket or a watering can made of zinc converted into a flower pot.

Lantern capsule - white wash - bambooHanging bird house made of teak wood

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