new trends in interior design in 2021

What are the new trends in interior design in 2024?

Despite the fact that a year has not yet ended, interior design trends in 2024 are already taking their place in leading design agencies. Some of them share their findings for inspiration and for completing urgent projects.

new trends in interior design in 2021

These ideas will bring modernity and conciseness to any decision to improve living space.

Materials and finishes

Every year there is significant progress in the use of a variety of finishing materials and methods of their production. According to famous designers, an unconventional approach to interior design makes the atmosphere the most unique.

Among the materials included in the list of trends in interior design, the following can be noted:

  • Tempered glass with irregular streaks repeating the structure of marble can become a spectacular tabletop or a special detail of the environment where a special approach to the visual expansion of the space is required;
  • Furniture made of such material is gaining more and more fans. But interior designers also drew attention to the advantages of metal. Interior design trends 2024 are the application of such a texture in lighting and decoration. Cozy figurines, floor vases, coasters and other convenient things easily find their place in the modern interior;
  • Material that you cannot name new, but now not only texture and color are played out, but also natural beauty. Various panels, design elements made of raw wood, look especially elegant in living rooms and offices;
  • New trends in interior design 2024 are not without textiles, but they no longer give this decoration element a special advantage. Rather, moderation and necessity have been sustained.

The fashion includes simplicity and minimalism. At the same time, the design dictates the design of the home in such a way that all the details harmoniously look in a single ensemble.

Popular trends in bedroom interior design 2024

The bedroom is a special place for anyone living in the house, so the design of the room should bring peace and comfort. The latest trends in interior design for 2024 bedrooms have the following rules:

  • the bedroom should be spacious! Working with minimalist decor by cleaning up unnecessary things is the best way to make this room bigger. This is probably why minimalism is becoming a big trend in bedroom design;
  • If you are thinking about something very fashionable at present, you can choose a wicker bed with a headboard. Beds made from Viennese straw or wicker vines are increasingly striking in the new collections of leading manufacturers;
  • handmade things always mean caring and love, as well as the presence of a unique item that no one else has. Such details add a special charm to the room, and such cute objects or prints with watercolor inscriptions become much more popular than standard prints and typographic posters.

2024 trends in kitchen interior design

Based on the recommendations of design experts, here are a few kitchen design trends that we already see in 2024:

  1. technology has entered the kitchen at full strength, and not just in the form of fashionable gadgets and appliances. Today it can be a kitchen with technology integrated into every function and appliance – from faucets to a refrigerator and lighting;
  2. In the past few years, the removal of the top wall cabinets has become a growing trend as it opens up the visual space, making the kitchen look much larger and brighter. This allows you to use the space of the countertop more productively. Open shelves become an excellent alternative if additional storage space is required;
  3. smooth glossy surfaces of household appliances are a thing of the past, now the oven, refrigerator and microwave can be any color. This approach allows you to focus and visually align the area of even the smallest kitchen;
  4. Parquet floors are still very popular, but when it comes to kitchen floors, the trends in the interior design of the kitchen are 2024, then the most popular option is ceramic floors. Thanks to technology, ceramic floors are now available in a wide range of designs, styles and sizes;
  5. By installing a glass door in your kitchen, you can easily visually connect the two rooms, but at the same time not limit the total area.

These ideas combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to create the perfect kitchen.

Bathroom 2024: fashion trends in interior design

Modern trends in the interior design of the bathroom dictate the following conditions:

  • dark tones begin to gain momentum and will continue to gain popularity. All shades of gray or even black are most popular in lamps, dressing tables, mirrors and other lamps, especially with a matte finish;
  • modern bathrooms turn into individual spas, and technology makes relaxation more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Built-in speaker system, mini-refrigerators, automatic sinks, adjustable dehumidifiers, built-in deodorizers and much more are becoming more popular;
  • there is a revival of the once beloved ceramic tile past decades, as well as several new designs. So, look for new and improved hexagons, arabesques, diamonds, Moroccan fish scales or chevron patterns in new colors and textures. These attractive shapes will not only decorate the floor; they will also be used as finishes on the walls of showers and, possibly, as accents on the ceiling.

As you can see, modern technologists are not standing still and are now striding leaps and bounds even in such a thing as interior design. But do not think hard about modern trends, if the house is comfortable and cozy, then maybe this is the very design that is needed at the moment.

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