luxury bathroom ideas 2024

15 luxury bathroom ideas 2024

luxury bathroom ideas 2024

The installation of a luxury bathroom 2024 at home represents an excellent investment. This room is a most intimate space, a place where you should be able to unwind and pamper yourself. Having a luxury bathroom means enjoying a haven of peace in the comfort and safety of your home.

With proper planning and a few modern touches, you can create the relaxing oasis of your dreams. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or renovating your existing property, having a modern, high-end bathroom will enhance the value of your home – and enhance your daily life.

How much does a luxury bathroom cost?

The amount to pay for a luxury bathroom can vary. Several factors are likely to influence the cost of your renovation, such as the region in which you live, the materials chosen and the general design desired. In the case of a luxurious and modern bathroom, you can expect a cost ranging between $45,500 and $55,000. However, remember that you are paying for quality workmanship and materials that will last you a lifetime.

How to make my bathroom luxurious?

There are many ways to transform your bathroom into the luxurious space you dream of. If you have the space, replacing your tub shower with a freestanding tub and separate shower can do wonders for enhancing the style and comfort of your bathroom. Explore the options available to you when it comes to shower types and choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes. If you need help finding the perfect layout for your space, we can connect you with local interior designers, like the lovely members of the Professional Association of Interior Designers of Quebec! Need additional help? Here are our top luxury bathroom ideas to help get your project started.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Fresh flowers, luxurious shower, downlighting, uncluttered storage spaces… there are many ways to create a high-end bathroom. Here are some of our favorite ideas for an on-trend luxury bathroom.

Zellige tilesluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Zellige tiles are a great option for a unique look; as they are handmade, no two tiles are the same. Each has slight variations in color and shape, which creates great visual interest. If you’re looking for ideas for a luxury bathroom, this popular tile could be the perfect solution to spice up a monotonous shower screen or create the perfect backsplash for your countertops.

Foyerluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Why choose between taking a nice hot bath and lounging by the fire on a cold day when you can do both at the same time? Adding a fireplace to your design is one of our favorite luxury bathroom ideas because it brings together all the elements of a cozy (or even romantic) evening at home. Nothing is more comforting than watching the flames dance while relaxing in the tub.

Marble wallluxury bathroom ideas 2024

When it comes to decorating, many people associate marble with flooring and countertops, but why stop there? Marble walls look incredibly elegant, especially in a sleek bathroom design. It’s the perfect combination of classic style and the latest bathroom trends. Whether you opt for a single color palette or contrasting accessories, the presence of marble walls in the space exudes opulence.

Heated floorsluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Have you ever taken a wonderfully pleasant bubble bath after a long, cold winter day, only to see your bubble of happiness evaporate instantly upon contact with the cold floor? With a heated floor, this situation will never happen again. Nothing is more luxurious than a floor that keeps your toes warm, all the time.

Freestanding bathtubluxury bathroom ideas 2024

A nice hot bath can help you wash away the cares of the day. However, it can be difficult to reach a state of wholeness if you feel cramped. To maximize the feel of your space, consider adding a freestanding bathtub to your bathroom. Eliminate features that inspire claustrophobia by leaving a little space between the bathtub and the wall, which will allow you to fully breathe and decompress.

Separate toiletluxury bathroom ideas 2024

A toilet separated from the rest of the bathroom is an ingenious and elegant way to delimit the space and make the room as welcoming as possible. When you enjoy the luxury of a modern and distinguished bathroom, no one needs a reminder of all that takes place in private. By isolating the little nook into its own little enclave, it becomes easier to relax in your new oasis.

Luxury lightingluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Lighting is one of the most important elements of bathroom design. When looking for luxury bathroom ideas, consider high-end or custom lighting that will make your space stand out. Backlit your mirror can give a trendy look without being harsh on the eyes. Moreover, this type of lighting can complement or even highlight your choice of vanity. If the ceilings are high, pendant lights can be a great way to accentuate the size of the room and give it a modern look.

Built-in storageluxury bathroom ideas 2024

No bathroom is complete without storage space. However, it’s important that your towels and toiletries are stored in a way that adds to the overall design of the room rather than making it look cluttered or disorganized. Built-in storage is a great way to maintain a refined look while keeping your countertops uncluttered. Used correctly, it can also alter our perception of space, making the room appear taller or more spacious.

Contrasting texturesluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Feel free to play with textures in your bathroom. The fact that everything is identical and uniform can become boring. It is important to mix textures, for example using rough materials and smooth ones. Concrete is a trending material that can provide a nice contrast to the many smooth materials found in bathrooms. Even just playing around with matte and glossy finishes can make all the difference.

Skylightsluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Making your bathroom brighter can be tricky. Natural light is ideal for bathrooms, as it increases the feeling of tranquility while being ideal for applying makeup. The trickiest aspect is bringing in natural light without sacrificing privacy. Skylights are a fantastic option, letting an abundance of natural light into your luxury bathroom without giving your neighbors a direct view of your most private space.

Wall artluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Do you have large walls and don’t know how to dress the surface? Do you feel like something is missing from your luxury bathroom? A piece of wall art can be just what you need to tie all the elements together in the room. Taking advantage of the empty space to place a photo of a quiet place or a calming motif can help you achieve zen in your home oasis.

Decor inspired by natureluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Looking for something trendy and inviting? Try adding nature-inspired elements to your new design. Bringing plant life into your space acts like a breath of fresh air (literally). Incorporating vegetation into your bathroom decor adds pops of color. In addition, the unavoidable humidity of the room can be beneficial for certain types of plants. Don’t have a green thumb? Fake plants can be just as pretty, or you can try flower pattern wallpaper or wood paneling. Anything that brings nature indoors will help make your bathroom more peaceful and luxurious.

Play with colorluxury bathroom ideas 2024

When it comes to design, “color” is one of our favorite words, acting as an invitation to let our creativity run wild. Even in spaces intended for relaxation, it is always a good idea to add a touch (or an amount) of color. Accent walls or tiles are great for experimenting with color, but you shouldn’t stop there. If you opt for walls in neutral tones, you can always choose accessories that stand out for their originality. The only limit in your new space is your imagination. Just because you want a modern, luxurious bathroom doesn’t mean you have to be conservative with your color choices.

Personal care stationluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Since it’s the little things that make your design successful, sometimes a personal grooming station is the only thing missing to make you feel good in your new surroundings. Items to drop off include bubble bath products, candles or your favorite book. Whether you choose a small corner table or a tray that fits snugly over your bathtub, having a glass of wine and bath bombs on hand is a winning recipe for relaxation.

Decorative accessoriesluxury bathroom ideas 2024

Having all the elements of a luxury bathroom is great, but you have to find a way to tie it all together. Choosing the right decorative accessories can make the difference between good design and great design. Consider choosing a freestanding bathtub that matches the veining of your walls or marble floors. Large decorative mirrors with ornaments are a great way to add character to your decor. There is a huge selection of items to complete the look of your bathroom; just make sure you choose items of the same quality level as the rest of your space, otherwise your space may not exude the level of opulence you want it to, no matter how hard you try.

Ready to make your dream bathroom a reality?

Designing a luxurious bathroom can seem daunting, but by incorporating some of our ideas into your project, you are sure to create the space of your dreams. If you’re still not sure what kind of bathroom you want, you can get inspired by exploring the many renovation projects we’ve done. In addition, we offer excellent recommendations for optimizing space in small bathrooms, such as converting your bath into a shower. You can also check out our handy guide to bathroom renovations. No matter the size of your renovation project, we can help you go from dream… to reality!

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