Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

The happy owners of the dining room certainly do not get tired of enjoying such a rational organization of space in their apartment.

It is this room that becomes one of the most symbolic and cozy in the apartment: its presence not only allows the whole family to gather comfortably for dinner, lunch or breakfast, but also demonstrates the status and respectability of the owners of the house as a whole. And if you also designed it in accordance with current trends, then every meal will stop here in something special.

It doesn’t matter whether your dining room is combined with a kitchen, terrace or loggia, or it is a separate isolated room – in any case, the atmosphere and mood of your friends and family depends on its design. The interior designers have already come up with a list of modern dining room design trends 2023. A small spoiler: there will be nothing overly complicated, bulky and supernatural – only a maximum of natural textures, unexpected colors and maximum harmony.

Top 5 Dining Room Design Trends of 2023

We have repeatedly emphasized the dominance of minimalism in contemporary contemporary interiors, however, on the eve of 2023, designers nevertheless admitted that the emphasis on absolute brevity and functionality is excessive. That is why the ideal dining room for the coming season embodies comfort, coziness, individuality – and, perhaps, light, but not extravagant diversity. This time, decorators and interior specialists received special attention from five of the most interesting trends.

Eclecticism will not doModern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

As in the design of other areas of the house, in the design of the dining room, you may well deviate from the rigid principles of a particular style. Such liberalism is dictated by the desire for individuality, which from season to season prevails over other trends. The unique interior today is valued much higher than the one in which a certain direction is sustained to the smallest detail – and this opens up an unlimited field for experiments.

Now you don’t have to frantically scour the range of stores looking for the perfect golden chandelier for your Art Deco dining room, or sigh sadly in a trendy, minimalist dining room devoid of your favorite trinkets. Design 2023 has taken a new course: an environment that is exclusively made of things that are pleasant and dear to your heart. This can be a charming rug, a lovely vase, or an unusual hanging decor. Even if they do not quite fit into the given style, this is for the best: a special aura will appear in the dining room that can tell a lot about the owners.

As much light as possibleModern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Dark, mysterious, literally and figuratively hidden dining rooms are no longer relevant – unless, of course, you are a family of spies. In contemporary interiors, light literally dominates the room, allowing you to feel the space and yourself in it in a new way. Great mood at lunch and breakfast, optimism and relaxation at dinner – without him, this simply will not be possible.

New lighting scenarios for dining rooms are multi-level and versatile. These are huge rectangular and semicircular windows, and stylish lamps, and hidden lighting, which is very popular today. Combine and use all these tools in a way that is more comfortable for you, and you will immediately appreciate how much more pleasant life in general and food intake in particular have become.

Niches and partitions as an important element of the interiorModern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Today designers are literally in love with zoning – and this is no accident. Playing with space allows you to find completely new and unexpected solutions, transforming the interior of your apartment into something unique.

One of the most common zoning options is the separation of the dining room from the kitchen. In this case, it makes sense to forget about plasterboard walls, doors and arched openings: modern lightweight and mobile partitions will create that very unobtrusive feeling of isolation and steal a minimum of space. You can put a glass, wooden or plasterboard partition, decorate it with mirrors, porcelain stoneware with various textures, or all the same wood – however, more on that later.

Another fashionable trick for owners of spacious dining rooms is niches in which you can organize a small chill-out area that can become a kind of mini-living room. A small cozy sofa, a sconce or a small floor lamp, a couple of bookshelves – everything you need when you want to be alone or have a sweet nap after dinner.

Wood accent wallsModern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Designers have repeatedly confessed their sincere love for wood, but in the case of dining rooms, they have elevated this attachment to an absolute. In this case, we are talking about accent walls made of wood, which are proposed to be used in modern interiors of very different directions.

If you think you can get by with classic wood boiserie panels or traditional planks, even painted and brushed, then you are deeply mistaken. Of course, such solutions are welcome, but more attention will have to be paid to creativity. Wooden 3D panels, panels and mosaics will make the interior of the dining room volumetric and rich. Plus, natural and warm textures are rumored to have an extremely positive effect on appetite!

Live plantsModern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Finally, we got to the most pleasant trend for us – plants in the interior of the dining room. Today the whole world is crazy about eco, it is no longer possible to do with wood, linen and ceramics – you need something more effective and expressive. And if you are in favor of having as many living plants in pots in your house as possible, your time has come.

The answer to the question of how much such a solution can be used in the interior of the dining room is unambiguous: there are no restrictions here. Windowsill pots, hanging planters, stylish shelves and accent tables and even whole accent walls decorated with lush green vines – let wildlife into your home and feel the calmness and serenity even with a light snack or a cup of coffee.

Trendy Dining Colors For 2023

In defining the actual color scheme for the dining room for 2023, trendsetters divided spheres of influence. The American company Behr again took over the selection of a fashionable palette for painting the walls, but Pantone is already responsible for the shades of furniture and decorative elements.

Those who have at least a general idea of the trendy background shades offered by Behr already know that dark beige and saffron shades, as well as blues, blues and gray-greens, are now the optimal solution for dining room walls. As for the ideas from Pantone, everything is much more interesting here: it is enough to study in more detail their current palette for the coming season, which includes 10 shades:

  • “Shining yellow” – optimistic and saturated, as if radiating solar heat;
  • Earthy orange is a muted shade of orange that can find its place in both pastel and bright dining rooms;
  • “Beach glass” – a watercolor greenish tone that creates an almost tangible feeling of coolness;
  • “Energetic indigo” – a charming bright blue color that can give a charge of vivacity and wonderful mood;
  • Lava waterfall – a deep red color that creates a special aura in the dining room, decorated in neutral tones;
  • “French blue”, a deep and ambiguous shade that evokes memories of the sky over Paris;
  • Ash green – a discreet tone with unconditional menthol notes, helping to feel true serenity;
  • “Rust” is an orange-brown color with a subtle golden sheen that adds personality;
  • “Amethyst orchid” – a calm and laconic tonality of purple that turns every piece of decor and furniture into a unique touch;
  • “Midday sky” is a very light blue hue that simultaneously evokes associations with polar ice and a hot summer day.

Dining Room Lighting Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

As mentioned above, more and more attention is paid to dining room lighting scenarios – and therefore it makes sense to pay close attention to the following types of lamps and lighting options:

  • volumetric chandeliers as a central, accent element of lighting or dining room design as a whole;
  • minimalistic ceiling hangers with brushed metallic lampshades;
  • sconces and floor lamps with gold plating and monochrome shades;
  • vintage lamps made of metal, wood, glass and textiles;
  • groups of round pendant lights of various sizes.

Dining Room Furniture 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

When talking about dining room furniture, designers emphasize the rejection of everything cumbersome, pretentious and overly voluminous. This applies to both tables and chairs and sofas. But first things first.

Dining Room Sets

Sets of a table and several chairs are a good solution that allows you to quickly achieve a balance in design for those who do not like to spend time looking for optimal combinations or are afraid to make mistakes. If you are interested in the idea of buying such a set, take a look at the most relevant solutions:

  • products with a natural texture of natural wood – possibly with a soft polish;
  • fashionable combinations of materials – wood with textiles, wood with metal, metal with glass;
  • calm neutral shades that allow the set to fit into any interior and ensure its relevance even when the background changes – for example, the color of the walls.

Dining Table Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

Choosing the right dining table is the key to your success in creating a comfortable dining environment. For trend-minded people, the following models should be considered:

  • natural solid wood tables;
  • models with a base with complex geometry;
  • elegant modern solutions made of metal and glass;
  • dining tables with contrasting top and base;
  • ergonomic and elegant sliding designs.

Dining Chair Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

An extremely curious trend has emerged in the design of chairs for 2023 – the desire for furniture with the prefix “ergo”. To understand what is at stake, you should pay attention to the following fashionable options:

  • chairs and semi-chairs with low backs;
  • soft and comfortable stools;
  • wooden benches;
  • lightweight wicker, wooden or plastic furniture on a metal base.

Dining Room Wallpaper Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

When choosing wallpaper for your dining room, you can’t go wrong by betting on the following current trends and unexpected solutions:

  • large floral print – up to panels and frescoes in light shades;
  • vintage wallpaper;
  • abstract geometric pattern applied with subtle strokes;
  • 3D decoration on marble, onyx or travertine.

Dining Room Decor Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

2023 promises a huge number of extraordinary decorative solutions for the dining room. The following design findings are worthy of special attention:

  • mirrors of various sizes, shapes and combinations – from collages of small accessories to spectacular mirrored walls;
  • stylish posters and posters – including those drawn with your own hand;
  • designer decor items – unusual vases, abstract figurines and candlesticks;
  • accent tables, elegant metal shelves and open sideboards.

Dining Room Curtain Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

In the textile design of windows in the dining room, you will hardly have any difficulties – just focus on the options for curtains that have become relevant for the interior as a whole in 2023. You will have to adhere to two nuances: choose draperies that allow you to let in the maximum natural color into the dining room and ensure maximum compatibility with the textile decoration of the table – a tablecloth and napkins.

Dining Room Flooring Trends 2023Modern Dining Room Design Trends 2023

In terms of flooring, the choice for 2023 is not very wide. Of course, these are, first of all, wooden floors – with a matte polish or a brushed effect, as well as porcelain stoneware with a pattern to match parquet, wooden board, noble stones or with a fashionable “stractella” pattern.

2023 Dining Room Design Trends: Conclusions

Whatever style, palette and decorative solutions you choose for the dining room, all this should be subordinated to the main thing – to create an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and joy of life. Designers leave you maximum opportunities for stylish experiments and creating interiors in which every meal will bring true pleasure.

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