Modern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

Modern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

Modern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

Over the past decade, trends in window decoration have undergone major changes. In fashion houses, apartments and offices, the ball is dominated mainly by minimalism, as well as loft, Japanese and Scandinavian styles, which allows brevity and restraint to dominate almost uncompromisingly. This approach could not but affect the choice of decor for windows.

Today, when any congestion of space is not welcome, and the purity of lines is raised to the standard, designers continue to insist on the complete absence of curtains and offer blinds as one of the most relevant alternatives. Comfortable and lightweight window systems allow you to effectively control natural light in rooms without any visual noise. However, the aesthetics should not be denied for blinds: we present five blind trends that can facilitate the choice of design in 2023 – and primarily from a decorative point of view.

All in favor of colorModern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

When you want to control the light intensity or hide from prying eyes, blinds are one of the simplest and most practical solutions. However, if aesthetics and style are as important to you as functionality, then in the coming year, you should completely abandon the banal white strips. Designers have already compiled an approximate palette for blinds, which includes the following trend shades:

  • dusty rose;
  • mint;
  • peach;
  • silver;
  • light pink;
  • dusty blue;
  • pale yellow.

Natural materials as a trendy touchModern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

Long gone are the days when the choice of material for blinds was quite unambiguous – plastic, only plastic and nothing but plastic. However, this could not last long: the designers here too joined forces in the fight for environmental friendliness and reasonable consumption and proposed a number of window systems made of natural materials, including:

  • Wooden ones – with a natural texture and noble shades that look incredibly impressive and expensive.
  • Linen – canvases of a calm natural color, gathering in neat folds, are equally good for modern minimalism, and for vintage and retro.
  • Bamboo – stunning in their natural beauty roll systems that look beneficial in minimalist, eco and Japanese interiors.

Unusual design solutionsModern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

Despite the extremely wary attitude towards any volumetric decor, the extraordinary design of blinds is today welcomed by most interior specialists. And if traditional horizontal or vertical slats seem boring to you, appreciate the freshness of the following non-standard options:

  • blinds with vertical and horizontal slots “wave”;
  • multi-textured structures using lamellas of various colors from different materials;
  • Japanese vertical blinds – single-layer and double-layer with wide fabric elements;
  • blinds with photo printing on an individual order.

And some more technologyModern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023

In an incredibly dynamic lifestyle, every free minute, every movement has a special value. That is why equipping window systems with remote control functions quickly became a popular solution – and in the run-up to 2023, it is recommended to pay special attention to them.

Today, blinds can be controlled either with a switch or remote control, or from a smartphone – or you can integrate the option into the Smart Home system. As for compatibility with various designs, here the automation is universal: horizontal, vertical and even pleated fabric blinds are equipped with an electric drive.

This is a fashionable pleated

Modern Blinds: Popular Trends for 2023
Жалюзи плиссе на окнах нижний новгород

Another achievement in the treasury of taking care of the ecology of your own home is pleated blinds, which turned out to be among the most popular trends in modern window decoration. Such designs are made of very thick paper or fabric folded in a special way. The material is fastened between two cornices, as a result of which lifting and lowering are performed according to the accordion principle.

The advantages of accordion pleats include ease of installation and operation, safety and naturalness of materials and a huge variety of options. Today, the following types of such blinds are used for interior decoration:

  • classic – systems with a traditional horizontal web arrangement;
  • inclined (attic) – pleated blinds with a special assembly system, which does not allow the canvases to sag on inclined windows;
  • with complex geometry – canvases that regulate lighting and emphasize the beauty of arched, triangular and other windows of an exclusive design.

Also, in 2023, pleats with floral prints on both pastel and rich backgrounds promise to become popular – the concept of a “blooming garden” inside continues to excite the imagination of designers.

Blinds Trends 2023: Conclusions

When choosing blinds for windows, think about how you see this design option. Whether there will be a design that visually dissolves into the surrounding interior or a contrasting and stylish accent – the decision is yours, especially since in 2023 you will have plenty to choose from.

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