New Interior Style Softminimalism

New Interior Style Softminimalism

New Interior Style SoftminimalismSoftminimalizm [soft or soft minimalism] – the most versatile style of the 21st century! In the design Soft minimalism of style, it becomes possible to combine male and female points of view on how the interior should be. This unique direction resolves all the differences that arise as a result of the choice of interior design. There is nothing universal or shapeless in the interior of the Softminimalism style – this is your stylish comfortable functional space that you like!

Soft Minimalism Style – Origin In Interior Design

Interior Softminimalism is the child of two opposing styles of Minimalism and Art Deco, the emergence of which could be observed in the 2000s. Brothers of the Softminimalism style – Ecostyle, Contemporary, Scandinavian and Japanese styles. From Minimalism to modern style, functional features and ideal forms were transferred, and from Art Deco, Softminimalism absorbed the idea of multiform beauty.

Unlike Minimalism, the brainchild of modern design looks presentable, which manifests itself in the richness of the color palette and expensive textures. Compared to Art Deco, Softminimalism is strict and restrained – its display of luxury is aimed at emphasizing the quality of natural materials and your impeccable taste.

Softminimalism – Individual Traits

The individual qualities of the Softminimalism style give off warmth, softness and glossy shine. For the interiors of the Softminimalism style, the functional layout of the space matters, and the beauty of the style is expressed in the ideal composition of all interior elements: walls, furniture, decor.

The interiors of Softminimalism are well lit by natural sunlight and are spacious. The necessary furniture is present, and there is not even a hint of the asceticism of Minimalism. Interior lighting design in the style of Softminimalism is considered very successful, since it offers built-in ceiling lighting and local lighting in the form of a sconce, floor lamp, table lamp. Simple, cozy and fresh interiors in the Softminimalism style!

The individual philosophy of style is focused on modernity, therefore, while keeping classic and exotic things with him, he also accepts everything new and technological. Softminimalism knows the measure of everything and at the same time appreciates interior splendor.

Softminimalism – Color

The interior color scheme Softminimalism is based on white, which is combined with beige, sand, copper and gold, brown shades. All colors that can be used in the creation of the Softminimalism style interior are unobtrusive, light and natural. In some cases, it is possible to implement the Softminimalism style in the achromatic version, the contrast of black, white and gray adopted for Minimalism.

In general, Softminimalism style surpasses Minimalism in warmth of colors and somewhat cools the hot Art Deco palette, transforming it and using it for its own purposes. The color palette of the Softminimalism style is rich, but this is not a bright riot of colors, but the inclusion of shades of the same spectrum in the space. As a small exception in interior design, green, blue, turquoise minor accents can be used.

Materials In The Interior Of The Softminimalism Style

In creating the Softminimalism space, it is customary to use expensive and unusual materials and their high-quality imitation. Let’s list those rare materials with the help of which the interior acquires its individuality:

1)  natural stone – in the decoration of walls, floors and columns, in the manufacture of panels, countertops,

2)  exotic wood – a solid solid wood or veneer used in the cladding of walls, floors, doors, cornices,

3)  noble metals and their high-quality imitations – silver, copper, gold, used in the decoration of panels, lamps and other items,

4)  extraordinary bold textiles – fur bedspreads, long-pile carpets, animal skins in the form of bedspreads or rugs, woolen, satin or silk curtains,

5)  stylization of coatings and decorative elements imitating leather or real leather of impeccable workmanship – animals, birds, fish and reptiles, used in finishing furniture on the floor, decorating objects.

Softminimalism – Furniture

Gloss is a specific and glamorous way to create a respectable finish. For example, glossy furniture in Softminimalism style fills the interior with femininity and grace.

In the design of the Softminimalism style, modern and comfortable furniture is used, created in the best traditions of the 20th century. Its distinctive features are ergonomics, an elegant straight silhouette, the absence of carved elements, ornaments, rocailles. Glossy, partial gold trim, leather upholstery.

Softminimalism – Decor

A few decorative items in the Softminimalism style are functional and have a specific purpose to serve convenience and comfort. For example, this is a backlit panel, a fur skin, a copper shelf, a gilded cabinet, a table made of real marble.

Nowadays, the Softminimalism style continues to evolve, so there are no strict requirements for the decor and interior furnishings. However, there is a basic mood of the style that is adhered to in the design of Softminimalism, and this is the observance of harmony between bright and minimalist trends in the pursuit of variety, emotionality and comfort. The self-sufficiency of the style is manifested in the unusual texture of natural materials!

Who Is The Softminimalism Style Recommended For?

Softminimalism is a comfortable style that meets the couple’s needs for little things. It solves issues of duality and eternal controversy, because it offers simple shapes and complex textures, and this is something that will certainly appeal to both women and men. If your desire is to opt for an exclusive and stylish modern interior, then this is Softminimalism!

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