Das Esszimmer im Landhausstil

The country-style dining room

It is the place for the Sunday roast, the festive Christmas dinner and entertaining evenings with friends: the dining room! Around the large table, country-style furnishings provide warm cosiness. In this timeless ambience, the set menu tastes even better. Discover with us how to furnish the dining room in a country house style – from the bench to the buffet cupboard to the rustic dining table. How do your ideals look Country house furniture out?

That’s why the country style is the perfect choice for the dining room

Summer holidays with grandma in the country, pieces of furniture like from an old picture book and social gatherings in the holiday home – the country house style brings up happy memories for many people. Natural materials, soft colors and an authentic down-to-earthness are among the features of this timeless trend. The style is especially popular in the kitchen and dining room. Where you cook and then enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends, cosiness is a decisive factor in the furnishing. The country-style dining room with its nostalgic bench, the antique-inspired showcases and the wooden dining table can fully score points here.

Nordic oak dining table top - Thickness: 45-48mm solid oak table with wooden frame

In addition to the kitchen, the dining area is often the heart of a house or apartment. However, the development towards an open living style in recent decades has made it rare to use a separate, separate room for dining. Instead, the classic dining room is now a niche in the living room or the most beautiful place in the large, bright kitchen. Typical pieces of furniture for the style direction, such as an old buffet cabinet, can be optimally used as room dividers. Cleverly placed, they separate the dining area a little from the kitchen or living room and create a small, cozy oasis.

Cabinet Vincenza 150 cm Country house - black - The country-style dining room

Whether completely open or traditionally separate – the space around the dining table is a comfortable place to feel good in every variant. This is ensured by natural materials, romantic patterns and high-quality furniture in the country-style dining room, which bring joy for a lifetime. Another focus is on handmade art. Clay, ceramics and fabrics such as jute give the style an even more personal jute. Sustainable action can be taken here. The most beautiful decorations and the trendiest country house furniture have perhaps been in mom’s basement for years or are waiting for a new home at the local junk dealer.

Landhaus Eckvitrine Weichholz - The dining room in country house style

The main furniture for the dining room in the country style

At the heart of the dining room is the imposing dining table, where all family members and friends will always find a place. Numerous woods, including pine, oak and teak, are suitable for the table top itself. The natural grain makes every table unique. The color white has been trendy for years with the trend theme of country house furniture. This is reflected in the fact that the turned table legs are painted white. A modern alternative is a rack made of metal. The industrial style is combined with the elements of the country house – a mix that makes the classic interior more youthful and urban. On the other hand, a bench is all the more rustic, which complements the chairs in the dining room and offers space for even more guests.

Teak dining table 180 cm lacquered

Hardly any other piece of furniture is so strongly associated with the look of the country house as the buffet cupboard. With its many drawers and lovingly designed details, the cupboard for the dining room is a visual eye-catcher and a practical storage space at the same time. When setting up your own dining room, there is a wide range of designs and colors to choose from. Natural models made of softwood, for example from the Wilhelminian period, give the room atmosphere an alpine flair. The classic British or French-inspired country house style, on the other hand, is evoked with cabinets in white, gray or light green.

Softwood buffet cabinet in country style green

A showcase also finds its place in large country-style dining rooms. It complements the large buffet cabinet with another elegant piece of furniture. In small rooms, a narrow showcase is the perfect alternative to a large cabinet. Behind their glass doors, decorative individual pieces as well as the everyday objects for the daily setting of the dining table are collected.

Display case with 2 glass doors and storage compartments open in the middle - Landhaus display case

Natural cosiness: decorate and design the dining area in an atmospheric way

It is the small details that give a room its very special ambience. The country style in the dining room combines decorative accessories with practical utility. Fresh herbs on the buffet cupboard bring the garden into the house and exude a pleasant scent. The mint, the basil or the chives land on the plates directly before serving from the small plant pots. There the greenery joins the wild flowers on the dining table, which are stuck in an old milk jug instead of the traditional vase. A feast for the eyes of the guests!

© Rido – stock.adobe.com

Probably the most classic decoration idea for the private dining room is clearly visible placed dishes in a showcase. Behind the glass are presented those plates, cups and glasses that are used on the most important days of the year. A rural-inspired interior can put grandmother’s heirlooms in the best light. But also newly purchased tableware with a romantic floral pattern or rustic animal motifs is a visual hit, at the dining table or in the showcase. If you like it a little more minimalist, you can interpret the modern country house style in mono colors, with tableware in beige, gray or white. A cheerful splash of color is then brought into play by the chosen textiles. Curtains, tablecloths and seat covers are made of linen or cotton and are shown in a charming check pattern or with nature-related embroidery in the colors of the plant and animal world.

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Some items from the country house kitchen can also find their place in the dining room. A natural wooden cutting board, an antique brass kitchen scale or an old cast iron frying pan will beautify cabinets and walls. The own attic and the local flea market are real treasure troves for treasures of this kind.

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