bathroom tiles 2024

Trendy bathroom tiles 2024

bathroom tiles 2024

The bathroom is one of the key rooms in the house, which means that its interior also needs a beautiful and practical finish. We are sure that you will not want to spoil it by making quick and reckless decisions – every detail of the design project in this case must be considered especially carefully. Combining current trends with your own ideas about aesthetics and style, you can find truly exclusive solutions.

Today we will discuss one of the most popular finishing materials for the bathroom – tiles. It is its appearance and texture that determine what the interior of the room will be like as a whole, and what furniture, plumbing and decor you will need.

Focusing on all the aspects mentioned above, we have prepared a list of bathroom tile trends 2024, which mentions ceramics for a variety of design projects. All you need to do is to study it in detail and decide what suits you. But that’s not all! We suggest you look at all the trends and look at the photo so as not to lose sight of anything. Enjoy colorful shots of stylish bathrooms, learn the essentials about tile choices, and get inspired to make a big change.

Bathroom tile material trends in 2024

First of all, we would like to start by focusing on a very important trend that dominates both in interiors and in the production of finishing ceramics. In this case, we mean the predominance of large format tiles in fashionable interior decoration. However, small-format elements are still quite in demand and are ideal for classic finishes. Have no doubt: even today, experiments with size are still possible.

When it comes to the textures that are popular in tile design, you can admire their absolute variety. However, we would like to highlight exactly those that have become the most popular in 2024. Designers recommend focusing on the textures of natural materials, which means that they should be discussed in more detail.

Marble – classic elegancebathroom tiles 2024

Marble has been popular for a long time, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to leave the list of hot trends anytime soon. And this is great news! Nothing will give your room sophistication, elegance and expensive look to the extent that marble finishes can. Marbled tiles and porcelain stoneware can be used for both floors and walls, and for both at the same time. As for styles, classics, neoclassics, art deco and modern minimalism are equally favorable to him.

Modern technologies in the production of tiles have made it possible to achieve an impeccable imitation of the color and texture of a wide variety of marbles – with a dense pattern of small and large veins, and snow-white statuario, and golden milky calacatta, and deep sahara noir the color of dark chocolate. You can choose ceramics for every taste, not forgetting, however, the iron rule: the tighter the bathroom, the lighter the walls should be.

Stone – for ultra-modern designbathroom tiles 2024

The stone creates quite a strong impression when used in the interior of the bathroom – and primarily due to its unusual texture. If you want to achieve a spectacular setting, but at the same time maintain fashionable simplicity, it makes sense to stop at stone-effect porcelain stoneware. At the same time, if you claim to be exclusive, and the possibilities allow, give preference to natural stone tiles.

When it comes to color, here you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety. Onyx and travertine, granite and quartz – today manufacturers are able to recreate the pattern and color transitions to the smallest detail. You just have to choose the material, the design of which you really liked.

Wood for a natural effectbathroom tiles 2024

Since one of the trends in 2024 is naturalness and closeness to nature, it is not surprising that wood effect tiles turned out to be so in demand. In the collections of major manufacturers, you can find ceramics that perfectly imitate the shades and patterns of various wood species – and its water resistance and durability will be a very valuable bonus.

Also, consider combining wood look tiles with porcelain tiles that imitate other natural textures. For example, you can consider marble or stone to create the most natural and extraordinarily stylish space.

Bathroom tile color trends in 2024

You can choose different colors of bathroom tiles, depending on the other elements of the room and the desired effect. However, there are certain shades that promise to be the most popular in 2024. Let’s talk about them in more detail

Neutral colors for a balanced atmospherebathroom tiles 2024

If you are not sure which color to choose, the best option is a neutral shade. Soothing colors are ideal for any style and perfectly harmonize with modern interiors. We invite you to consider white, as this unconditional classic will provide lightness and visual abundance of light and air. You can also choose from various tones of black and dark brown for more elegance. It should be noted that they must be combined with light accents and the noble color of metals for plumbing.

Other design options include hues such as grey, cream, baby blue, soothing green. Their choice depends on your wishes, but do not forget about the famous rule: cool tones for warmer rooms, warm tones for cooler ones.

Bold colors to invigoratebathroom tiles 2024

If you’re not impressed with a neutral palette, opt for bolder colors. They are sure to create a great mood and provide the interior with a unique energy. The bright palette looks especially impressive in modern bathrooms, where the priority of form and color over the abundance of decor becomes quite obvious.

The variety of colors will also pleasantly surprise you: it can be dark blue, and emerald green, and wine, and even sunny yellow. However, do not choose a shade spontaneously: be guided by the style of the interior and the perception of color by all family members. In addition, do not overdo it: if necessary, balance bright colors with neutral accents.

Bathroom tile design in 2024

So, with the colors and texture of the tiles, everything is clear – now is the time to move on to design options that promise to become popular in 2024. Some of them turned out to be closer to the classics, while others are like a breath of fresh air. Either way, they all provide great ideas for customizing your bathroom. All you have to do is choose a design that matches your own ideas.

Clean lines and rough surfacesbathroom tiles 2024

Today, designers insist on precise, sometimes even harsh, geometric patterns in tile design, which can be combined with a texture that is different from the traditional glossy, matte, and even lapped. Naturalness comes to the fore – and finishing ceramics more and more resemble polished sandstone.

Another advantage of such a tile is safety. You can hardly slip on a rough surface, and modern technologies in the production of porcelain stoneware make it possible to maintain its impeccable appearance even with such a texture.

Chevron tiles for a clear interior rhythmbathroom tiles 2024

You have probably heard of this design that has been popular for a long time – today its triumphant position on the fashion trend list is still strong. In addition, it fits perfectly into both small and spacious bathrooms, giving an unconditional charm to both modern interiors and Provence or retro style.

Of course, you can opt for the classic white color and traditional herringbone styling for chevron, but the designers assure: use a couple of contrasting colors or several shades on the same plane, and the result will be incomparable.

Mosaic design for more exclusivitybathroom tiles 2024

If you want to declare your own, individual perception of reality, take a closer look at the mosaic tiles. It is such finishing ceramics that can make the interior truly special without unnecessary decorative details.

One of the most interesting aspects in this case may be the choice of the shape of the mosaic elements. You may prefer the classic rectangular, hexagonal shape, or you may prefer something more interesting like a round or abstract shape. Please note: this requires perfect tiling, which is a bit of a challenge, so consider finding a good tiler.

Textured tiles to play with spacebathroom tiles 2024

This tile design is becoming more and more popular for bathrooms. Relief waves, lines and geometric ornaments visually transform the space and fascinate with a clear individual rhythm. Today, manufacturers offer textured ceramics in various formats for finishing bathrooms of any size.

We suggest that you choose to fully cover the space with this tile, as long as it blends seamlessly with other elements of the bathroom. On the other hand, you can choose it to decorate an accent wall and combine it with traditionally smooth ceramics.

Eclectic palette as a bright solutionbathroom tiles 2024

If a one-color or one-color tile is too simple for you, consider combining three or more shades. Which colors these will be is, of course, up to you, but be sure to check out the current trends regarding the leading palettes in 2024.

In addition, the color wheel will come to your aid, thanks to which you can get an unmistakable combination of tones in a tetrad or triad. Do not forget about the proportional ratio of shades: there can be only one background.

Terrazzo tilesbathroom tiles 2024

The desire for the maximum possible volume of natural textures in the interior has awakened the keenest interest in terrazzo tiles. Due to the composition, which implies the use of diverse particles (marble, quartz, stone, etc.), it looks heterogeneous, which causes unconditional visual interest.

Try using it to decorate the bathroom in cases where you settled on an interior in such a style as modern, neoclassical or Mediterranean.

Stylish little thingsbathroom tiles 2024

Competently and tastefully selected tiles will help to make your interior individual – especially if you find non-trivial solutions. You may find the following design tips helpful:

  • choose unusual textures for tiles – primarily embossed and structured;
  • focus on a complex and unusual shade, an extraordinary shape or an exclusive pattern;
  • try combinations of tiles from different collections – of course, if you feel the strength in yourself for such a bold experiment.

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