Custom-made country house furniture

Custom-made country house furniture

“Country style as it could not be more individual”

Modern and antique furniture in country house style brings comfort to the home four walls. They radiate pleasant tranquility and invite you to cozy hours full of rest and relaxation. But country house furniture is not the same as country house furniture. There are various interpretations of this “style direction” and even the possibility of having the desired furniture made to measure. This leads to facilities that could not be more individual.

The incomparable charm of country style

Take high-quality natural materials, process them into functional furniture and add one or the other noble detail. In one way or another, pieces of furniture in the country house style come to life. What seems relatively unspectacular at first glance turns out to be remarkable on closer inspection.

Because it is precisely this simple elegance that elevates country house furniture to extremely charming “roommates”.

Despite all the visual restraint and modesty, there is always something magical attached to the furniture that attracts attention and flatters the eye.

On the trail of nature

Responsible for the “magic” is primarily the use of the element wood as a basic material, which has always aroused positive associations – possibly due to its flammability and the associated gift of warmth?!

Teak display case country style fine grain Shabby ChicBut perhaps also due to the fact that wood is the most natural material for the production of furniture. After all, man is attracted to nature in the narrow sense, this is an unwritten, but undoubtedly recognizable law.

Functional, practical, good

In addition, there is the practical use of classic country house furniture. In the production of the furnishings, the manufacturers often follow the well-known design principle “form follows function”, without renouncing the integration of visual stimuli.

The country-style teak display case, for example, which is suitable for the kitchen as well as the dining or living room, offers a lot of storage space and the opportunity to skilfully stage special accessories such as nostalgic dishes, old photographs or stylish porcelain figurines.

Small but fine details

In addition to the natural properties and functional components, it is above all the small details that turn country house furniture into inspiring objects. These can be, for example, the color, elaborate carvings or even special extras such as brass fittings. Sometimes all the characteristics mentioned can even be found in a single piece of furniture.

Pine Desk Country Style three large Drawers White

As an example, reference is made to the Landhaus desk in pure white. The model made of solid pine wood is designed in the popular Gründerzeit style and enhances every office with its extraordinary design.

Variants of the country style: vintage and shabby chic

From Italian and French-Mediterranean to English and Scandinavian to colonial and modern: the variants of the country house style are extremely diverse.

Vintage dining table Verona old oak

However, two “special forms” that cannot be traced back to specific countries or regions, but find supporters and lovers everywhere, interest and fascinate more than the marginal differences between the regionally typical design styles of the style direction. We are talking about country house furniture in a vintage look and shabby chic style. Both ideas see themselves as retrospective styles.

Biedermeier Chest Bench Vintage Shabby Chic blue

But what does this mean in connection with country house furniture? Due to consciously incorporated traces of use, the furnishings no longer look “only” traditional, but antique – as if they were telling stories.

Shabby Chic Used Table

Look and feel carefully when you look at pieces of furniture such as a Biedermeier vintage chest of drawers, the Shabby Chic Used table with strong signs of wear or the teak chest of drawers in Shabby Chic style. Certainly, the extraordinary flair that antique country house furniture inevitably spreads is not hidden from you.

Custom-made furniture from Wohnpalast

Whether it’s a custom-made country house table, chair, shelf or cabinet: Wohnpalast realizes your thoughts, ideas and wishes in terms of the material, functionality and design of your targeted pieces. The realization of your living dreams is uncomplicated and low-effort. But read for yourself.

Custom-made according to your wishes

Your vision and your sketch

First of all, you or we have to think together how exactly your individual piece of country house furniture should look like. At the beginning of a custom-made production there is always a rough sketch. Attach specific details about all the essential details to your drawing:

  • Which wood can it be, which paintwork?
  • Do you want an interior item in a classic country house style or do you tend to a vintage or shabby chic design?
  • What about extras such as carving or brass fittings?

You can send your ideas to Wohnpalast by e-mail, by post or on site in Dormagen.

Offer and decision

Based on your information, Wohnpalast will create a non-binding offer for you and your project and send it to you as soon as possible. If you confirm the order, all the details will be discussed again before the actual act, namely the custom-made production of your desired piece of furniture, begins.

3D drawing and finishing

However, before working on wood, there is preparation at the computer. Think of your furniture as a 3D animation. If necessary, express your wishes for changes.

Only when you are 100 percent satisfied and give your consent, the experts initiate the production of the product.

Four to six weeks later, you will have your individual custom-made piece of furniture in your hands.

About the advantages of custom-made

At a time when interior decoration is largely produced industrially, custom-made furniture is an outstanding and correspondingly precious commodity. No wonder, then, that they are more in demand than ever. Especially since the custom-made production of furniture comes with several advantages, which we would like to introduce to you in the following.


If you are looking for something special and unique, custom-made country house furniture is always the best solution. The piece of furniture produced according to your specifications acts as a real unique piece that does not exist in the form anywhere else in the world.

Table Brighton Polar Grey

It is up to you to decide which materials will be used to custom-make the cabinet, table, sideboard or shelf. They determine the appearance of the living element. It’s as if you yourself are the designer of your interior.


One of the biggest problems with the furnishing of the home is the lack of space or the difficulty of finding suitable, dimensionally suitable furniture for the domestic conditions.

Create a dream table

Especially in the case of old-build apartments with many rough edges or attic apartments with sloping ceilings, complications often arise: it is often impossible to accommodate cabinets or shelves with specified lengths, widths, heights and depths. In contrast, custom-made furniture is fitted in a completely sensible way. By making the best use of every centimeter, you create more space.

High quality

Apart from the pronounced individuality and precision of fit, first-class quality is guaranteed for custom-made furniture. In terms of durability, massive, hand-made interior items can not be surpassed.

Custom-made country house furniture is individual and innovative

Custom-made country house furniture is in the trend. The trend is rising – because: the elements in the traditional country house design inspire – and not only in purely rustically furnished rooms. Even modernly designed apartments and houses get a sophisticated touch for increased well-being by embedding such special pieces of furniture.

Vintage dining table Firenze old oak

If the objects are also custom-made, the privilege of absolute individuality is added to the domestic aura. Whether in classic design or as antique furniture with vintage or shabby chic style: Custom-made country house furniture fits always and everywhere – but only with you!

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