Interior Colors and Furniture Trends for 2023

Interior Colors and Furniture Trends for 2023

The 2023 interior design trends for the home represent a return to simplicity and communion with natural elements: from the use of sustainable materials to the choice of colors that are reminiscent of nature.

Interior design trends for 2023 reflect the idea of ​​sustainability, comfort and design: The home becomes the quintessential place dedicated to coexistence and being together with a return to essentiality and nature.

Sustainability and minimalism are the key concepts on which the decoration trends of 2023 will be developed, both in terms of the choice of furniture and materials: glass, wood and stone will be the most used materials next year, as they are eco-sustainable and highly customizable: nature will also be present in the choice of colors, from forest green to desert ocher. White paint in its various shades is a good option to contrast with these colors.

The decoration trends of 2023, from the choice of colors to materials and trends dedicated to the different rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the living room, through the bathroom and bedroom.

Trendy colors 2023: the most popular shades for home decor

Together with the materials, the colors also become the mirror of the new styles and the new trends: the fashionable colors of 2023 are warm and comfortable and give the different spaces a familiar and relaxed tone: next year they will be the protagonists tones that are mostly inspired by natural elements such as deserts or forests. These colors can also be seen in the 2023 trends in restaurant decoration.

There will be no shortage of ocher, which blends with cinnamon and bronze, green, which recalls the serenity of country-inspired forests, and blue, the relaxing color par excellence, perfect in opposition to white and wood.

Blue for an elegant and refined style

One of the most popular shades will be blue, the quintessential color that brings serenity and calms the mind. The darker blue tone is especially fashionable, which combines perfectly with the light wood and the golden accessories, creating a very elegant effect.

Rural-inspired olive green

Green is a color that allows you to reconnect directly with nature, and furniture in this tone is ideal for relaxing your mind. Among the trendy colors of 2023 is olive green, which is great when combined with wooden furniture to give the house a refined country chic effect.

Yellow ocher

Yellow is a color full of light, but its strong and bright tone is often difficult to combine, in the 2023 trend the striking effect is softened and ocher is the protagonist, a very refined color that recalls the colors of sand, desert and exotic countries.

Excellent for lovers of ethnic style, ocher reaches its maximum expression in contrast with dark gray, for a soberer effect, and with forest green, to give the environment an original Mexican style.

2023 Trends, between minimalism and sustainability

The design trends of 2023 emphasize the theme of nature and eco sustainability, without giving up the desire for elegance and aesthetics: the home should be cozy and comfortable, where the minimalist approach finds its balance with natural elements.

Thus, one can understand why the Nordic style, with its harmonious and essential lines, is the most fashionable style in 2023, capable of giving an aura of simplicity and purity to the furniture.

The desire for the countryside and natural furniture finds its natural expression in the rustic style, where wicker, rattan and wood become the starting points with which to have fun creating furniture with a familiar and nostalgic flavor.

Trending materials 2023, sustainability is the keyword

Society pays more and more attention to ecology and the preservation of the planet, and the interior design trends of 2023 perfectly reflect this ideology. The interior design trend gives preference to recycled materials, manufactured with low environmental impact and from certified forests.

The most popular material is wood: versatile and eco-sustainable, it gives warmth and personality to the environment, allowing you to reconnect with the earth.

Along with it, two other fashionable materials for 2023: glass and stone. Glass allows you to play with shapes and colors, creating suggestive games of light. The stone is used not only for kitchen countertops and

2023 furniture trends for the living room

The living room of 2023 will be spacious, cozy and relaxing, the true focal point of the house.

The natural element is declined not only with preserved plants, flowers and plants, recreating an authentic urban jungle, but also with exotic wallpaper. The sofa, large and cozy, becomes the main element of the living area, combined with suspended bookcases or made with recycled materials.

2023 kitchen furniture trends

The kitchen furniture trends of 2023 combine the ideas of relaxation and innovation.

Inevitable for next year is the kitchen with an island or peninsula, capable of joining several rooms and allowing you to live everyday life and coexistence with much more space available.

As for the style, there is the minimalist component but also furniture with industrial references, combined with materials such as bronze, copper and steel, but also glass. With the combination of these materials you can give your kitchen cabinets a makeover.

2023 bedroom furniture trends

The space dedicated to sleep and rest must be comfortable and give maximum serenity.

The bedroom decorating trends of 2023 target precisely this goal with sophisticated colors and furniture reminiscent of the Nordic style and hygge philosophy, therefore plenty of space for soft colors such as sand, beige and dusty gray.

2023 furniture trends for children’s bedrooms

The 2023 decoration trend for children’s rooms is the return of bright colors, with a creative and original flavor: leaving aside for a moment the classic pastel tones, the room is stained in red, orange and mustard yellow, combined with natural materials such as light wood.

Trends in bathroom furniture 2023

Functionality and harmony, these are the keywords of the bathroom furniture trends of 2023: wood, stone and polished terracotta are the most popular materials, combined with colors that are reminiscent of nature, such as green, but also the brown and beige.

The natural element is also declined in the choice of bathroom plants, perfect both for furnishing and for returning to the original atmospheres.