latest trends in bathroom accessories

These are the latest trends in bathroom accessories

latest trends in bathroom accessories

In home decoration, every detail counts and in the bathroom accessories are especially valuable, because they finish off the aesthetics of the environment. What’s in it? The latest trends advocate austere lines that stand out for the attractive materials or elegant and sophisticated proposals, so that you can select the one that best suits your tastes.

In the proposal, a Newinteriortrends environment, it stands out that the free-standing bathtub is accompanied by an essential in these cases, the tray for soap and sponge.

Takes the naturallatest trends in bathroom accessories

Soap dishes, cotton tins, toothbrush cups… more up-to-date have a very natural appearance and are covered in wood, natural fibres, stone or are made of materials that imitate them. On this occasion the accessories have been purchased at Leroy Merlin, as well as the beautiful countertop washbasins.

Chiaroscuro gamelatest trends in bathroom accessories

Going from a bland toilet or bathroom to spaces with visual interest is easy by playing with color. For example, white goes well with black, blue or red, by achieving dynamism.

In this case, the pack of black toilet paper holder, toilet paper dispenser and toilet brush holder is from Brabantia and, in addition to black, is also available in white and in metallic tones.

In the mood to shinelatest trends in bathroom accessories

In the most sophisticated environments, the trend accessories present some metallic reflections in copper or, as in this case, in gold finishes. These are accessories from the Equilibrium collection, from the bathroom brand Pomd’or in collaboration with Rosenthal, which you can buy at Tuandco. The pieces are made of fine porcelain.

Pure lineslatest trends in bathroom accessories

With simplified, almost architectural lines, there are many of the proposals to give a modern and almost minimalist air to the bathroom. And there is a color that claims all the prominence in contemporary environments: black.

In the image we see a proposal of double face and straight lines by Novellini, which is incorporated into the shower screen. It is a creation by the Italian designer Marco Pellici that combines an interior shelf and an exterior towel rack that hangs on the glass.

Wall elementslatest trends in bathroom accessories

To facilitate cleaning and order, nothing better than leaving the bathroom countertops clear. In this environment, the accessories are fixed both on the wall and on the skirt of the under-basin unit. These are accessories from the Niza de Nofer collection in steel and blown glass. We see a towel rack, a hanger, a soap dish, a toothbrush cup and two shelves; The series is completed by toilet brush holders and toilet roll holders. In this way, you can put it all together.

Mirrorlatest trends in bathroom accessories

Magnifying mirrors, which were often placed in the sink cabinet, are now attached to the wall or even to the main mirror in the vanity area.

In the image, all the accessories belong to the Gerunda de Genebre collection.

Multifunction partslatest trends in bathroom accessories

Especially in houses of a few meters, versatile and polyvalent elements are demanded. Towel ladders have been a very decorative option for bathrooms for some time, and this Tikamoon model also incorporates a mirror. So you can have a good look at your hairstyle or touch up your makeup before leaving home.

Playing cluelesslatest trends in bathroom accessories

Pieces that appear to be one thing but are actually something else, such as soap dishes that look like bamboo canes or this toothbrush holder from Roca, which we would rather say is an ice cube, are extremely topical. It is a complement that offers a touch of freshness to any bathroom space. In addition, it is made from a resin base to guarantee optimum resistance and durability. You will find it available in three colors: electric blue, white and black.

Allies of orderlatest trends in bathroom accessories

To accompany a decorative trend in the bathroom, that of furnishing with pieces that leave everything in sight, nothing better than some boxes or baskets, as they help to classify the content and easily access it in these cases in which it has been renounced to the doors and drawers. Better that the baskets or boxes have a handle or a hole type fingernail on the side, in order to be able to pull them comfortably.

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