The Country House Office

The Country House Office

” A study with rural charm “

A country-style study room can be easily integrated into your own living space or into a separate living area. If you are planning to set up a small office or home office in your own four walls, you can do a lot of work from home. This can be the tax return, a professional activity or any other office work, there is no limit there.

Working creatively in a special environment

beech wall-country house-eight shelves-antique brown-height-240-cmThe furnishing style in your own study is of particular importance. Because it’s not much fun to think about facts and figures in a dreary environment. Inspiration is an essential factor for creative work at work. Therefore, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself when working. This can be achieved by the appropriate lighting or by a tasteful interior with beautiful solid wood furniture in a country house style. Office furniture made of wood creates a very special mood. Because the lively warm solid wood is not only a treat for the senses, but also radiates peace. And after all, this is one of the basic requirements for developing creative ideas.

Setting up the country house office

If you furnish your study in the design of the country house style, you will create a unique atmosphere in your home office: surrounded by fine woods, you can work calmly and with concentration. Solid wood furniture, like an antique desk, makes a good focal point in the home office. The desk is one of the most central elements in a workplace. On its working surface, papers are spread out and documents are processed daily. Electronic devices such as the telephone or notebook have their traditional place here. Therefore, the correct quality is of decisive importance when choosing the material of the countertop. Exceptional stability and durability together with an attractive design are the ingredients that make furniture that will accompany you at work for years.

bookshelf-country style-stable-solid wood-color-teak-natural-height-200-cm bookshelf-country style-solid-flooring-color-teak-natural-height-200-cmm bookshelf-country style-solid wood-color-teak-natural-height-210-cm

Furthermore, a high wooden bookcase impresses, in which books and folders can be accommodated. The stylish shelf is also well suited as a room divider for small rooms, for example, if the negotiating corner and desk are to be separated. A fur rug provides the necessary cozy atmosphere. If you like fresh flowers, you can place them in a flower vase matching the color of this living atmosphere on the secretary or desk in the study. In addition, plants of any kind emphasize the natural harmony of the home working space.

The most important furniture: your workplace in the country house

Office furniture made of teak or other solid hardwoods is almost indestructible and pleases every day anew. If you have little space to put up larger pieces of furniture, you can fall back on a small secretary in the Art Nouveau style. This piece of furniture looks elegant and always tidy due to the charging flap. To work, it is only necessary to lower the flap.

sekretaer-art nouveau-softwood-width-120-cm

In the neat compartments all papers and folders are at hand. The Art Nouveau secretary is well suited for retiring for an hour to a place in a corner of the room for quiet work. Furthermore, a modern notebook can be easily set up on the large countertop of the antique furniture. Thus, if necessary, even in a small country house office, a workplace can be opened or closed again quickly.

More space in the office space: Simply create a lot of storage space

An important factor in a study is the storage space provided. Because it prevents everything from sinking into a never-ending chaos.

library-with-ladder-country house-solid wood-pine-width-300-cm

Thus, the appropriate cabinets and shelves are indispensable furnishings to accommodate documents, folders and books. Office furniture made of wood such as an antique desk can be well combined with selected pieces made of the same woods. A shelf, for example, from the already generous Gründerzeit has a large amount of space due to many shelves and a large drawer.

desk-country house-teak-natural-width-140-cm

A bookcase in the country house style is not only elegantly designed, but also practical in use as a working furniture. The interior, equipped with these ideas, looks not only noble, but also neat and tidy. The furniture does not let the work guess. The only thing that visitors experience is the cozy homely atmosphere created by the combination of the antique wooden furniture.

The right lighting for the workplace

Sufficient lighting is a factor in the living area that should not be underestimated. Especially in a study or in a separate place where work is being done, appropriate light is particularly important.

© vadim70 ovthinnikov /
© vadim70 ovthinnikov /

On the one hand, it is of great importance that the entire room has general lighting. This can be realized, for example, by ceiling lighting or wall spotlights that generate indirect light. If a body shadow is thrown on the table by the person sitting at the desk, an additional desk lamp can easily be used to remedy the situation. However, this should be designed in such a way that it offers some flexible adjustment options.

table lamp-steel-and-wood-grey-brown table lamp-steel-and-wood-grey table lamp-steel-and-wood-white

Lamps in the country house style can themselves be very massive and rustic, thus creating a harmonious overall picture. However, restrained designs are also currently in vogue, which underline the natural flair and let antique pieces of furniture appear with puristic design and set the scene accordingly.

This is how your office becomes a country house office

If you equip your own country house office with furniture made of solid wood, you should make sure not to combine too many different colors with each other. Period furniture from the Art Nouveau or the Wilhelminian period is an excellent accent. If all pieces of furniture are to be antique, it is recommended to set them to one era. The domestic work space looks particularly inviting due to the matching seating furniture. Additional seating with chairs in a domestic office space is ideal for meetings, planning, demonstrations or meetings.

chair-comba-with-armrest-dark brown chair-comba-with-armrest-light brown

If it’s about the central office chair and you often stay in this office, you should give preference to ergonomically shaped, modern variants. Leather armchairs in black or brown are by no means a break in style, but skillfully work out the country house flair. A homely ambience can be created by indoor plants and carpets. Decoration with pictures and photos that always bring a lot of joy, give the room a personal touch and make you feel at home in the office!

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