Office Design Trends In 2023

Office Design Trends In 2023

Office Design Trends In 2023

People spend a significant portion of their time at work. And if earlier the design of offices was paid less attention – the emphasis was more on productivity – now it is actively developing! And it also changes along with the world of fashion, the design of ordinary interiors and even the mood in society.

What are the brightest trends in office design in 2023, current color solutions, planning trends and office furniture – you will find out all this very soon in this article!

The material was prepared with the help of an interior designer with over 10 years of experience in the field and projects in different countries of the world: Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Russia and others.

Top 5 Office Design Trends in 2023

The general orientation of the office space is greatly transformed when compared with the period even 5-7 years ago. From a place where people just work, there is a transition to an increasingly comfortable interior with its own zest and fashionable elements.

One curious trend that I want to mention separately is the use of aromatherapy to improve company results. Research and practice shows it really works! So if you want to change with simple means, take a look at these 3 key scents:

  • cinnamon for better brain activity and creativity;
  • fresh baked goods for more peace of mind, confidence;
  • coffee to conclude deals and increase sales.

All these scents are united by an anti-stress effect, which will be very useful in an office environment. Now it’s time to move on to 5 main trends in office design!

Trend 1: home atmosphereOffice Design Trends In 2023

Executives and designers are trying to move away from in every sense gray interiors with cold light. It became clear that in them it is more difficult for employees to feel calm and confident, especially if they spend a lot of time in the office. This is bad for productivity and team mood.

This trend is also taking root thanks to the development of remote work, which attracts more and more people. Therefore, pleasant materials, a lot of natural light, accents in color, a space close to the classic – all this is important in organizing offices in 2023.

More and more often you can find games up to a punching bag, sentimental and significant things for workers, and indoor plants. Some establishments even allow slippers to be worn to keep employees comfortable!

Trend 2: trendy interiorsOffice Design Trends In 2023

It’s hard to say exactly when it started, but now offices regularly turn to fashion to showcase their status and contemporary focus. This is not only workspaces, but also a real advertisement of the company for potential employees and customers!

As a result, you can find in offices:

  • whimsical designer chandeliers;
  • strict adherence to any style;
  • famous models of sofas, chairs, wardrobes;
  • iconic decor elements for connoisseurs.

The focus is on both the atmosphere and improving the performance of people, as well as interesting prints, high-quality textiles, and eye-catching items. The allocation of zones for different tasks and the general perception of space bring offices more and more closer to ordinary interiors.

Trend 3: team buildingOffice Design Trends In 2023

More recently, corporate parties performed this function. In 2023, managers are sparing no expense and space to organize a territory for employees to relax and communicate in peace. This often becomes a weighty argument in favor of working for this particular company!

Organizations are increasingly seeing cozy chill-out areas with basketball nets, table football, darts, plush sofas and a board for general brainstorming. It is great to discuss news, exchange ideas and just relax. Designers for such areas select comfortable tones and muted lighting scenarios.

Trend 4: sustainabilityOffice Design Trends In 2023

This trend does not slow down outside the offices. People prefer natural colors and materials, natural forms in the interior. All this creates a feeling of coziness, which is what other trends in the office sector are aimed at. This again shows that the company is in step with the times and adheres to public sentiment.

The large amount of vegetation that is popular now helps the eyes to rest after sitting in front of the monitor for a long time. It also makes the space more lively, homely. Thanks to these things, your office will be in line with the eco-trend:

  • Natural colors with a predominance of beige, calm green, brown and other colors.
  • Wooden furniture, objects made of glass and other natural materials, natural fabrics: cotton, linen, matting.
  • Decor with imitation of branches, leaves, plants, drops, sun, clouds and more.

This trend also extends to technologies and tools that contribute to the economical use of resources: for example, water, electricity.

Trend 5: personalityOffice Design Trends In 2023

Now offices are no longer faceless and, among other things, demonstrate their character! In the design of the space, they use everything that has a personal color: awards, personal symbols, letters of thanks, graphics with the dynamics of development, history and much more.

Like fashionable elements, it becomes an additional unobtrusive advertisement. The trend brings employees together with the company and makes them more involved in it. This means it increases productivity! In society, it is encouraged when people confidently talk about their strengths and development, including through the design of the office.

Fashionable office color trends in 2023Office Design Trends In 2023

Many companies have bright colors in their offices that go beyond white, black and gray. But which of them are in the top colors for office design trends in 2023? The main color that can be noted is blue. Any of its shades are popular: from bright to deeper and noble ones.

In addition to blue, the following colors are relevant:

  • honey and lemon;
  • gray, neutral beige;
  • dark and gray-green;
  • fiery range of colors.

Designers recommend keeping the interior in basic shades, and adding fashionable ones through decor items or the color of the walls in specific areas. Fashion is changeable, and I would not like to do full-fledged repairs too often. On the other hand, all these colors will remain in trend for at least several years!

Office furniture trends in 2023Office Design Trends In 2023

The fashion for office furniture is also undergoing major changes. They can be reflected in such key points.

  • Convenience. A lot of attention is paid to caring for the health and emotional state of employees.
  • Natural materials. Wood, eco- and natural leather, cotton – all this sets the trend for environmental friendliness.
  • Lightness. Designers make space freer by getting rid of heavy tables, blank cabinets and everything else.
  • Adaptability. Multifunctional furniture is popular, thanks to which space is freed up.
  • Coziness. This is expressed in the presence of upholstered furniture, soothing shades and even more rounded, rather than strict forms.

And if you understand the general mood, then you should take a closer look at the trends of two key elements of furniture for any office worker: tables and chairs.

Office desk trendsOffice Design Trends In 2023

In 2023, employers are giving preference to tables made from natural wood. If the budget is limited, they choose light desktops like Ikea furniture. An important point is the absence of unnecessary details and basic calm shades. Minimalist trends in action!

If non-useful elements are not held in high esteem, then with functional things the opposite is true. Wire management tools, useful compartments, height adjustments and even built-in sockets are all in demand and make your day-to-day office work easier.

Office Chair TrendsOffice Design Trends In 2023

The trends have also affected office chairs, which now prevail in two versions:

  • lightweight and mobile;
  • orthopedic.

Separately, I would like to dwell on the second type. These chairs have the correct tilt angle and backrest shape that take care of the spine. Considering that workers spend a lot of time sitting, this is a big plus for their health and general condition.

Modern trends in office layout in 2023Office Design Trends In 2023

We talked about the main trends, current colors and furniture, it’s time to move on to the layout! In this area, you can also notice tangible changes.

If before there was no clear division of space for work, rest and communication, now it is very common. At the same time, the workplaces themselves are not so close to each other: so that workers have more of their own free space.

The tendencies of minimalism and lightness of the premises led to the total area and division due to the design technique of zoning, rather than due to blank walls. Phyto-corners, decorative items, glass partitions act as dividers. All this creates a completely new generation of offices!

Additional unification of the space is achieved thanks to a single style and materials, aromatherapy and even technology: so that employees can easily communicate and discuss tasks without being distracted from their affairs and workplaces.

Administrative office design trends in 2023Office Design Trends In 2023

The administrative office is also called the CEO office or the office of the general director. The same tendencies apply to it, but it also has its own characteristics.

  • Calm luxury. Spaces that are too simple or overly expensive are not trending right now. It is better to rely on basic shades, and to give luxury at the expense of high quality materials: stone, wood, good glass.
  • Originality. In such an interior, the mood of the company and its uniqueness should be especially felt. It doesn’t matter if the organization is connected with fashion, international transport or perfume production – this should be reflected in the space.
  • Environmental friendliness. It won’t be superfluous to emphasize this trend again! The office of the general director or the office of the head should not contradict the principles of naturalness and respect for the environment. Better even put more emphasis on this!

Also, both in the administrative and in the ordinary office, they refuse cold lighting of 5000 K and above. Perhaps it had a good effect on performance, but did not create a comfortable atmosphere and led, in the long term, to chronic fatigue. It was also replaced by white, but softer light: on the Kelvin scale about 3000 K.

Office Design Trends 2023: Conclusions

Lots of natural light and plants, relaxation space, individuality, bright colors, comfort, functionality – it’s all about office design in 2023! Many of the recommendations in this article will help you make your workspace modern with a minimum investment. Keep up with the times and make the interior comfortable, inspiring for your employees: everyone benefits from this!

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