Fashionable interior doors 2021 - How to choose interior doors

Popular interior doors 2024

Fashionable interior doors 2021 - How to choose interior doors

The most stylish, reliable and beautiful new products on the market

Interior and entrance doors play an important role. They act as protection for the house and the interior and, at the same time, are parts of the interior and exterior design of a private house. About what the most popular interior doors 2024 should be, our online magazine new interior trends says.

Entrance doors 2024: exterior decoration

The front door is the business card of an apartment or private house. Unfortunately, the high crime rate makes it necessary to choose a door, proceeding, first of all, from its reliability. However, the design of the interior doors 2024 also plays an important role.

The door design on the outside and inside may vary in color and style. Exterior decoration is usually selected based on the design of the facade of the house. It must be performed with beautiful and, at the same time, durable materials.

The cheapest option is powder coating. Among the fashionable colors, designers offer for the door 2024 purple and one of the shades of blue, known as the “Sargasso Sea”. True, their use is justified if they combine well with the color of the facade of a private house or the decoration of the entrance of an apartment building.

Doors with decorative elements are in fashion. For example, options with metal inserts will look solid.

By the way, the trend is in a contrasting design, when metal chrome-plated locks and handles and other accessories stand out on a matte, dark door surface with a shiny spot.

The real hit is 3D design. Doors with convex decorative elements or a pattern reminiscent of embossing will make the facade of the house status and attracting attention.

Doors 2024: Front Door Interior

When choosing the interior decoration of a door in 2024, one should not violate the classic requirement that it should be in the same style as the entrance hall.

The door with contrasting trim on the outside and inside looks relevant. For example, the trend is black and white doors 2024.

For interior decoration, MDF panels, which are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, are an excellent choice.

The door will also look original, with a finish repeating the finish of the floor. Thus, even the smallest passer-by will become elongated and more spacious.

Fashionable interior doors

In the new season, designers recommend paying attention to sliding interior doors. This option is well suited for minimalist decoration of rooms, especially when it comes to a small room. If your choice is Japanese-style design, then the door should be in the form of a traditional shoji partition. Such doors are made of a frame in the form of square cells made of dark wood. Then frosted windows are mounted on it.

As for traditional hinged doors, along with single-leaf, large double-leaf doors of 2024 are in fashion.

Doors with unusual decor

For lovers of status interiors, designers offer interior stained-glass doors in 2024. They are ideally suited to rooms decorated in the Modern style, separating the living room from the corridor. In the fashion and the door with an inset of glass, which can be decorated with elegant forged “lace”.

For classic design styles, doors with pilasters and moldings are suitable, and the hi-tech interior can be supplemented with options from frosted tempered glass and chrome details.

Interior doors in the interior, including an overview of the main trends and styles

A stylish interior can only be created in a room where every, even the smallest detail is thought out. Therefore, subject designers regularly delight consumers with new models of interior doors. After all, it is one of the largest objects in the room, and only you decide whether to make it an art object or completely dissolve it in the wall.

Interior door design 2018: what the pros say

The opinion of interior designers about the latest fashion trends of the coming year is based on the collections presented by factories, which can be seen at international and regional exhibitions.

There are the main parameters of a fashionable door:

Opening system – hinged or movable with an upper guide rail. Of folding models, only a double folding book is welcome. It is also a reflection of simplicity – the mechanisms are reliable and do not attract too much attention. It is better to choose a double folding door, since the so-called book will only reduce the price of the interior

Features of the door leaf: no angularities, it is better to slightly round off all the corners, the canvases are mainly shield, if they are panel-shaped, then with the simplest and largest panels. Models in the form of a thin wooden frame with a large glass or transparent insert will be most welcome.

The material of the canvas is wood or MDF, it is possible to use options with metal plates. Glass in honor is mainly in the form of inserts in wooden or steel frames. Ideally, it should be transparent, but the use of graphite and matte is allowed. This year’s squeak is handmade glass and decor with glass chips.

The color of the door, as well as other basic interior objects, is recommended neutral this season. It is white, all shades of gray, beige and caramel, light tones of natural wood. To emphasize the graphic, you can install black canvases, but preferably with transparent or lighter inserts. Bright colors are relevant, but only if the door is placed on the same lush wall, as the Pantone color collection for 2018 consists of dusty shades. In general, the tendency to hide the doors with the help of color is played out in every possible way. Bright doors are now in trend

The decor of the canvas – it should be varied. On wood products, light brushing and waxing are encouraged, without changing the original tone of the wood. The maximum possible decor is a black, copper or golden pen of a simple form or a metal edging around the perimeter. Frame models from MDF should be decorated with milling, but not to simulate panels, but to create a geometric pattern throughout the canvas. Doors with brass inserts are also in trend. Mirrors do not lose their relevance, but products should not be completely reflective, but with inserts of any size and geometric shape. The use of valuable wood species is also supported, but mainly in the form of veneer or inlay.

Designers highlighted such trends after visiting IMM Cologne in Cologne, Warsaw Home Expo in Warsaw and, of course, the French Maison & Obget Paris. Many also noted significant regional differences. For example, an abundance of mirrors and a lot of brass surfaces in the decor are already fed up with the Americans, but with us this is only becoming fashionable. As for the doors, most experts advise choosing neutral models in both color and design.

At the end of January 2018, photos appeared on the network of the nominees for the ArchDaily award, known in the world of design and architecture. I do not have access to real interiors, but some assumptions can also be made based on the photos. In particular, I am almost sure that smooth wooden doors or high-quality fakes for it in 2018 will remain relevant. Slightly brutal textured canvases in a metal frame are still allowed not only in cafes, but also at home. It is easy to see that designers continue to highlight functionality, appreciate the simplicity of form and concise design. That is, a door made of almost unprocessed (as it seems) wood without tinting and gloss typical for varnish will give odds to the usual paneled and even glass-framed one. I also noticed that many openings are closed with the most inconspicuous transparent glass or even leave them without doors. Apparently, a tribute to the air and space in the interiors will be paid in 2018. But the claimed fashionable brass in finished interiors is still small, we will wait for the development of events.

How to choose the interior door to the interior of the room

Even if designers stand for individuality, then it is not a sin for ordinary people to depart from the canons described above. After all, the interior, first of all, should not be trendy, but pleasant and comfortable for people living in it. When designing a room, you can combine design fantasies and your own tastes, as well as take into account the influence of an already existing (in reality or in plans) interior.

The main trend of interior exhibitions in 2018 is the individualization of design. This means that each object of the situation should be made for the needs and tastes of a particular user.

The eclectic interior is especially well emphasized by a paneled door with unusual diagonal milling.

Room color door tips

If the room’s atmosphere is almost ready and no major changes are planned in the near future, it would be logical to follow the trends and choose a neutral color door. This is not only a white-gray scale, but also warmer shades, for example, beige, caramel, vanilla.

The light colors of the doors always blend well with the muted shades of furniture and textiles. If you wish, you can play in contrast and choose beige products for a dark dining room or a bright sofa. If you appreciate the airiness and spaciousness, this option will definitely appeal to you.

White doors and a chest of drawers will help to make the combination of light green with blue and colorful patterns less intrusive.

A white door leaf always has a good companion – a ceiling with the same snow-white baguette. If the platbands of a light door also merge with a white plinth, the interior instantly “gathers” into a single whole, even when the other objects are heterogeneous. It’s like framing an abstract picture with a wide mat, or muffling a colorful jacket with a strict white blouse – it is always appropriate and works. A similar trick can be done with a dark set of baguette, baseboard, platbands and doors. The interior will turn out more graphic, but will remain integral.

Dark interior doors are usually represented by shades of gray and black, but you can slightly deviate from the rules and complicate them with the deep tones of sea blue, eggplant, cranberries or malachite. If they are supported by thin lines around the perimeter, as well as a pair of lighter accents, it will turn out very harmoniously.

For those who strongly dislike these colors, there is a trick – designers highly appreciate the color of natural wood, and this is an extensive range of shades. To save money, it is quite acceptable to tint pine under walnut or wenge, the main thing is to cover the canvas not with glossy, but with a semi-matte varnish. This processing method makes the material more like waxed wood.

In a stylish interior, the door should be matched to the baseboard. Furniture and floors can be in tone, contrasting or differ in several shades. Since the door, platbands and skirting boards are usually present at the manufacturer in the same series, such a selection will not force you to browse the catalogs of various factories in search of a suitable option.

If not for the handle, the blue doors against the background of a similar wall would have become generally invisible

Colored interior doors in the interior of an apartment are not always supported by skirting and flooring. Often they become a bright accent in a mostly calm room. But in 2018, designers recommend using color in order to hide the door, so its shade should exactly match the tone of the wall. It is not difficult to achieve a match – it is enough to purchase a primed canvas and install it before painting. Due to this technique, the color saturation of the door is not adjustable. Of course, Panton offers soft pastel colors for walls, but this is only a recommendation. For example, green tones (including last year’s favorite – the color of young grass) are welcomed in any version, so even a bright green door will look relevant.

If you repeat or continue wall painting on the door leaf, then the door of several colors will look quite modern and appropriate.

Behind a hidden door, it is convenient to hide a pantry with household accessories from guests.

When you select not the color, but the design of the interior doors, you need to focus on the style of the home environment.

Interior doors for different interior styles

Some doors give out their essence at first glance, while others have to take a closer look to find out what kind of interior they are made for. But the most interesting thing is that sometimes it’s worth picking up the doors of a sister-style style in the room, rather than those that fit perfectly. There may be several reasons for this:

Designers Movement Against Headsets. If before, both in clothes and in the interior, it was necessary to select absolutely identical colors and shapes, then now the pros specially combine models from different collections. The same applies to the door – deliberate mismatch often only emphasizes the concept of a foreign style. A gray barn door in delicate neoclassical is a completely unexpected solution.

Overloaded with the same type of detail. Let’s say you create a mini-palace at home. The stucco molding is located in several rows along the perimeter of the ceiling, the walls are covered with openwork frames, all furniture items have cabriole legs, and even the parquet is laid out in an intricate pattern. It would seem that a front door with complex panels, carved plates and stained glass will fit here. But in this case, it will aggravate the variegation and visual mess, turn the tormented interior into a parody of the palace. A laconic white canvas with simple slightly curved panels will become a contrast, against the background of which decorations of other objects will stand out better. The room may have gilt furniture, but the door is quite simple

Considerations for savings. Stylish designer items are expensive. Therefore, sometimes instead of a massive wooden door in an eco-style, it is worth choosing a canvas in an aluminum frame with a high-quality imitation of a natural texture or (when naturalness is more important than external similarity) a panel model of the simplest design. Both options will not be hostile to the ecological style, but the difference in price will be significant. Do-it-yourself slab door

Interior doors for Provence style

It is important to distinguish between two areas of the French backwoods style, which differ in the presence of aged surfaces.

It is the Provence style doors that are able to “make friends” of classic forms and an extensive color palette

Noble Provence welcomes the simplicity of lines, but does not require rigor. He is prone to slightly naive romanticism, prefers dusty pink, light green and lavender tones. Doors for him should be selected exclusively light, ideally – completely white hinged and with a traditional layout in the form of the letter “X”. Provence does not accept metal ends, dark lamination, complex patterns and stained-glass windows, the open edge of glass inserts, folding canvases. But the door material can be both smooth and slightly textured.

Easy patination of the door leaf is pleasant even for those who do not like deliberate scuffs

Provence with the addition of shabby chic is a glorification of antiquity and its visual components. The doors in such a room are surely aged or decorated with gold, black or bronze patina. Panels can have almost any shape, the main thing is that their main background is light (including soft lavender, pastel green or caramel). Often they are decorated with hand-painted or decoupage floral theme. Glass inserts with floral sandblasting patterns are also welcome.

When the canvas clearly speaks of Provence, you can even use a cascading opening system, the door will still fit into the style

Despite the fact that manufacturers are actively promoting sandblasting drawings on glass inserts in the doors, it is better to refuse them when buying. Flowers this season are irrelevant, like other plant patterns. If you wish, you can choose a glass with an engraving for the door, which imitates crosshairs, a French layout of small squares or rhombuses (like floral garden trellises).

Platbands for a door in the style of Provence should also not be ordinary. As a rule, these are strips of uniform thickness with easy rounding (in universal platbands, the thickness often changes from the inside to the outside), sometimes with decorative vertical furrows – flutes. The junction is made out by a special corner element in the form of a square. The latter is often decorated with protrusions or a pattern, but not too complicated. If you like shabby chic, choose models in which the flutes are accentuated by patina.

Thanks to the fashion for pastel colors, almost any Provence style doors this season will look relevant. Only lovers of shabby chic should limit themselves: a light patina will not hurt, but total aging will be completely out of place. The exception is real antique doors in which time itself created the shabby effect.

If you want to fully adhere to the Provence style, the door handle should also be aged, as if from darkened metal. Since brass is now in trend, dark gold and antique bronze models will be appropriate – this is an excellent compromise between style requirements and fashion. For those who value style more, models with earthenware inserts or forged overlays are suitable, and lovers of versatility should choose all-metal handles.

Hi-tech interior doors

It is important to understand that high-tech is a conditional name. In its pure form, this style is so cold and uncomfortable that it is not found in our apartments. Even if you come to a designer and order hi-tech for your home, in 99% of cases a professional will develop an interior for you in a related style – functionalism, minimalism, loft, contemporary. From the source will remain only important accents for you in the form of metal, glass, etc. And this is really correct, because even those who adore it in pictures will not be able to live in pure high-tech.

High-tech is characterized by clear straight lines, simplicity of form, almost complete lack of decor, the active use of concrete, glass, plastic, metal. On the one hand, simplicity is precisely in trend, on the other hand, natural materials with which this style is not “friendly” are held in high esteem.

The only metal that designers are currently promoting is brass. Although high-tech does not like gilding, it can well be reconciled with brass inserts. Therefore, panel models with a metal end will be “in the subject” here, especially if you choose a matte canvas in bright colors (hi-tech does not allow textured wood, and gloss is not in fashion now).

The second version of a stylish and fashionable door is a metal frame with large glass inserts or the same model with a thin wooden frame. Let the glass be transparent or graphite, without decorations. All-glass options and frame models with a solid panel are not worth buying this year.

It is important not to forget about the opening system – it is high-tech that welcomes movable partitions of all types and sizes. To comply with fashion trends, it is better to abandon models that slide into the pencil case.

The basic hi-tech colors are black and white gamma and metallic. It is better to abandon the latter for now, but other options in 2018 are only welcome.

Interior doors in the interior of the apartment photo and video ideas 2018

The time is coming when the doors to the apartment have long lost their attractive appearance, and there are no funds to buy new ones. But still somehow I want to refresh the interior with the help of doors. In this case, decorating them is the best option. This is a very simple and not expensive way to give a new look to the interior doors. See the interior doors in the interior of the apartment for photo and video ideas of 2018 in our article.

How to decorate interior doors

The first thing you can do is decorate the door with a colored pattern. A stencil is best for drawing. You can buy it at any building materials store. In extreme cases, there is the opportunity to make homemade.

A stencil is cut out of cardboard or whatman paper. Interior magazines or online magazines offer a lot of interesting ideas for future designs.

The finished stencil is filled with paint using a foam sponge or a wide brush. If several colors are provided in the drawing, each subsequent color should be applied only after the previous one dries.

Interior glass doors

You can also resort to the use of transparent glass. It should be dull. To do this, you need to purchase fused chalk and liquid glass. The glass surface is cleaned with alcohol or acetone from dirt and grease.

To apply the composition to the surface, the door should be laid on the floor. In this way, a uniform distribution of the thick liquid over the glass can be achieved. It is necessary to apply it in two layers, now we admire the finished interior doors photos:

Wooden mosaic on the doors

Another decoration option is a wooden mosaic. The complexity of the drawing depends on the experience of the home master. If you are a beginner, it is best to opt for a light drawing. But at the same time, do not forget to choose a veneer with a nice image from a tree of various parods.

To make a picture of a wooden mosaic:

– The interior door must be put on a flat floor;

– then, using tracing paper, the picture is transferred to the door leaf;

– then the decor elements are cut with a jigsaw and jointer;

– and stick to their places.

For sticking, you can get a good carpentry glue. When all the elements are glued, a press is placed on the drawing.

Interior doors in the interior of the apartment

This is necessary so that the glue over the entire area of ??the canvas sets evenly. After finally drying, the finished interior door is processed with fine sandpaper. Modern interior doors of 2018 in the interior of the apartment, see photos of different designs below.

The easiest way to decorate the door is to stick simple wallpapers that are used for walls. All that is needed is to cut a piece of the right size, stick it to the door leaf and smooth it out with a soft cloth.

As you can see, for updating the old interior door, there are quite a lot of different ways.

What interior doors are now in fashion photo 2018

Replacing the old interior door with a new one

In order to install new interior doors in the interior of the apartment, pick up photos and colors in accordance with the overall design of the apartment, it is necessary to dismantle the old one. The door leaf and the frame as a whole are subjected to dismantling. At first, the platbands are removed with a chisel and hammer.

Further, with a crowbar, nail clipper or a simple board, the door leaf is lifted and removed from the hinges. Then it is necessary to remove all door fasteners, in the form of screws or nails, and remove the door frame.

Now the doorway needs to be prepared for a new box. Each box is attached differently. But the principle of preparing the opening is the same for any type of door.

The main thing here is to make, according to the new rules, all parts of the opening to which the box itself will be attached. If after dismantling the old there are wooden bars, then this is good.

A new door frame can be attached to them with screws. But if they are absent or no longer suitable for fastening the box, then it will be fastened with dowels.

We proceed to the direct installation of new interior doors, photo examples in the article.

First, you need to remove the canvas from the new door in order to save the box from unnecessary weight.

Then it is installed in the doorway, and proceed to fix it.

Taking the plumb bob, we set the box strictly vertically. In the case of staggering, alignment can be done using wedges, which are driven at all four angles.

We check with the building level that the installed door frame is flat in two planes – here are examples – interior doors in the interior of the apartment photo:

If everything is smooth, then it can be fixed. For this, opposite the prepared dowels, in the doorway, holes are made for the screws. Each hole should be suitable for the diameter of the screw, which will be screwed into it.

You also need to take a thicker drill and make shallow holes, about 5 mm, in which plugs will be installed in order to hide the screw caps.

Once the box is securely fixed in the doorway, you can hang the door leaf in place. Do this work slowly, to avoid damage to the loops.

Buyers are wondering which interior doors are now in fashion photo 2018 will help to select the right option. If the box was installed correctly, the canvas will fit snugly to the door base. You should also check how it opens and closes.

It is worth remembering that spontaneous closure should be completely absent.

Once everything is ready and verified, the door can be strengthened. To do this, the distance between the wall and the box is foamed with foam. Then she needs to let harden. As soon as the foam becomes solid, the excess protruding parts are cut off and then the platbands are installed.

A new door is installed and ready for further use. See how to install modern interior doors of 2018 in the interior of the apartment photo ideas:

Current models for the interior of the house

Interior doors perform many functions. They allow family members to retire in their rooms, provide heat and sound insulation of rooms, protect from drafts and, finally, serve as an important element of decor. The home design online magazine decided to find out which interior doors 2024 will be relevant in the near future. This article will talk about the results of our mini-study.

Interior doors 2024: Wood

The undisputed leader in the next few years, as, however, will always be interior doors 2024 from solid wood. Most often they are made of walnut, hornbeam, oak. Such products are exceptionally beautiful.

However, they are heavy and expensive. Their disadvantages include poor moisture resistance. For this reason, it is not recommended to use wooden doors in bathrooms. They are not suitable for entrances to a non-glazed balcony or loggia.

To reduce the cost of wooden doors while maintaining their excellent appearance, veneering technology is used. For this purpose, oak veneer, walnut veneer, etc., are glued on both sides of cheap wood or chipboard.

Options from other materials

The cheapest interior doors 2024 are made of particleboard and fiberboard. They are champions in terms of low cost.

Models from MDF practically do not concede to wooden in appearance. Moreover, the variety of their design is simply amazing. Thanks to the wide decorative capabilities of MDF, you can always find a model that fits perfectly into your interior. At the same time, such structures are cheaper and have less weight than wooden ones.

Tempered glass doors are ideal for high-tech interiors. They are not afraid of temperature changes or high humidity. However, they are not perfect. Glass doors have significant weight and are not classified as cheap.

Interior doors 2024: construction

For the next season, designers offer options for interior doors with a variety of designs. The undisputed leader are swing models. For small apartments it is better to choose single-leaf doors, and for the living room of a private house – double-leaf.

Relevant and sliding interior doors 2024. They are perfect for small apartments.

Such designs allow maximum use of the area of ??the room. Such compartment doors can be made of a variety of materials. Along with the “deaf”, transparent glass structures are on the market.

The interior doors of 2024 look great with a design reminiscent of the design of traditional Japanese partitions.

They fit perfectly into the colonial or minimalist interior.

In addition, the design is distinguished by the interior doors of 2024 paneled and panel type. The models of the latter type are relatively light in weight, since inside they have a filler, which is a cardboard honeycomb.

Interior doors 2024: Design

In the near future, interior doors 2024 will be in a trend in a variety of styles. Designers offer chic models for living rooms with stained glass inserts. They will be a great choice for modern interiors.

Many interesting options are presented for modern interiors.

Top options for interior doors

An important element of both construction and housing repair is the correct choice of interior doors. Interior doors are part of the interior. Many, immersed in the worries of repair, forget about this key component of the design and devote little time to choosing interior doors, but in vain! By the time the finishing work is completed, you need to have a clear idea of ??what doors you need. This choice is not easy, many factors have to be considered.

Interior doors are doors installed indoors to separate rooms. The main advantages of such doors are sound insulation and thermal insulation. Below are photos of interior doors.

Types of interior doors

The choice of the design of interior doors is an important point. The shape of your doors will determine the style of your room, make it more voluminous, or vice versa. Consider the most popular classification of interior doors. By the way they are opened, they are divided into:

Pendulum interior doors

These are doors that open in both directions. Made of plastic, aluminum and other materials. These doors are not intended for residential premises, they cannot guarantee sealing, and are designed for large human traffic. Such doors are most often found in subways, hypermarkets, medical institutions. Their photos are rarely seen in domestic catalogs of interior doors. Below is a photo of the swinging interior doors.

Swing doors

The most popular door design. Doors with one-sided opening (either to the right or to the left) can have one-sided and two-sided bases. When you open this door occupies a certain space in the room, so it is not suitable for small apartments. Below is a photo of hinged interior doors.

Sliding doors

These doors open by moving the door leaf along the wall or inside the wall. The main element of this design are the rollers and guide rails on which they move. Such a door will help you save a little space, a suitable option for the kitchen. The photo below shows the sliding interior doors.

Compartment doors

These doors are a canvas, the panels of which move parallel to the surface of the overlapping space. Sliding doors are divided into compartment doors with a frame (metal frame, the mechanism consists of rollers and suspensions) and compartment doors without a frame (there is no metal frame, the rollers are mounted directly on the panel). In the photo below you can see the option of the interior door of the compartment.

Accordion doors

This door is designed to save space in the apartment. As a rule, a door is assembled from panels fastened with locks and hinges; the size of the panel is 8–13 cm. The first panel is fixed to the door frame, and a roller is mounted on the last panel, which moves along the guide rail. In the photo below you can see the version of the interior door of the accordion.

So, having familiarized yourself with the main types of interior doors, it is worth focusing on the material from which they are made. Doors are made of various materials, the most popular these days are glass and plastic.

Glass interior doors

Glass is a material that is increasingly used by manufacturers of interior doors. These doors are highly durable, water resistant and hygienic. Glass doors fill your room with light and air, it becomes more spacious in the room. The photo below shows an option for glass interior doors.

Plastic interior doors

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has long been the most popular material for the manufacture of interior doors. All of the above types of doors are made of this material. There are many ways to decorate such doors. The photo below shows the option of plastic interior doors.

Many types of interior doors complicate their choice. But technologies are developing, and now there is the opportunity to pick up interior doors for your interior simply by the photo of your room.

We also offer to study our selection of the best interior doors, we have collected more than 50 options. Happy viewing!

Modern style of interior doors

The door is probably the most important part of our house. She meets people at the entrance and accompanies them throughout the house. The choice of doors is a complex and painstaking process, which is determined by the great diversity in the market. The modern style of interior doors – 45 photos of the design of interior doors. Now you can buy any door, and if it suddenly becomes out of stock, then you can place an order for which everything will be made for you. Such a variety gives beauty to the home, which gives satisfaction to any person. Interior doors in a modern style can be divided in many ways, but the biggest differences are the three types of doors – glass, wood and metal.

Wooden interior doors

Wooden doors appeared in our life for a long time and were installed everywhere. In the 90s of the last century, active development of the cities of our country began. Before the house was commissioned, some decoration of the apartments was done, during which exclusively wooden interior doors were installed. Thus, at present, almost every apartment has such doors.

Wooden doors are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation, moreover, no other type of door can surpass wooden in this quality. True, the most important are the decorative and aesthetic properties that are best for wood. A wooden interior door will fit into the interior of any apartment. Interior door design photos:

Metal interior doors

Metal doors appeared a long time ago. They are most often used as entrance doors, which require the greatest reliability. Metal doors are the best protection against burglars. Crime in our country, unfortunately, is high, which requires the reliability of your front door. It should be noted the negative quality of metal doors, which is expressed in terrible thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Metal doors cannot keep warm in your home, therefore, when installing and manufacturing them, additional insulation is necessarily used, otherwise such doors can just be a disaster. Interior doors are also metal. In their manufacture, light metals, for example, aluminum, are used. Such interior doors in a modern style are widely used precisely in the High-Tech style.

Glass interior doors

Glass doors have become a novelty in the domestic market. They are most often installed between rooms. Entrance glass doors are used only in public or commercial institutions. Such doors are characterized by an interesting property, which give greater freedom to a person, therefore they are translucent and give a feeling of more space. They are used so far not so often, due to the high cost. Interior door design photos:

Which interior doors to choose – from veneer or laminate?

Previously, only styles of interior doors – wooden, which were commonplace in our lives, were presented on the market. In the modern world, wood is not the only product. Particularly widespread are synthetic-coated doors using a laminate.

Nowadays, developments are constantly underway aimed at changing the laminate in order to get minimal differences from veneer, but the best technical indicators. Nevertheless, a great demand remains for interior doors in a classic style with veneer coating. Let’s look at the positive and negative features of each of the coatings in order to decide which one is better.

Veneer interior doors – advantages

A large number of different types of wood, which allows you to get a huge variety of colors and textures that will be best suited to your interior, and get the right design for sliding interior doors.

Using veneer allows you to get the opportunity to manufacture complex geometric shapes and inlays. This property gives great decorative importance to veneers.

Currently, there are many synthetic materials in the world, so wooden veneer has become a prestigious material that is not accessible to everyone, but allows you to make interior doors in a classic style.

Veneer is a natural material, and its natural origin is closer to man than any synthetic material.

Veneer interior doors – disadvantages

Veneer also has several negative features that reduce its distribution among other styles of interior doors.

First of all, it must be said about the high price, which is due to a decrease in the source material. In addition, the cost of veneer is constantly growing, which as a result may lead to its complete inaccessibility.

Some difficulties when working with curved surfaces, which are manifested when working with veneers.

A large amount of human labor is required for the production of veneers. Classic style interior doors:

Laminate interior doors – pros and cons

First of all, many do not like the uniformity of these doors. Laminate is a film that has a stable constant color, so the doors do not differ from each other. That creates a distinct from other styles of interior doors.

The texture of the laminate is quite smooth, which is a drawback, because it is impossible to get a door that looks like a wooden one. The design of sliding interior doors will need to be tailored to your interior

Laminate is a synthetic material that does not differ in high environmental friendliness, which is very important in our life.

In general, it can be said that veneer still holds a leading position, although its cost is growing, and the price of laminate flooring is constantly decreasing, so that the choice will soon become unambiguous. See the design of the doors of interior photos:

Best options for interior and exterior models

Each family at least once in a lifetime made repairs. But updating the interior of an apartment is not only a change of wallpaper and the purchase of modern furniture. Any housing will take on a completely different look, will become more comfortable if you install original interior doors in it.

Which model to choose

Manufacturers of building materials and goods for the interior carefully monitor fashion trends and develop new products for entrance and interior doors. Depending on the size and general appearance of the apartment, each client has the opportunity to purchase this item:

  • in spanish style
  • Art Nouveau
  • with exotic motifs
  • with mirror inserts.

The most important qualities of interior doors are functionality and aesthetics so that this item blends harmoniously with the style of the apartment. In the photo you can see the most popular design solutions.

Models of interior doors in the English and Spanish genres differ primarily in the material and manner of execution. The former are characterized by solidity, conciseness and an abundance of straight lines – rectangular and square silhouettes. English models are most often made of solid wood and soft calm tones prevail here, such as rosewood and walnut.

The Spanish-style interior doors feature smooth lines, embossed vines or curls. Patterned glass combines elegance and simplicity and looks elegant, as shown in the photo.

Art Nouveau interior doors are characterized by:

  • natural soft shades
  • abstract patterns
  • unusual decisions
  • environmental materials.

Exotic models are made of rare wood and the style is a smooth smooth canvas without any bumps and carved elements. The photo shows the most popular color schemes for this attribute.

Interior doors with mirror inserts have been popular with the population for many years. They look very impressive and easily fit into any interior. Such models are distinguished by a variety of decorative elements. Mirror inserts can be of all kinds of shapes and vary in size – it all depends on the desire and imagination of the client.

The most interesting models

Sliding interior doors mounted on original rails have gained great popularity. They are easy to operate, and even a child can cope with them. You can open such a door in one motion.

High-tech apartments require an appropriate interior, and this applies to both furniture and doors. For determined customers, there is the possibility of installing completely transparent paintings that look stylish and modern.

Materials used

The highest quality doors should be made from high quality raw materials. For this purpose, coniferous and deciduous species of wood are used:

  • maple,
  • oak,
  • Pine,
  • Red tree.

The cost of the finished product depends on whether a solid door leaf is made or whether there are glass or mirror inserts.

Entrance doors

Very often, when buying an apartment, new owners have to change not only the locks. Most new owners want to be completely confident in the safety of their home, so they gain an entrance door. This is a guarantee that the previous owners did not have spare keys, and uninvited guests do not have to wait.

Entrance doors are distinguished by the thickness of the product. Almost all models have an additional seal and anti-detachable pins. The presence of the so-called “night castle” guarantees security at night and allows you to sleep peacefully, without worrying about the safety of property. You can open it only from inside the housing, and uninvited guests will not be able to enter the apartment. The peephole on the front doors is made of glass of special strength.

Modern models are distinguished by good heat and sound insulation, do not let air through and tightly close. They can be installed both in a private house and in an apartment, and everywhere they will last for many years. The door leaf is based on a metal sheet, which guarantees the strength of the product and the safety of the home. And special heaters and external coating are responsible for the decent appearance of the front door.

Each construction company has a large catalog of products. The range of models is wide, and it is not difficult to choose an interior or front door. Depending on the dimensions of the housing and the features of the interior, competent staff will help each client choose the right product for the style and color scheme of the apartment.

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