Interior Trends 2023: 13 ideas to transform your home

Decorating Trends 2023

Your interior no longer inspires you, it needs something new! It’s decided, this year, you’re going to adopt a brand new trendy decor style that’s in vogue in 2023. Eco-friendly decor, terracotta paint, wallpaper, natural materials, the maximalist style… will seduce you and transform your living rooms in no time. Discover without further delay 13 decorative trends that will embellish your house or apartment and mark the year 2023!

13 decoration trends 2023 not to be missed!

From the bathroom to the bedrooms, through the kitchen and even to the living room, you will undeniably find your happiness for each room of the house. Fall for the look that suits you among these 13 inspirations:

1. Navy blue: allure and modernity for your roomsDecorating Trends 2023

Like last year, this color is on the rise in 2023. Powerful and romantic, its power does not stop there. Indeed, navy blue is a trendy color that modernizes an entire room with only a section of wall or with a few touches such as furniture or small decorative objects for example. Ideal in the bathroom, bedroom or office area, you will love it!

2. Terracotta paint: wake up your interiorDecorating Trends 2023

The terracotta color seduced us in 2021 and continues its rise in 2023. This sunny and full of pep color warms your interior both in winter and summer. Decorated with pretty wooden furniture and beautiful indoor plants, this painting is sure to transform your favorite living rooms with charm.

3. Recycling: the ecological and economic trendDecorating Trends 2023

After the years 2020 and 2021 marked by the health crisis linked to Covid-19, decorative desires have changed and evolved. Follower of Do it yourself, the 2023 trend is therefore more ecological and economical. We recover, we transform, we renovate, we divert old furniture and decorative objects from their primary use to give them a second life with an eco-friendly and 100% recycled decoration.

4. Wallpaper is making a comebackDecorating Trends 2023

2023 is also the big comeback of wallpaper. Outdated in recent years, manufacturers now offer ever more trendy and modern models, but also suitable for all rooms, even wet ones. This year, you can choose a sublime aquatic wallpaper to embellish your bathroom or your kitchen, or even a pretty black and white wallpaper for a section of wall in your bedroom or living room.

5. Natural materials for a wild interiorDecorating Trends 2023

Plant materials such as rattan, wicker and bamboo warm our interior. Imagine a cozy and cocooning atmosphere that is very reminiscent of Scandinavian decor for our greatest pleasure. Natural and chic, you will love integrating natural materials into your home this year.

6. African prints in the spotlightDecorating Trends 2023

This year, make way for African decor. A colourful, summery and exotic decor invades our living rooms: furniture, wallpaper, kitchen splashbacks, you name it! Wax prints have not finished talking about them in 2023.

7. The maximalist style: a messy but unique interiorDecorating Trends 2023

If you like to accumulate and display then the maximalist decoration is made for you! Nothing is made to go together: objects, colors, patterns… However, the final result is spectacular and unique. Make your interior a real cabinet of curiosities that has its little effect.

8. Velvet is popular this yearDecorating Trends 2023

If you enjoy playing with materials to decorate your interior, you will be served! The essential material of the new 2023 decoration trends is velvet. Indeed, this material is often perceived as old-fashioned, but it arrives in trends and invades our interior.

Both soft and retro, velvet is anchored in both a vintage and a modern spirit. You can both acquire a velvet sofa and find it on secondary elements such as lights or wall hooks!

9. Reconnect with your interior thanks to caningDecorating Trends 2023

You have probably already seen chairs that are quite old and have braided weaving with holes… This feature called caning is making a comeback in the 2023 decor trends! Nowadays, you can find it on various elements: cabinets, coffee tables and even lamps!

This type of weaving also allows you to see through to a certain extent: a trend that will also make its mark during the year 2023!

10. Graphic decoration: align yourself with the 2023 decoration trendsDecorating Trends 2023

We already told you about it in the 2023 bathroom decor trends. The lines can radically change your interior and make it more dynamic! The integration of geometric patterns is now essential: in wallpaper, by painting, or with masking tape… There is no shortage of ideas!

The simplest solution is to decorate your walls with geometric patterns. However, if you want to be more original, select a door with lines! You provide your guests and yourself with memorable entrees.

11. Scandicraft and Japandi trends for a soothing decorDecorating Trends 2023

Did you think the Scandinavian trend was starting to run out of steam? What if it wasn’t part of the 2023 dining room decor trends? Think again! On the contrary, it is renewed through Scandicraft which remains in line with Scandinavian decoration. However, this trend allows for more rounded lines, and relies on the integration of wood and other raw and natural materials.

How to achieve this? You will be at the top of Scandicraft if you have beams at home, because the wood supply will already be done. Otherwise, stick to the white, gray and pastel shades of the Scandinavian style. But add wood and also bet on rattan (thinking in particular of caning).

In the same spirit, we find the Japandi style. A contraction of the words “Japanese” and “Scandinavian”, this 2023 decoration trend advocates minimalism in decoration, to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. You thus favor neutral tones, such as white and gray, while betting on a simple decor that manages to integrate natural materials. By combining these two trends in this way, you are sure to have a trendy interior in 2023 while promoting a Hygge spirit!

12. Dark green: this year’s nature trendDecorating Trends 2023

It is one of the kitchen decor trends of 2023: dark green is inevitable this year ! Soothing color, it can only be beneficial to your well-being at home. Whether you apply it in touches or make it a dominant color in your interior, you will be clearly on trend by playing on the different tones. Fir green, duck green, hunter green… The choice is wide!

The wall remains the key element to bring dark green into your home. However, you can also invest in furniture or accessories: chests of drawers, sofas, sheets…

13. Bring roundness to your interiorDecorating Trends 2023

We have seen that geometric patterns are trendy. This should certainly not prevent you from having a little roundness at home! First, it will allow you to channel the dynamism of the lines. Then, having rounded corners in your interior will help create a Feng Shui atmosphere.

In general, it will be a question of being able to create a balance between energy and calm in your interior: so bet on furniture with rounded edges and mirrors to find this!