Furniture Colors 2024: 8 TOP Trends

In terms of fashion trends, the furniture market, especially in comparison with the fashion industry, seems to be ossified. Changes in appearance and deviation from the usual lines are perceived as an experiment and innovation, while in the clothing segment these processes are constant and transient.

Furniture Colors 2024

However, in recent years, furniture and interior design is increasingly emerging from stagnation, advancing by leaps and bounds.

The reason why the interior and all its components are changing much more actively today is that modern people have begun to attach much more importance to their comfort and the aesthetics of their home. These two factors together give a person a sense of security. And an important role in this today is played by color, which also helps to reveal the identity of the consumer. Moreover, the variety of tint solutions today has become truly limitless.

Someone will be more comfortable in woody-brown tones inspired by the traditions of previous generations, others in a minimalist white-black-gray interior, but someone can really relax only on a homely turquoise or lilac sofa surrounded by other colorful accents.

Fashion, including colors, in the furniture industry allows you to monitor consumer mood. That’s why it has lasted so long in our industry, and it is unlikely that crazy, frame-breaking decisions will be fixed in it. For most people, comfort will inevitably be destroyed if, when they come home, they find, instead of a wardrobe in their usual color, a surreal design in all shades of the rainbow, as if it came out from under the brush of Salvador Dali.

Therefore, it is so important to follow the trends prevailing in the interior and consumer preferences. What color schemes prevail today and why? If some clients decide to decorate the interior in less popular shades, what kind of furniture can be offered to them? And is it possible to make this furniture appeal to people who closely follow fashion?

If you take into account all the subtleties, you can develop a range of products that will fall in love with you at first sight.

And now let’s move the curtain on the way to the approaching 2024 and find out what are the most popular furniture colors 2024 according to experts, will be in demand by consumers.

Furniture Colors 2024 that whisper: “Calm, only calm”

Ever since the lockdown, soothing tones began to prevail in the interior, which was especially necessary for a person who was forced to spend almost all the time at home. Subsequently, the trend strengthened, and the palette was diversified by natural shades. The list of contenders for the 2024 Audience Award among the calm colors includes the following:

Warm beigeFurniture Colors 2024

A shade that is a harmonious combination of beige and gray tones. Cozy and elegant at the same time. Furniture of this color brings peace and warmth to the atmosphere. Kohler goes well with chestnut, muted blues and greens.

Dark ginger with hints of persimmonFurniture Colors 2024

The color exudes warmth and comfort. It will help set the tone of noble luxury in the interior if you add gold and cherry accents to it. Upholstery in this color will look great on mahogany furniture.

Watercolor blueFurniture Colors 2024

It is obtained if the azure of tropical waters is muffled with a light misty haze. Great for bedroom furniture. The color does not lose its mystical charm in combination with other neutral shades. It is especially well emphasized by a delicate creamy tone.

Cool almondFurniture Colors 2024

Kohler is full of multifaceted sounds, depending on the colors adjacent to it. It makes up an original duet with rich blue, deep green or graphite, but can also dominate without a companion color.

Furniture color trends 2024: Brightness, elegant and sophisticated

The medal has two sides. And just as white cannot exist without black, so light colors will not look advantageous unless they are supplemented with more contrasting tones. Imagine a room from a single saturated shade? Hospital room, nothing more.

However, it is worth noting that the calm, so necessary in recent years, was also transferred to juicy colors. Kitsch and overly catchy shades today you will meet less and less.

It is expected that in 2024 all popular bright shades, as a selection, will be distinguished by special dignity and sophistication. Therefore, if you intend to make bright furniture next year, then you should give preference to such colors:

Refreshing green

Furniture Colors 2024

Minimal living room interior design with blank frame

Furniture in this color version will appeal to conservative buyers. Color is suitable for creating objects in the style of minimalism. And for finishing upholstered furniture it is advantageous to use ultramarine or emerald velvet.

Cheerful amber

Furniture Colors 2024

Sofa in living room interior for mockup, 3D rendering

The shade consists of yellow, red and orange motifs. Depending on the predominance of one color or another, the amber radiance will also change in the base. Designers believe that such a color accent in the interior energizes, stimulates thought processes and uplifts the mood. Kohler is successfully combined with dark brown, beige and lilac colors.

GoldFurniture Colors 2024

The design community calls not to be afraid of the golden color in the new season. Small catchy items like a “golden” pouffe will noticeably decorate the situation, give the features of well-being and nobility. Kohler looks organic with chocolate, red, turquoise, orange tones. The duet of gold and velvety black color looks aristocratic.

Purple pinkFurniture Colors 2024

Or, as the scientists of the Pantone Color Institute, Viva Magenta, called it. It will become, according to the team, the color of the whole 2024. Mature, slightly muted, expressive color represents by no means a vicious passion or a bloody rampage. The shade calls for courage, sincere cheerfulness and fortitude on the way to new goals. The tone will be appropriate in the decoration of furniture, on textile details. Looks great on a neutral background, shading it favorably.

How not to miscalculate with a color scheme?Furniture Colors 2024

The choice of furniture manufacturer listed color trends and light, calm, and saturated, bright tones, because the dominant principle of interior design is based on this ratio: 60% base tone / 30% complementary shade / 10% accent color.

That is, when deciding on the color of its future product, the manufacturer can give preference to one or the other palette, depending on what dimensions the piece of furniture will have, in what environment it can be integrated and what role it will play in the interior of the room: component of the general color background or accent.

Thus, the conclusion suggests itself: the larger the furniture, the more often the buyer prefers to see it in neutral colors, include it in the very main 60%, so that it would be easier to place it advantageously in an established interior, especially if we are not talking about a comprehensive repair, but only about changing the decor of the room. Yes, and with a large-scale alteration with the help of such an item, it is easier to set the main design “melody”.

But more and more often, consumers want to see independent furniture with character in their home: for example, a sofa or chair in an interesting color, although not “gouge your eyes out”. Of course, it is better if they are clearly visible from the threshold. This is not a whim, but another fashion trend in the interior – individualism. Buyers are looking for something truly out of the box, an element that will embody their character and personal tastes. Therefore, part of the range can be allocated for the development of colorful furniture.

By the way, back in September, the employees of the Pantone Color Institute announced the palette for the spring-summer 2024 season, which also included two groups of colors. One with the role of “obedient excellent student” in calm colors, the second – “daring rebel” in a colorful “outfit”.

The first half of the color spectrum is made up of contrasting bright shades that can be combined into catchy combinations: energetic “Fire Red”, “Beetroot Purple” with a hint of fuchsia, “Tangelo” vitamin orange color, warm “Peach Pink”, luminescent “Yellow Empire ”, romantic “Crystal Rose”, “Classic Fresh Grass Green”, exotic green called “Bird in Love”, rich “Perennial Blue” and calm blue “Summer Song”.

The second part of the palette is reserved for the so-called new classics. It consists of basic pastel shades: clear and watery “Light of the sky”, soft “Vanilla cream”, dreamy “Grey-lilac”, “Green leek”, brown with a light layer of Macchiato foam.

2024 promises to be rich in experiments for furniture makers. Specialists have a wide choice of colors that they can use in their work and thus create not only popular products, but also turn their work into real creativity for their own pleasure.