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” How to design the centerpiece of your apartment “

Welcome to the living room! We should think about probably the most important room in our own home from time to time: Is my living room really a favorite place and an inviting center for the whole family or is there something missing that is decisive for the happiness of living? When life changes, new ideas are also needed in the living room. No matter whether you are furnishing the first common living room or are looking for fresh impulses and new ideas for your existing living room furnishing – here come inspiring living room ideas for every taste and every phase of life:

Good idea: write a wish list on the living room

Yes, you heard right: before you choose the furniture for your living room and think about the decoration, you should clarify what is important to you. With increasing age and changing family structure, the needs and priorities of your own living room also change. It makes a difference whether you live alone, as a couple or in a colorful patchwork family. The size of the apartment or the number of rooms also play a decisive role in the design of the living room. If you don’t have your own home office or guest room, you might want to integrate a writing desk or a sofa bed.

Coffee table Monza 70 cm pine wood

We wish:

  • … a warm, inviting place where we eat, chill, play and sometimes watch a movie together as a family
  • … a representative, flexible and tidy room that inspires us and our guests to have good conversations
  • … a mix of chill-out area, library and music room where we can relax and pursue our hobbies

These wishes are just 3 living room ideas for your personal wish list. In order for the place to actually become the centerpiece of the apartment for everyone, each family member should write down his wishes and ideas.

Living room-dining room
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Our tip: Take stock

Anyone who knows what wishes and expectations are really placed on the living room can take an honest inventory.

  • Maybe it turns out that the existing sofa is no longer large, flexible and comfortable enough to chill on it as a family?
  • Maybe the existing living wall is bursting at the seams and looks shabby or untidy even in tidy condition?
  • Maybe the dining table is big enough for the family dinner, but not when joy is visiting?

Very important: Define new purchases concretely

Anyone who is already a little older owns accessories and pieces of furniture that have already moved several times and always take a place of honor in the new apartment. Maybe it’s an heirloom, like Grandma’s massive buffet cabinet or a Skandi style rocking chair. Some furniture, on the other hand, never really grow dear to us or have eventually become obsolete.

Country house Buffet cupboard Bremen 160cm

Then it’s high time for a breath of fresh air in the living room furnishings. Would you like some ideas?

  • How about a new (corner)sofa in the Skandi style, which offers space for the whole family to cuddle, read or watch TV or for flexibly combinable armchairs, poufs, stools and benches to talk and laugh with each other.
  • Sometimes a large coffee table with sufficient storage space is just the right piece of furniture to protect magazines, IT accessories and painting utensils from prying eyes when they are not needed at the moment.
  • Perhaps the moment has come for a light blue bookcase with doors, a decorative showcase with open and closed compartments or for a massive country-style buffet cabinet that stylishly replaces the crammed living wall.

Bookcase with 2 solid doors and shelf space - Landhaus Regal

Don’t miss: choose your favourite pieces with heart and mind

Sufficient storage space and flexible seating furniture for a cozy get-together in a larger group are among the most popular living room ideas of all. Because living is never static and the more flexibility and movement is possible in the living room furnishing, the longer and better you will live with it. But don’t be afraid of new favorite pieces! Just as there are people who accompany you through life, furniture can also become a long-term love. A high-quality showcase in a country house style will also accompany you in the next phase of life.

Is it worth it: planning living room furnishing ideas with the floor plan

No matter how big or small the family living room is – the main thing is that everything essential fits into it and has air. The centerpiece of the apartment should not look full at all. Who says all the furniture has to line up on the wall? Sometimes a voluminous sofa in the middle of the room in front of the bookshelf is declared favorite place for the whole family. The more functions the family living room has to fulfill, the more important sufficient storage space and shelves become as room dividers. Sideboards and console tables with open and closed compartments and drawers display favorite items, make clutter disappear in no time and separate different living areas if necessary and are perfect for creative living room ideas.

Country house sideboard with extendable shelves - Solid chest of drawers

Clarify the style question together

You probably know right away whether your heart beats for Mediterranean country house style, industrial style or Scandinavian hygge. Unfortunately, not everyone always agrees on the style issue. How modern or rustic the living room furniture should be is much more than a personal question of taste. Often it is the compromises that make the family living room a cozy place of well-being. Timeless Skandi style is a good idea for living spaces where every family member feels comfortable. In the reading corner, in addition to the modern bookcase and the industrial-style floor lamp, a nostalgic wing chair can provide cosiness. Also different chairs at the massive dining table are allowed. This ensures individuality and personal favorite places in the common living area. Don’t be afraid of a mix of industrial style, rustic and Skandi style! Sometimes this is exactly how the most cozy living room ideas arise.

Young couple sitting on couch in living room

Plan color and light

Living room ideas such as Mediterranean country house style or hyggeliger Skandi style sometimes have less to do with the furniture than with colors and light. It is not always necessary to completely replace the living room furniture. Sometimes wall paint, pillows, blankets, lamps and accessories are enough to give the existing living concept more pep, representative flair or security. Lamps in the industrial style will help if the current living room decor is too rustic. Colorful wool blankets bring a good mood into businesslike interiors and candles provide good vibes with warm feel-good light.

Original round industrial lamp in different colors

Creative living room ideas are developing

A piece of furniture in a rustic country house style that attracts everyone’s attention in the restaurant, a visit to a museum or a walk: it is often suggestions in our surroundings that lead us to ideas for the centerpiece in our apartment. It is worth keeping your eyes open when planning your living room decor. Country-style furniture is a good basis for cozy living concepts with individuality and personality.

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