Landscape design trends 2023

Landscape Design Trends 2023

Are garden gnomes and hedgehogs a thing of the past? Smart site care systems, geoplastics and maximum naturalness: we talk about landscape design trends 2023.

The modern landscape of a suburban area is, first of all, the maximum harmony with nature and the use of “smart” technological innovations. How to make your garden more perfect, beautiful and modern? What is the soul of the modern owner of the backyard space? We talk about the garden trends of the current year.

What’s in trend today: a garden for the lazyLandscape design trends 2023

“Lazy Garden” is the dream of everyone who dreams of a corner of relaxation in nature, but does not have time for proper plant care. How to minimize the complexity and intensity of gardening?

o             We choose perennials for flower beds and the most unassuming plants to care for;

o             We use technological novelties for garden care;

o             Carefully consider the size and shape of the lawn;

o             We turn to landscape designers for help.

Garden as an extension of the houseLandscape design trends 2023

In the garden, you can organize not only a playground and patio area, but also a home office or living room. “Residential” garden spaces are created today with the help of gazebos and pergolas, fashionable canopies, modular furniture systems.

Vertical gardeningLandscape design trends 2023

Vertical gardening is a multifunctional “tool” in landscape design. With it, you can save precious square meters, zone the garden space, design a recreation area, create hedges, decorate the facades of houses and buildings.

Smart gardenLandscape design trends 2023

The term “smart garden” is already familiar to many. As in the case of a smart home, here we are talking about an intelligent system that greatly facilitates the care of the garden. Smart modern garden options include lawn heating and watering, weather and ground sensors, thoughtful lighting, heating (of the lawn, roof, steps, paths), automatic lawn mowers and pool cleaners, fogging system, smart sun visors and much more.

Lighting in the garden – a modern optionLandscape design trends 2023

Smart lighting for the garden is not only night lighting. First of all, this is a competent lighting scenario and the use of modern lighting fixtures.

And smart light is the automation of lighting, taking into account energy savings and the creation of a safe zone, remote control of devices, stylish modern lamps and light sensors, programmable lighting to create your own lighting scenarios.

Automatic wateringLandscape design trends 2023

Watering plants always takes a lot of time and effort. Automatic watering not only makes the task easier, but almost completely removes this burden from the owner of the site. A smart irrigation system using humidity sensors will determine when irrigation is needed, analyze the condition of the soil, moisten the soil in your absence, and send you humidity and air temperature indicators.

Modern security systemLandscape design trends 2023

Another trend is a smart security system that will warn of movements on the site and give an alarm, protect against birds and animals, call the security service, and also turn on the lights in the house and ensure fire safety.

Stylish bedsLandscape design trends 2023

A creative approach to the design of the garden is in fashion. Ordinary beds are no longer in trend – a decorative garden has also become an element of landscape design. Container and modular placement, high or vertical beds, shared flower beds, the use of arches and pergolas: a modern garden should not only fill cellars, but also delight the eye.

Hedges instead of fencesLandscape design trends 2023

Increasingly, owners of suburban areas are abandoning artificial partitions and fences in favor of hedges, choosing fast and densely growing shrubs, conifers instead of unsightly artificial fences.

Editorial opinion:

The garden today is also harmony with the architecture on the site. Country landscapes are becoming more modern and reflect the chosen style of the house with the help of shapes, lines, lighting.

Harmony with natureLandscape design trends 2023

Natural naturalness is one of the main trends in landscape design. There are less and less garden sculptures and rock gardens, and more and more naturalness, which is achieved with the help of rockeries and Czech rolling pins, laconic fountains, large stones, Japanese gardens, cereals.

Garden pondsLandscape design trends 2023

It is difficult to imagine a stylish modern garden without ponds, fountains and waterfalls, but today aesthetics is achieved with the help of the maximum naturalness of water objects against the backdrop of the site.

GeomaterialsLandscape design trends 2023

Geotextiles, geogrids and geomembranes: modern geomaterials are characterized by a wide range of applications. They are used for waterproofing structures, to save the budget during their operation, to protect drainage and protection from soil shedding, to strengthen tiles on garden paths, to isolate the bottom in reservoirs, and so on.

A garden that blooms until late autumnLandscape design trends 2023

The colors of summer until the frost is one of the garden trends. How to extend the summer?

o             Choose the right plants so that the flowering process in the garden does not stop until late autumn;

o             Organize a winter garden.

Landscape Design – TrendsLandscape design trends 2023

Fewer and fewer exotics, getting closer “to the origins”. Native plants are back in fashion, as they have an important advantage – adaptability to the conditions of the area in which they grow. “To their own, to their own,” the owners of suburban areas also reached out in choosing the stylistic design of gardens.

Mixed landingsLandscape design trends 2023

Among the trends that have touched ornamental gardens are flower beds mixed with beds, on which flowers with tomatoes, peppers, and legumes are planted according to the “two in one” scheme.

Ornamental grasses for the gardenLandscape design trends 2023

The fashion for perennial cereals is sweeping the country. Increasingly, cereals are involved in the design of flower beds, recreation areas and even for zoning summer cottages.

GeoplasticLandscape design trends 2023

Correcting complex terrain on the site is not fashionable today. The trend is geoplastics, which allows you to turn the flaws of the site into an advantage with the help of stairs, retaining walls, bulk hills and natural slopes, reservoirs and other design elements, taking into account drainage, groundwater depth, soil mobility and other factors.

Lawn grillsLandscape design trends 2023

With the help of lattice lawns, garden paths are designed, lawns and parking lots are created, they protect the soil from movement, and increase the strength of the soil.

Patio in the country: style and comfort “rule”Landscape design trends 2023

The arrangement of a recreation area in the garden is no longer a whim, but a necessity. Patio areas are designed in combination with barbecue areas, create separate secluded islands of relaxation (often even in the middle of a garden), combine a relaxation area with a Japanese garden.

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