new interior trends in 2021 contemporary apartment houses

New Interior Trends 2024

new interior trends in 2021 contemporary apartment houses

Fashion for interior design is no less volatile than for designer clothes. Therefore, if you adhere to current trends, you should pay attention to the latest new interior trends in 2024.

1. Key Design Aspects

Over the course of several years, a general trend has remained – an emphasis on naturalness and naturalness. This style is sometimes called environmental, because natural colors prevail in the color scheme, and when choosing finishing materials, traditional ones are preferred: wood, stone, linen, cotton and silk fabrics, straw mats and so on.

When organizing a living space, professional designers pay particular attention to comfort and spaciousness. Smooth simple lines, laconic furniture, neutral colors – all this contributes to rest and relaxation. Makes a house or apartment a place for relaxation, allows you to gain strength before a new hectic day. Even a small apartment with the right approach to design and competent zoning can look more spacious.

Among the most popular in 2024, the Scandinavian and Japanese styles. They are so harmonious in their simplicity and naturalness that they are best suited to modern citizens who are tired of an overabundance of sounds, movement and a continuous external flow of information. Some designers create interiors whose design is called japandi (the word comes from combining the names Japan and Scandy). Here you will find the best features of both directions, that is, simplicity, functionality, a combination of natural colors and dotted bright accents. The minimum amount of decor is used and all of it is functional, and the textile is preferably plain, but textured. A mixture of cool gray and white “Scandinavian” colors with warm oriental colors gives the atmosphere a more welcoming appearance.

As for materials, the fashion trends of 2024 involve the use of wood in dark shades: coffee, chocolate, chestnut. For wall cladding and furniture manufacturing, oak, mahogany and wenge are recommended. They are in harmony with the metal elements of the decor, so furnishings with metal legs will become fashionable, similar accessories for lamps and mirrors. Colors: from light silver to visually massive under bronze, stylish gold and exquisite copper.

2. Color trends in the interior 2024

Along with the world’s leading experts in the field of decorating apartments and houses, our designers are ready to give recommendations on choosing fashionable colors for walls, furniture and accessories. Considering all the same tendencies of rapprochement with nature, the project managers of our company choose three main palettes in which the shades vary in saturation and degree of “warmth”.

So, the first option proposed by one of the most famous British brands and accepted in world practice is light mint green. Based on it, several tint combinations were developed, which were named according to the seasons.

Winter involves a combination of mint greens with smoky, cobalt, pale and dark gray, gray-blue and pale colors of the January morning sky. The spring combination of mint with pearl blue, dark and light sand, the color of pink morning dawn, coffee and asphalt will be a little more diverse. The summer gamut will add to the mint pastel blue and pink, white, terracotta, pale purple, orange-citrus, black and a mixture of pink and gray, which at the beginning of the 20th century was called the “ash of the rose”. And, finally, autumn will give you pleasure with a combination of mint greens with chocolate, burgundy, gray-blue, sapphire, pink-gray and golden ocher.

If we talk about the second option, then the greens in it are more saturated, resembling bottle glass or hazelnut foliage. This color scheme helps create a natural environment, suitable for almost any type of room. Designers recommend complementing the interior with metal details. And the bottle-green color itself can become a background for floral prints or a pattern of leaves. Walls can be painted in this color, but it will also be ideal for furniture, accessories and home textiles.

The third fashionable color trend is blue-gray or warm gray. The range was proposed by Australian designers and received approval from us. Cool, but at the same time airy color scheme calms and relaxes, tunes to an optimistic mood. Our experts recommend combining it with a dark tree, as well as warm shades of pink, yellow and beige and unchanged white. If you like vintage style, use blue-gray for painting walls and upholstery.

The general color trend of 2024 is a combination of shades of sky and sea.

3. Living room decoration trends 2024

Emphasis on natural materials and flowing shapes. No pretentiousness, only simplicity, rejection of excess accessories and elaborate decoration. Favorites colors: bluish-green, shades of sage and foliage. The first is suitable for walls and furniture, you can combine it with terracotta, powdery pink, warm gray. Black and white gamma does not go out of fashion. A bright accent can be put using a color poster. Sage is a mixture of green pastel and gray, it is recommended for the background decoration of the walls, and if you need an emphasis on one of the surfaces, the color of green foliage is best, bringing notes of freshness and positive.

Pay attention to the upholstered furniture. Fashionable upholstery fabric in 2024 – velvet. It gained popularity due to its pleasant texture, in addition, it is suitable for both classical and modern finishes, combining with wood and metal. What colors do we recommend? Emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and for aesthetes – pink garnet. To emphasize the attractiveness of armchairs and sofas in such a living room, it is better to make the walls white or trim them in dark wood.

Once again, at the peak of popularity there will be furniture stylized in the 70s with characteristic wavy lines, smooth somewhat even rounded silhouettes. Many furniture manufacturing companies have adapted minimalism, Scandinavian style and art deco to this trend. Armchairs or a sofa of a non-standard shape will help to place the necessary accents in the living room.

4. Bedroom interior trends 2024

Fashionable bedroom 2024 – a bright room, conducive to relaxation. The size of the room does not matter, it can be small, the main thing is not to overload it with furniture, but to divide it into separate zones (bedroom, dressing room with a table and mirror, etc.), while maintaining the open character of the interior.

All storage systems are hidden. It can be built-in wardrobes or compartments behind mirrored facades. Natural fabrics of natural colors will allow you to make notes of comfort. The floor and even partially the walls are finished with natural wood.

The bed remains the “center figure”, it can be installed on the podium or equipped with a canopy. Wooden flooring for sleeping is typical for Japanese interiors, but also in the European bedroom will be appropriate. The platform on which the bed is located has a small staircase with several steps and built-in drawers. For convenience, a backlight is mounted in it.

As for the canopy, it’s not the wooden model that is somewhat overwhelming with its massiveness, but the light metal one. Thin racks connected by a frame can be left open or draped. If you don’t like this design, then pay attention to another fashion trend – voluminous soft headboards. They can be fabric or leather, a geometric pattern is welcome.

5. The design of the kitchen in accordance with popular trends 2024

Minimum furniture and parts. If something can be hidden, we do it. That is why the trend will be sliding panels and fitted wardrobes. Getting rid of unnecessary elements, you should not refuse from high-quality natural materials: granite, marble, textured wood and interesting metal details.

Ergonomics is very important for the kitchen, so in a spacious kitchen you can equip an “island” for the hostess, who, in addition to her main function (a sink is integrated into it, and sometimes a hob), also performs hidden storage tasks. This allows you to abandon the upper wall cabinets, which are sometimes quite difficult to get to.

Dining table can be located in the zone of the island, which allows rational use of space. If a separate “dining room” zone is supposed in the kitchen, then several high chairs will make it possible to make a zone for a bar counter on the island.

Finishing materials in the interior of the kitchen 2024 also deserve interest. Firstly, granite and marble will remain relevant. A tabletop or apron can be made from them, they are suitable for facing the bar counter and making floor coverings.

Secondly, the design involves the inclusion of metal parts for the design of the hood and apron, the decoration of the facades of cabinets or the use of decorative inserts. The legs of bar stools and lamps can be metal. As for the faucets, the most fashionable now – brass. Single inclusions of golden, copper and silver metals will be appropriate, especially in combination with rough wood texture. But the handles in the interior of 2024 are not supposed, they will be replaced by the use of the touch to open system, which will more freely combine finishing materials and the location of cabinets.

The color scheme of the kitchen assumes all the same blue-green and gray-green tones and shades. But dark kitchens with matte wooden, granite or marble surfaces do not give up their positions. And not only black – pay attention to design decisions in coffee, gray-brown and wood tones. In such rooms, we pay special attention to lighting.

6. Bathroom trends 2024

No less bedrooms are important for rest and relaxation. Therefore, our designers have prepared for you several fashionable design options for these rooms. You can withstand the bathroom in the main color scheme of the apartment by painting the walls in blue-green tones of varying degrees of saturation, but last year’s fashionable design trend “for concrete” does not give up. And this also applies to the texture of surfaces and their color. Many manufacturers of bathroom tiles have prepared collections of decorative materials that visually create the effect of a concrete wall, both simple and with interesting texture “in the herringbone”, “in a small square” or “in a hexagonal honeycomb.” Color ranges from graphite gray to smoky and wet gray sand.

Plumbing is important not only in terms of performance, but also for decoration. Therefore, our designers recommend colored shells, as pastel colors, so dark gray, green and brown. Prefer brighter? Then for you orange, blue, blue and pink washbasins of various shapes: oval, round, rectangular, made in the form of a flower or part of a tree trunk.

Fittings and accessories of two types. The first can be called “metallic radiance”, the second – “noble texture.” If everything is clear with one, then the other involves the use of matte bronze and brass in dark shades with a silky texture. Their dark shades give the bathroom originality. Gold-plated or light brass faucets will be especially appropriate with a blue-green design.

Matte dark plumbing is one of the trends of 2024. It always looks spectacular, and besides the sink and toilet in such a color scheme, a shower tray, a heated towel rail and a faucet can be ordered. If you are afraid that it will turn out a little gloomy, then our designers will dispel your doubts by “diluting” the design with golden accessories, giving the black and dark brown colors a respectability effect and style. A good complement to the interior with such plumbing will be the abundance of mirrors.

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