Water green color: The best design ideas for your interior decoration!

Water green color: The best design ideas for your interior decorationThe water green color is a timeless part of interior decoration and it does not intend to stop there! It has the undeniable advantage of being able to be used in all rooms of the house, directly on the walls or by small touches. It’s up to you ! To create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere like a spring day, then it is on the green water that you have to go. Here are some ideas to find inspiration!

Water green, a soft shade

At first glance, it can be complicated to define the color water green. A mixture of green and transparent water, it is in fact a specific shade, neither warm nor cold, which is generally placed between almond green and light blue on a color chart. It is in fact a light green, very soft, reminiscent of nature and can also be associated with many other colors. It is less pronounced than blue or turquoise green, for example, and therefore creates a serene atmosphere, conducive to relaxation, in any room of the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen!

It is a color that has many reflections and will behave differently depending on the brightness of a room or depending on the colors associated with it.

The best ideas to find inspiration!

In a roomWater green color: The best design ideas for your interior decoration

Water green is a truly soothing color and it is therefore only natural that it has its place in a bedroom. You can paint an entire wall in water green then accessorize the rest of the room with bed linen or cushions in the same shade. Combined with light wood and white, water green brings elegance and serenity to your bedroom.

In a baby’s room, water green is also a very good choice. This prevents you from creating a decoration that is too gendered, perfect if you don’t know your baby’s sex for example (or if you are not a fan of “pink for girls, blue for boys”). A carpet in shades of green will brighten up the room and give it a more than welcome cocoon side.

In a baby’s room, it is possible to leave the walls neutral and instead install colored accessories. A water green carpet, soft toys, frames and you create a really delicate and elegant decoration.

Just because your child has grown up doesn’t mean you can’t choose water green for the new decoration in their room! Bet on furniture with clean lines to combine with more contemporary elements such as a bedside lamp with a metal structure, for example. A great way to show your child that you realize that he is growing up!

It is also possible, in a bedroom, to keep it simple and choose bed linen in shades of water green. This way, you bring a soothing side to your bed and you have the opportunity to combine it with other colors, such as a light gray or a deep linen .

In a living roomWater green color: The best design ideas for your interior decoration

In a living room, you can decide to go with shades of green or combine water green with almond green, gray, linen , powder pink … In short, only soft colors to make the living room a little cocoon where you can spend good times with your family!

If you don’t feel like painting or don’t like it, there are also wallpapers (or non-wovens), which are very trendy and easy to hang. It is possible to put this kind of wallpaper in all the rooms of the house. In a living room, it will easily wake up the room and go well with a sofa in shades of gray and colored cushions, for a vintage atmosphere.

Painting the walls in water green brings a soothing and elegant side to any room and allows you to create a refined and altogether quite classic atmosphere. It will find its place in rather retro interiors, combined with more contemporary accessories, in short, water green has it all!

If, often, light and pastel colors are the prerogative of Scandinavian decoration , it is also possible to find very contemporary or even quite industrial pieces in light shades, such as this locker-style TV stand. Its water green color is delicate and romantic but its “metal” side will adapt to a more designer decoration.

Why not be original and choose a water green sofa? Often, having a colored sofa can be scary, but take the plunge and create a bohemian and romantic atmosphere in any interior! It is then possible to choose cushions in fairly vibrant colors to really emphasize this central piece of the living room that is the sofa.

In a kitchenWater green color: The best design ideas for your interior decoration

Here is a kitchen full of delicacy! Opting for water green kitchen furniture allows you to combine retro and rustic in a chic and elegant atmosphere, without overdoing it. The clean lines of the furniture are very designer for a kitchen that is truly in tune with the times.

It is possible to combine furniture in light colors and more natural wood to create a kitchen with Scandinavian accents, very cozy. It is then rather necessary to start with openwork furniture, more airy, with more refined lines, to really arrange this room in the most delicate and refined way possible!

The water green color can also be added to a kitchen or a dining room and make the connection between the two rooms. This brings a little country house side which is not really to displease us! It is possible to favor colored furniture instead, and therefore to add the water green color in small touches. Guaranteed effect!

In a bathroomWater green color: The best design ideas for your interior decoration

Water green also has its place in a bathroom! Beware, however, of tone on tone, which could quickly become too dull! The bathroom should be bright.

You can paint the walls in different but complementary hues or in shades of green to really bring a refined edge to your room.

Light colors in a bathroom help create a very zen, spa-like atmosphere. And choosing water green can revive a bathroom a bit and make it more original than white walls. You can combine it with light or white wooden furniture and a few green plants, to really create a beauty parlor atmosphere.