Popular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

Popular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

Popular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

A collection of cute throw pillows is one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh almost any décor. You can lay them out beautifully on the couch, throw them at random on the bed, and even use them as extra seating on the floor! Let’s rather learn about new ideas and trends in the formation of a stylish, modern interior in 2023.

Uncommon flavorPopular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

One of the hottest pillows trends 2023 in interior design is the manifestation of your own vision of perfect design. Don’t be afraid to make him unconventional, special, sometimes eccentric and bold enough. And if you have been dreaming about something like this for a long time, then experts in the field of fashionable interior decor strongly advise you to take a closer look at the following ideas:

  • Eclectic and boho style. Implies a variety of colors and different embellishments in the design of pillows, such as fringes, beads, lace, braid, buttons, decorative zippers, lacing;
  • Embroidery and engraving;
  • Floral prints with a modern twist;
  • Knitted pillows in different shapes and colors.

But here it is important to correctly prioritize so that it does not work out “I will put on all the best at once”: either focus on decorative elements or on fabrics.

The luxury of texturesPopular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

If you are one of those who closely follow trends, take a look at spectacular products made of velvet, silk, velor, leather, wool. Do not be afraid to experiment with similar materials, but remember the main principle of decorating – do not overdo it with the number of textures and correctly fit them into the interior.

Minimalism and elegancePopular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

A minimalistic approach to interior design will never lose its relevance, since it does not require special design skills in implementation. You can never go wrong when choosing decorative pillows to match the color of furniture, walls or floor. Shades that overlap with each other will help create a harmonious, cozy space. If you want to keep it understated, but still add a bit of brightness to a neutral interior, go for pillows, the concept of which will be limited to two bright colors.

The following trends will also help shape the elegant, stylish interior:

  • Natural shades of linen products;
  • Plain fabrics or textured patterns in solid colors;
  • Pillows with an outstanding geo-ornament or an unobtrusive abstract pattern;
  • A set of pillows of different shapes, skillfully combined with each other, is an extraordinary conceptual solution that is impressive.

Floor decorPopular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

If your home is often full of guests, it is definitely worth considering additional seating. Decorative floor cushions are perhaps the best solution to this issue. Beautiful soft products will add more coziness to the space, fill it with a relaxed home atmosphere, and are also perfect for meditation. Modern trends in this decor element offer the following design options:

  • Japanese tatami pillows. Their textured natural fibers create a sophisticated, muted design that works in almost any room thanks to their neutral colors and noble texture;
  • In Moroccan or boho style, round and square shapes. Attract attention with their stunning, mesmerizing patterns. Fashion trend – mandala drawing on large round items;
  • Multi-color recycled cotton rounds;
  • Bright plush products of amusing shapes (in the form of animals, fairy-tale characters, flowers, etc.) for a children’s room;
  • Square quilted pillows that can be used both as floor and chairs, bay window;
  • Fleecy pillows;
  • Vintage patchwork products.

Outdoor Furniture Throw Pillow Trends 2023Popular decorative pillows: modern trends of 2023

When choosing pillows for a summer veranda, terrace or garden furniture, in addition to aesthetic characteristics, first of all, you need to consider operational ones. Such products are sewn from special durable fabrics, and for fillers they give preference to materials that can withstand high operational loads. Textiles are treated with antibacterial, dirt and water repellent substances. In addition, permanent dyes are used to prevent fading.

They also pay special attention to design, as well-chosen products will help to refresh the atmosphere and place the necessary accents. As for trends, in 2023, designers advise:

  • Contrasting colors or those that will be in harmony with the color of furniture, textiles, walls of the house or other decorative items;
  • Combination of different shapes and sizes;
  • Striped print in different interpretations, be it colorful or laconic, wide or narrow, bright or neutral.

Fashionable decorative pillows 2023: Conclusions

Throw pillows are a great way to create a complete textile room design while keeping the rest of the interior in mind. With a few cute items, you can radically change the atmosphere in your home. Play with textures, colors and sizes to dilute monochrome interiors, add more personality, or, conversely, continue the concept of a calm, minimalistic environment.

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