5 Trendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2024

Trendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

Who says New Year says new decorative desires. To give your living room or bedroom a facelift, the walls are repainted. Yes but which color to choose? Discover 5 trendy colors to adopt in your interior decor in 2024.

Each year, in decoration as in fashion, colors are renewed and punctuate new trends. In 2019, we remember Amber Honey, color of the year Dulux Valentine and Living Coral by Pantone, which lit up our walls. In 2024, we are putting on new colors to create an interior in tune with the times. Without turning everything upside down, you can simply opt for subtle color details, such as cushions, vases, curtains, bed linen, etc.

However, the new year is very timely to inject a dose of novelty into the rooms of our house. It may be a good time to repaint the kitchen or living room walls in the trendy colors of the year.

And in 2024, there is plenty to do: the color chart surprises us with unexpected shades and reassures us with a palette of timeless colors.

Among the 2024 decoration trends, let yourself be seduced by the Classic Blue, the Pantone 2020 color of the year, and pretty shades inspired by nature such as green, brown or terracotta. We also breathe a breath of freshness with more or less bright oranges and we play on associations.

Discover the 5 colors that will make the year in decoration

The classic blue, Pantone 2020 colorTrendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

Elected color of the year 2020 by Pantone , Classic Blue is to be adopted without delay. This reassuring and timeless midnight blue influences sets the tone for future interior design trends and collections. Due to its elegant simplicity, this color inspires confidence and serenity. Easy to combine, the Classic Blue goes very well with bright colors like orange and yellow and goes well with light tones such as white or beige.

Green in all its formsTrendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

It reminds of nature and is always present in interiors! Green has been an omnipresent color for several seasons and will not leave our walls in 2024. In line with the green trend and ecological concerns, green is available in all possible colors. Fir green, hunter green, almond green or sage green , whatever the shade, it will be perfect for lighting up our interior. To adopt without moderation.

Terracotta warms up the decorTrendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

In 2024, terracotta has not said its last word. Already trendy in 2019, this warm and dynamic shade invites itself, this year again, into our interiors to warm the atmosphere and create a bohemian decoration. Easy to adopt in the living room or the kitchen, this terracotta color fits perfectly into the craft trend and goes perfectly with a pretty palette of roses. On a wall, an armchair or decorative accessories, she dresses a room without overdoing it.

Color trend 2024: brownsTrendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

The family of browns plays extensions in 2024. Linked to nature and to the earth, brown is one of those colors that create a warm and elegant atmosphere, whatever the shade chosen. Chocolate, taupe, hazelnut , sisal brown, umber, all combine perfectly with strong and sunny colors: curry yellow and green for a vegetal touch.

Orange stands out in trendy colors 2024Trendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

Orange is appearing in 2024 color trends in a measured way. Orange is a pointed color, to be tamed little by little for a bright decoration. To adopt it, we opt instead for a coppery orange and use it in small touches, in patterns or on decorative accessories before launching into painting. Combined with blue, and why not with Classic Blue, it will wreak havoc in our interior.