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Decorating the sideboard

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Practical storage space or decorative eye-catcher? Ideally, a Sideboard both functions. All kinds of things can be stored behind the doors and in the drawers of the versatile and decorative piece of furniture. Unfortunately, the free space on the living or dining room dresser all too easily mutates into an interim storage for mail, television magazine and all sorts of knick-knacks. So the charm of every high-quality single piece is quickly lost. So it’s best to resist the beginnings and make them more stylish and loving Decoration Your chest of drawers becomes the central eye-catcher in the living room. With these 5 tips, you will be able to decorate your sideboard in such a way that it becomes the individual centerpiece of your home.

Tip 1: Order must be! Not just in the dresser

It is always fascinating how differently one and the same sideboard looks and is used in different living rooms. In some households it is a well-stocked cupboard, file archive or storage place for napkins and table linen. In other apartments, the piece of furniture becomes a collecting basin for found objects that lack space elsewhere. Often the inner life of the stylish storage furniture is in stark contrast to its external appearance. Whether there is order or chaos in the closet is, of course, a private matter. However, those who tend to meticulously arrange the inner compartments, but first pile up superfluous things on the open space above, should rethink: the sideboard is much too bad as a storage area and intermediate storage for knick-knacks!

Chest of drawers Novara - SIDEBOARD 210 cm

Tip 2: Put individual statements on your sideboard

Whether your chest of drawers in the living room, dining room or bedroom is a carefully selected piece of furniture in the Mediterranean country house style, scores with vintage charm or minimalism, only partly determines the charisma. Only when you decorate the sideboard, it unfolds character and personality. See your new piece of furniture as an attractive exhibition space with useful storage space. Whether the pictures, sculptures, vases and / or candles presented on it take up the style of the dresser or sideboard or deliberately set exciting contrasts is part of your staging: the main thing is that you like the pictures and home accessories that you present on your living room stage and thus make individual statements.

Dresser Paterno Sideboard 200 cm mango wood

Tip 3: When decorating a sideboard, observe the basic architectural rules

Admittedly, there are decoration professionals who effortlessly succeed in composing a coherent and inspiring overall picture with an abundance of different decoration accessories. What looks so harmonious and successful for laymen is rarely a random product. Skilful decoration usually follows generally applicable basic rules from art and architecture. Those who randomly arrange their selected favorite pieces on the dresser are rarely satisfied with the result if they disregard the following basics:

Less is more

Are you an avid collector? Nevertheless, please refrain from staging all your favorite pieces at once and make a selection that may change seasonally:

  • Ideas for spring: fresh flowers in bulbous vases
  • Ideas for the summer: maritime table lamp, holiday souvenirs or finds from the sea
  • Autumn: a lushly filled fruit bowl, arrangements made of natural materials and candles in warm autumn colours
  • Winter: glittering Christmas balls and fir green in glass vases of different heights, decorative angel, lantern or lantern

Elias TV Cabinet 200 cm 3 Doors 2 open Compartments Mango Wood Sideboard Chest of drawers Retro

Side note: collections are better presented in closed display cabinets than on dressers.

Country house display cabinet Neuss 150 cm White buffet cabinet

Form thematic groups

Three or five vases, sculptures, pictures or candles of different heights, arranged in a group, look much more harmonious than when the same objects are distributed indiscriminately on the chest of drawers. Even if one should group home accessories in pairs according to Feng Shui criteria on a chest of drawers standing in the relationship corner, an odd number of objects looks more pleasing to the eye in most cases. Play with different heights, placing lower candlesticks, bowls or sculptures forward.

Chest of drawers Parma Toscana - Sideboard 220 cm in different wood colors

Asymmetry and contrasts create tension

When decorating, neat people usually tend to symmetry. It will look more interesting and harmonious if you are guided by the golden ratio when decorating and arrange books, pictures, vases, bowls and decorative objects to the right or left of the center. If the front of a chest of drawers is striking, the decoration may also be tone-on-tone and minimalist. On a discreet sideboard, a lush bouquet of flowers creates a sensation.

Tip 4: It depends on the colors

When decorating, decoration professionals not only have the piece of furniture itself in mind, but also the background. The wall color is immensely important for the room effect and the decoration. Do not be afraid to paint the wall behind the vertiko in a contrasting color: an antique unique piece can look hip or minimalist with a bright or discreet wall color as a passepartout. When decorating, focus on and around your sideboard on one color family or mix black, white or a maximum of two to three complementary colors. The main thing is that you make the statement that suits you, your living style and the character of your sideboard. Near the window, indoor plants in attractive pots are also great as decorations.

Noor Sideboard 210 cm Mango wood 4 Doors Sideboard Matt Polish Chest of drawers Retro Style Light Colored

Tip 5: Put your closet in the right light!

Now you already know a lot of theory about how to effectively decorate your favorite pieces. In order for your arrangement to have an effect even after sunset, a table lamp matching your personal living style should not be missing. Make sure that the lighting mood sets the mood for your lovingly composed plants, decorative treasures and pictures even after work. Nostalgic retro lights will suit shabby chic dressers, rustic table lamps with wood, glass and metal will be in harmony with country furniture. Modern designer lamps are suitable as bright eye-catchers on chests of drawers of different styles. It is worth experimenting and sometimes a mirror supports the overall visual effect.

Venice Sideboard 220 cm Recycled teak wood

Our conclusion about decorating the sideboard

You now know the most important basic rules for effectively decorating your sideboard. If you consider your piece of furniture not only as a functional storage place, but as a unique piece with potential and personality, the design is easier. It depends not only on how sideboards look and where they stand in the room, but on how you decorate it. Keep the area free of knick-knacks and arrange the selected decoration quite deliberately. Decorating a sideboard is a creative task that can be a lot of fun. If you keep in mind the basic rules on grouping and colors when decorating, little can go wrong. Regularly decorate new accessories and images, and more often play with different colors and shapes.


Always keep in mind: skillfully decorated sideboards are favorite pieces with soul, potential and eye-catching guarantee.

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