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” Stylish furnishing with antique furniture “

There is no other place in the house where so much time is spent as in the living room. Here you can celebrate with guests or relax for hours with the family. Therefore, coziness and personal taste have a special priority in the arrangement of this important room. The focus is currently more and more on the past: antique furniture is very much in vogue for stylish living room inspirations!

Why antique furniture is a timelessly popular furnishing style

High–quality woods, traditional craftsmanship and a very special ambience – there are many reasons why antiques and historical furniture are the first choice for many homeowners. Furniture is considered antique if it is at least 100 years old. Younger pieces – from the 1950s, for example – are called vintage furniture. The most popular living ideas of the antique trend mainly use pieces of furniture from the Biedermeier, Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau eras. These are the styles that immediately come to mind when you think of noble historical hotels and imposing mansions from a Jane Austen novel. As an alternative, there are wooden furniture in antique style for your living room inspirations, which are authentically modeled on the originals of yesteryear.

Gründerzeit Kitchen cabinet Country house furniture - antique furniture - Living room-Discover inspirations

The woods used for the furniture are often medium brown to dark or even reddish shimmering. Solid wood types such as teak, cherry wood or oak are possible. In this way, antique-style furniture provides enchanting living room inspirations – no matter if you are a fan of Art Nouveau, Biedermeier or Founder’s style.

Amanda Kloster Dining Table in 2 Sizes Pine Wood Country Style Vintage Dining Room Table - Living Room-Discover Inspirations

Inspirations from living concepts from the 19th century: this is what the style living room looks like!

The furnishing ideas with historical furniture are diverse and so there are a lot of inspirations. Some like it very classically elegant. Others combine the heirlooms with unexpected colors and shapes. The antique furnishing style has some typical pieces of furniture ready, which are rarely found in other living ideas. There is, for example, the narrow chaise lounge sofa, which is equipped with a backrest only on one side. The nap after lunch can be kept especially stylish on it. Another favorite is an old secretary. The desk, which is usually narrow and high, used to serve as a place where letters were mainly written. Anyone who wants to furnish their living room in this way shows class and a sense of style. Even modern work equipment such as a laptop can fit perfectly on such a traditional work table.

Art Nouveau Secretary Softwood - Country House Furniture writing Cabinet

Also a highlight for your living room inspirations: the coffee table. Such a small table finds its place at the couch and is ideal for storing accessories and drinks, while a sociable round makes itself comfortable on the sofa and armchair.

Baltimore sofa- Scandinavian design - different variants and colors

Antique-style furniture is best displayed in bright rooms. A lot of light and cream-colored walls create a harmonious contrast to the mostly dark woods. This is especially important in small rooms, so as not to create a depressed mood visually. In the authentic Art Nouveau or Biedermeier rooms, the pieces of furniture were close to each other due to the usually limited living space. Today, the wooden furniture has more space, looks on its own and thus creates a modern elegance. If you are also looking for a cool industrial style as living room inspirations, you will rely on industrial furniture as a play form of vintage furniture in the living room furnishing. These are suitable for a spectacular steampunk look.

Basto display cabinet 160 cm 2 Glass doors 3 drawers Mangholz Industrial style

Antique living room inspirations with a modern twist: this is how the style mix succeeds

It is also trendy to combine classic antique furniture with modern pieces and thus create a fusion of the past and the contemporary. In order for the contrast to work, a connecting element should be found between old and new pieces of furniture. This can be the color family of the fabrics used as well as decoration in the form of fruit bowls and figures on the modern sofa table, made of the same wood as the antique chest of drawers. Too strong contrasts should be avoided. If the reddish tone of teak furniture suddenly contrasts with bright yellow, then this is shrill, but also somehow seems too restless.

Teak/iron Tunis coffee table

Furnishing a living room in a very stylish way: the right decoration for antique inspirations

The living room decoration should not be missing either. However, in order for the antique-style furniture to remain the star of the decor, the decoration should not be too intrusive. The room should not seem cluttered and little things should not distract visually from the actual furniture. At the time of the Biedermeier, decorative furnishings always had a practical purpose. There would be the small, detailed clock for the mantelpiece, the vase for fresh flowers on the side table next to the sofa or the shapely chessboard where people actually play.

Vincenza side table 50 cm made of mango wood

Wallpapers printed with floral patterns are also part of the decoration of that time, from which many inspirations can be taken. However, for the modern variant of the stylistic direction, this should be used sparingly. The wallpaper on only one wall or as a well-placed strip on an otherwise white surface bring a fresh ambience into the room and prevent the combination of antiques and patterns from looking stale.

Living room-retro style
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Great living room inspirations are elements that function as furniture and decoration in one. For example, how about a wine rack in the living room, which is designed as if driftwood had actually been taken directly from the beach and processed for it. It is this courage to imperfection that makes this wooden furniture so exciting in many facilities and that gives many inspirations for the living room design.

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