The Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

The Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

The Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

The fact that tiles only have to be practical – those days are long gone. They are now as important as the rest of the interior. Whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the living room – tiles must match the furnishings, be modern and stylish.

Large, small, plain or patterned – there are many different types of tiles. It also depends on where the tiles are: Classically in the bathroom or kitchen – or on the living room floor? In addition to the practical aspect, what counts when it comes to tiles is the look. They make rooms appear larger, their sight can have a calming effect or be a feast for the eyes. Newinteriortrends has summarized for you which tiles will be in trend in 2024.

1. Herringbone patternThe Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

Not only the appearance of the tiles is important, but also the way they are laid. The herringbone pattern is absolutely hip. Many people are probably familiar with this from parquet floors – and this is now also the trend for tiles in bathrooms. Narrow, rectangular tiles, usually in pastel colors or stronger tones, are arranged in a herringbone pattern. The tiles are usually not mirror-smooth, but have an uneven surface and are glazed. They often appear as if they were real handwork.

2. Wood lookThe Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

Wood, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, makes the home look much more homely and comfortable. However, wood can also be vulnerable quickly – in such a case, tiles with a wood look are particularly suitable, which are very trendy in 2024. It looks as if you have a wooden floor, but it is actually porcelain stoneware.

3. Subway-TilesThe Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

Subway tiles, also known as metro tiles, are attached in an offset manner, similar to bricks. You can also recognize them by their typical faceted edge and their rectangular shape. They are inspired by the subway stations in New York or Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Metro tiles are often laid as backsplashes in the kitchen or in the shower in the bathroom. The classic is white – but the shape is now also available in many other colors.

4. Marble and other natural stonesThe Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

Marble is noble, elegant – and quite expensive. But it doesn’t always have to be real marble. If you would like to design your bathroom with a marble look, you can now rely on many tile variations that imitate the look. The same applies to ceramics with a natural stone look. This style remains a trend, especially in the bathroom – because it is timeless and looks high quality. According to the Federal Association of Ceramic Tiles, there are now natural stone replicas thanks to modern manufacturing processes that even experts can no longer distinguish from the original from the quarry at first glance.

5. XXL tilesThe Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

While large tile formats were mainly found in luxury properties a few years ago, they have now also arrived in normal households. They often have a concrete or cement look and the bigger the better. Because the XXL tiles make small bathrooms appear larger and optically widen them. The small number of joints is important because the room appears tidy and clean thanks to the homogeneous and spacious surfaces.

6. Prints and traditional patternsThe Most Popular Tile Trends For 2024

If you don’t like the clean look, this year it’s best to use tiles with traditional patterns or prints. They can be used in many ways – on the wall, on the floor or just as small accents between the single-colored ceramics. There are now processes in which the pattern is digitally printed onto the tile – there are no longer any limits to creativity. The traditional patterns are based on retro tiles from the 70s – but style elements from antiquity are also used. When it comes to prints, floral patterns are also popular this year.

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