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Storage space in the living room

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The living room is a central room in the apartment: here you make yourself comfortable, here you get together, here you spend free time. And of course it’s nice when this so important room looks tidy and tidy, because that calms and increases well-being. In order to be able to keep order effectively, storage space is the be-all and end-all. In this article you will find helpful tips to be able to create more storage space in the living room.

Cupboard, sideboard, chest: closed fronts ensure storage space and order

To create storage space in the living room, of course, furniture such as cabinets, sideboards and also shelves are essential. Here, of course, it all depends on the individual space in the room, but a decorative cabinet plus a sideboard will surely fit into any living room. The beauty of these pieces of furniture is their closed fronts, which also visually immediately provide order and clarity.

Amanda Sideboard 200 cm 4 doors 5 drawers Sideboard Chest of drawers Pine wood

Open shelves are also an option for creating storage space, but they contain two decisive disadvantages that should be taken into account: on the one hand, they make the room look more messy and chaotic, and on the other hand, of course, everything that is standing around openly also dusts quickly and must be cleaned regularly accordingly. A cabinet or a sideboard is often a practical alternative to open shelves.

Bookcase in country house style - Solid wood shelf brushed bookwall Bookcase - storage space in the living room

Clarity and order on shelves

If you already have larger shelves in your living room and don’t want to exchange them for a closet or a sideboard, decorative baskets with some storage space and smaller boxes as well as matching shelf inserts might be a good idea. Here you can store things that are not suitable for display on the shelf and visually make a mess. A mix of open shelf space and beautiful boxes made of cardboard, fabric or rattan often looks very harmonious. In addition to boxes and crates, standing folders for magazines, for example, are a great idea for more storage space in the living room. Books, on the other hand, can of course be stored openly on the shelf. This is not only practical, but also extremely decorative and it gives the room a very special charm.

set of 3 baskets Water hyacinth square

Turning unused areas into storage space

An excellent way to store things is often also in corners or niches of the room or under furniture. Here, of course, you have to look very individually or also buy targeted furniture that offers additional storage space. A sofa, for example, with an integrated bed box. Or a couch or side table, the inside of which offers space to store knitwear or other small things, for example.

Unused corners in the living room can also be made usable with a small corner shelf or individual custom-made furniture. Especially with sloping ceilings and also under stairs in the room, great sideboard or installation solutions can be found to make ideal use of the space. Chic storage baskets are also great options: they can be placed in a corner, a space in between or next to the couch and can hold things such as blankets, or extra pillows or even toys.

Corner chest of drawers with 2 doors - Country house chest of drawers - storage space in the living room

Another ideal option, which can be very helpful, especially when there is a lack of space, is the use of doors. Here you can create a place to hang things using special brackets and hooks. Clothes are a good option, but other things can also find their permanent place here. Also great are special hanging storage with various compartments, in which especially small things can be stowed.

Make optimal use of high spaces

For more storage space in the living room, you can of course also use the height of your rooms. Bookshelves are welcome to occupy the entire wall and reach up to the ceiling. If the upper floors of the shelf are then no longer accessible, ladders provide a remedy. There are space-saving ladders here, which look especially nice if they are in the same wood or shade as the shelf.

Teak Bookcase Shelf Heilbronn Room Divider Teak Wood

You can also create additional storage space if you expand cabinets or shelves with boxes to the top. Here it looks especially harmonious if one type of boxes is chosen or two styles that fit well with each other. It is important here that they are boxes or boxes with lids to prevent the stored things from dusting.

Wall shelf Kubus - Teak

Bringing storage space and lightness into the living room

In addition to the extremely practical locked storage in the closet, sideboard and chest, one or the other shelf is of course also a wonderful option for furnishing the living room. On the one hand, as already mentioned, decorative things such as books can be well stored here. On the other hand, there is also space for decorations as well as plants and picture frames.

In order for a room to look not only neat, but also spacious and airy, open areas are also needed. A shelf here is a great way to bring some lightness into the room. Of course, it is important that the shelves are not overloaded, but rather used in a minimalist way, so that every exhibited object has space to appear.

Belvedere elegant bookcase made of solid mango wood

Of course, free walls can be used for shelves. In addition to closed hanging cabinets, an open wall shelf is also a great option to create additional storage space in the living room.

Also transparent furniture such as a glass table or seating furniture with free legs provide more lightness in the room and form a nice contrast to cabinets and dressers. Of course, the options you use for your room are very individual. A good mix of airiness and practical storage space is the best option, which can be easily implemented even in smaller rooms.

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