The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

When developing a design project for the interior of a house, the living room is often given a significant part of the time. Indeed, this particular room is not only the largest and most visited, but also has a special aura. Here we relax after a busy day, meet guests and spend time with loved ones. That is why we strive to achieve a flawless and as relevant as possible decoration of the living room.

The living room design trends proposed for 2023 do not diminish the importance of this room in the interior as a whole. Moreover, the difficult situation in the world encourages us to spend as much time as possible at home – which means that the time has come to get down to creating a psychologically and aesthetically comfortable environment for you. You can start right now: all the trends for the living room have already been formed.

Top 5 Living Room Design Trends of 2023

Comfort, closeness to nature, naturalness and ergonomics, individuality and absolute superiority of color – on the eve of 2023, designers propose to combine personal ideas about the ideal living room with the harmony of simple lines and shapes. The large interior exhibitions held in 2022 made it possible to draw up a fairly clear list of trends, among which the five most important ones stand out.

Maximum open space and minimum complex configurationsThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Today, the living room is designed to inspire – this is what the concept of the most open, unlimited area is based on. According to the designers, it is in this room that the ability to look at the familiar from different angles should be formed, and there should be several cozy locations for viewing the room. Such a concept allows you to make the interior fun and versatile and opens up new opportunities for the most interesting zoning options.

So that nothing interferes with the amazing feeling of flight and freedom, the designers suggest using the following solutions:

  • Smooth cabinet fronts. The absence of unnecessary details such as handles and volumetric decor significantly saves space and creates a sense of the integrity of the space. However, this can hardly be a problem: today manufacturers offer a lot of minimalist furniture for those who are inspired by space.
  • Reflective surfaces and details. At the same time, it is not necessary to resort to frank gloss, which is already losing ground – but unobtrusively polished wood and the quiet shine of metallic accents will create the desired optical effect.
  • Thoughtful zoning. Even if, for the sake of increasing the living room area, you combined it with the kitchen, and now you need to designate each of them, use the most ergonomic and modern solutions such as sliding partitions, special furniture arrangement or light zoning. The same applies to cases when you have to equip a home office corner or two relaxation zones in the room.

Relevant technologies – within the framework of the “smart home” conceptThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Whatever interior style you choose for the living room – neoclassical, art deco, modern, Scandinavian or ultra-fashionable loft – in any of them there is a place for high-tech modern solutions that can make your stay in the living room even more comfortable. Living room trends for 2023, designers have already offered a lot of interesting things – we will give you just a few examples:

  • Recliner sofas and armchairs. Functional upholstered furniture of the new generation will offer owners many of the most comfortable options – from adjusting the backrest, footrests and armrests to audio speakers and chargers for a mobile phone built into a sofa or armchair.
  • Climate control systems. As the designers assure, it is these solutions that can be called a must-have of any modern interior. Such systems successfully regulate the level of humidity and temperature, providing an absolutely comfortable environment – for the living room, where the family spends the most time, this is especially important.
  • Smart lights. Controlling lighting from a smartphone is the dream of everyone who, sitting on a comfortable sofa with all the amenities, is ready to do anything so as not to leave it again. Modern technologies allow you to adjust the temperature and brightness of the lamps, and, if necessary, make it more subdued or intense.
  • Smart speaker. A gadget capable of coping with a variety of tasks – from turning on the alarm clock and playing music to controlling a kettle and a robot vacuum cleaner – will make being in the living room as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Ergonomics to the next levelThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

In the trendy living room of 2023, coziness and competent organization of space go hand in hand. Even if the area of the room allows you to install furniture of impressive volumes and not worry too much about saving space, then in this case you will surely appreciate the most extraordinary and balanced solutions:

  • folding dressing tables and stylish hinged consoles;
  • tables built into sofas;
  • hinged TV-zone decoration systems;
  • storage systems built-in and hidden behind sliding partitions.

Today the concept of “everything at hand” is becoming the most promising in the design of the living room, and then interior specialists pay more and more attention to the placement and choice of the environment that provides maximum comfort for everyone in the room.

Natural materials are an absolute priorityThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The fact that in the coming season the designers again relied on natural textures is not surprising – over the past few years they have not lost their relevance at all. It remains only to decide on the most fashionable options for processing natural materials – and interior experts have already described the four most popular ones:

  • Tree. The natural texture of wood remains relevant for any interior and at any time – only shades and processing options change. In 2023, look at aged and stained wood, as well as untreated wood and material with a brushed effect.
  • Metal. Depending on the style you choose, you can safely use copper, brushed brass and gold, as well as steel and chrome. The main condition is consistency and sufficiency.
  • Stone. The texture of rocks in the interior of the living room today is a minimum of gloss, maximum preference for matte, satin and lappated surfaces and expressive drawings. Also, in addition to natural stone, you can use large-format porcelain stoneware, and in terms of shade and texture, give preference to marble, travertine and onyx.
  • Glass. In the living room, as in other rooms, the use of transparent glass will be a win-win – however, if necessary, it is quite possible to dilute the interior with a small amount of colored and matte material.

Stylish mixThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The answer to the question of which styles can be called the most fashionable for decorating the interior of a living room is extremely short and categorical: none of the existing ones. Even despite the ubiquitous minimalism and the general tendency towards brevity, it should be noted that such concepts are gradually becoming softer and more democratic. As for 2023, here we can note a clear and very encouraging transition from strict stylistic unity to charming eclecticism.

The opportunity to express your individuality and taste, the desire for experimentation, unexpected borrowings, charming contrasts – by mixing features and techniques from various directions in design, you will create a truly lively, exclusive and fashionable living room interior. Whether it will be a combination of art deco and loft or a union of provence, scandia and modern – it’s up to you.

Top 5 Living Room Wall Painting Colors 2023

The trend towards painting the walls in the living room remains one of the most in demand for several seasons – and it seems that no changes are expected in 2023. It remains only to decide on the most suitable color, but here, too, there were assistants for those who follow trends in design: Behr, a trendsetter in the field of coloristics, has already presented a palette that is relevant for next year, in which the five most popular color schemes are clearly traced.

BeigeThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Most of the Behr fashion palette is made up of shades in the beige range. Hardly anyone will object to this calm and warm, pacifying scale, gentle and noble at the same time. Moreover, here you will find a wide variety of tones:

  • Almond is pleasing to the eyes, relaxing and slightly mysterious, friendly to both warm and cold tones.
  • A smoky beige, the color called seaside villa, demonstrates the refined ease of pinks in understated neutrality.
  • Dusty dark beige – the shade of dust lying in the canyons enchants with indescribable depth and naturalness.

GreenThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Behr does not offer too many shades of green – however, you can find something very attractive here too. This time, the designers propose to adopt cooler and more calm shades with notes of morning fog and lake surface on a cloudy day.

  • Bluish green is a calm and at the same time sophisticated and refreshing shade, capable of emphasizing in the most beneficial way the elegant ease of the living room interior.
  • Mint is a soothing and charming color, equally organic in a vintage or retro interior as well as in a scandi-inspired living room.
  • Sage – a light green color, diluted with gray tones, will remarkably emphasize the sophistication of neoclassicism and naturally calmness of a modern interior – and, moreover, it will be a wonderful backdrop for textured accessories.
  • Intense dark green – the color included in the Behr palette under the name “Royal Orchid”, combines depth and lightness, juiciness and coolness, thereby reconciling contrasts and bringing natural textures to a common denominator.

BlueThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Blue is relaxing, calming, and stress-relieving. It is not surprising that there are so many of its shades in the fashionable palette for painting walls – just check out some of them:

  • Pastel blue – the color called Dayflower attracts with its purity, magic of a summer sky on a sultry afternoon and excellent compatibility with both dark and light shades.
  • Marine blue is one of the most mysterious and paradoxical shades, combining freshness and naturalness with elegance and nobility.
  • Denim is a very controversial and rather daring tone, capable of making the living room interior truly avant-garde, but without going beyond the usual comfort.
  • Caribbean Blue is a delightful turquoise shade created for those who want to dilute the usual severity of everyday life with bright colors.

BrownThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Do not think that painting the living room walls brown is a risky decision. According to Behr colorists, it’s all about choosing the right tone. In 2023, you should take a closer look at the most extraordinary options – the color of maple syrup and sands in the Kalahari Desert, mocha and light coffee, as well as bright and luxurious matte gold and saffron in their own way.

PurpleThe Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

An amazingly charismatic shade on the verge between wine and purple has become practically the only bright splash in a fairly calm and close to natural palette for 2023. At the same time, the magic of purple is unconditional and multifaceted: it is equally good for background painting of walls, and for decorating panels and skirting boards, and for combinations with light furniture, and for combinations with dark decor.

However, it is worth mentioning other shades that have become key for 2023. First of all, it is a neutral and ambiguous smoky white, which becomes an excellent partner for the entire palette and allows you not to puzzle over which wall color to choose for this or that furniture and accessories. Another 2023 find is unusual variations in gray tones. The color of wood that has darkened with time and in its own way an exotic gray-green called “jojoba” will inspire the search for new contrasting details.

Living Room Wallpaper Trends 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Despite the popularity of perfectly flat, monochrome walls, wallpaper still remains the focus of attention of fans of expressive and cozy textures. Designers have paid a lot of attention to the development of the most fashionable wallpapers for the living room – and offer very unexpected and at the same time mesmerizing solutions:

  • Floral prints. This time it is worth giving preference to tropical motives – the main thing is that the drawing is large enough.
  • Ultra-thin geometric prints. In the graceful simplicity and clear harmony of the line, there is something especially fascinating – in any case, it is difficult to take your eyes off such a wall.
  • A bit metallic. Smooth wallpaper with a shimmer looks casual and at the same time gives the interior a special, modern chic.
  • Wallpaper with the texture of stone rocks. In 2023, the 3D effect is dedicated to marble and onyx textures – a delightful solution to redefine classics with a modern twist.
  • Floral print and textile texture. If Art Nouveau, Provence and English style are still close to you, then in the fashionable range of wallpapers you will find wonderful options.
  • Terrazzo and Dalmatian. Color and black and white variations on the theme of speckled prints significantly expand the living room space and set a special rhythm.
  • Retro modern luxury. Wallpaper with a spectacular abstract pattern will create an atmosphere of sophistication and mystery in the living room decorated in the art deco style.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The answer to the question of which furniture can be considered ideal for a fashionable living room interior is unambiguous: the most comfortable, cozy and relaxing. For those for whom aesthetics is equally important, the designers have focused on the following solutions:

  • moderate and small volumes;
  • rounded shapes – corner sofas with flowing lines, intricately curved coffee tables and accent tables;
  • lightweight rattan wicker furniture;
  • many metal parts and elements;
  • open natural textures of frames and upholstery – linen, wood, silk, bamboo, cotton;
  • original point decor – as an unobtrusive accent detail;
  • vintage pieces of furniture – no more than 1-2 per room.

Living room lighting trends in 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

By proposing new solutions for 2023, the designers demonstrate an extremely cool attitude towards volumetric ceiling lamps and chandeliers and propose the development of complex, multi-level lighting scenarios in which functionality is inseparable from decorativeness. The list of techniques for their implementation is quite functional:

  • lamps made of striking natural materials – wood, marble, satin-finished gold, steel and brass;
  • grouped ceiling hangers for light zoning;
  • track lights for changing the directions of light beams at will or if necessary;
  • exclusive wall lamps in the form of glowing ribbons and figures;
  • floor lamps of extraordinary shapes – located both pointwise and in a group composition;
  • sculptural and geometric lamps;
  • retro style suspenders.

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Living room decoration is an opportunity to appreciate the endless number of solutions that designers and fashion brands offer. In the coming year, you can, if not completely change, then slightly refresh the interior using the following techniques:

  • mirrors in designer frames – single or grouped, located in areas that need to be visually expanded;
  • pillows in contrasting colors and textures of various sizes;
  • voluminous and textured blankets casually thrown on a sofa or chair;
  • high floor vases with imitation of stone rocks, possibly repeating the texture of the walls;
  • vintage items – antique chandeliers and lamps, coffee tables, clocks and figurines;
  • large abstract posters and collages.

Living Room Curtain Trends 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Window textiles in a modern living room are a key solution that combines practicality and aesthetics. Thanks to the curtains, you can not only control the flow of sunlight in the room, but also finally balance the interior. In 2023, it is proposed to do this using the following options:

  • light sheer organza and voile curtains;
  • dense monochrome curtains, laid in straight folds – in contrast to the color of the walls or darker by 1-2 tones;
  • linen and cotton curtains with the most natural texture and color;
  • minimalistic plant prints – a godsend for modern and Scandinavian style;
  • light unobtrusive brushes or small pom-poms.

Living Room Flooring Trends 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The texture, color and materials of the living room flooring are borrowed by the designers from the outgoing season. If you have not yet had time to join the current trends, it’s time to take a closer look at the following floor design options:

  • natural wooden board – possibly with an aged or brushed effect;
  • marble or terrazzo tiles – or natural stone;
  • concrete surfaces porcelain stoneware – for loft and minimalism;
  • tiles for onyx, limestone and travertine;
  • matte wood-like laminate.

Living room carpet trends 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Even despite the militant minimalism, it will not be possible to do without carpets in the interior of the living room in 2023 – from the point of view of designers, they have become a real must-have of the upcoming season. However, the hottest options are quite interesting:

  • stylish carpet tiles;
  • fluffy plain rugs in small sizes;
  • lint-free carpets with subtle geometric prints;
  • solid carpets covering the entire floor area;
  • carpets with plush texture.
  • strict and clear geometric shapes.

As for the color scheme, it is as close to neutral as possible – these are natural beige, blue, brown, gray and less often white tones.

Small living room trends 2023The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Great news for owners of small living rooms: in the coming year, designers offer many ideas for a compact and stylish room arrangement. So, you can safely adopt the following ideas:

  • combining the living room and kitchen;
  • the use of sliding doors and glass partitions for zoning;
  • light translucent curtains for more light and air flow;
  • airy watercolor tones, slightly diluted with dark accents;
  • furniture with clear geometric shapes;
  • vertical decor;
  • raised ceilings;
  • ergonomic, possibly hidden ceiling and wall lights.

Living Room Trends 2023

Interior experts and psychologists are sure: the design of a living room can tell a lot about the owners – it can be used to judge your tastes, habits, lifestyle and even mood. In 2023, you can tell whatever you want about yourself – in unique combinations of pure natural colors, expressive lines and unusual, but dear to your heart details.

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