Pine wood in furniture construction

Pine wood in furniture construction

” Characteristics and advantages of wood species “

It is easy to process, relatively inexpensive and is one of the most common woods in European forests: pine. The rapidly renewable material enjoys extreme popularity in furniture construction, is characterized by a striking appearance and scores with a good environmental balance due to its domestic occurrence. Appearance, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages – this article will tell you what you need to know about pine wood.

There is no one pine

After spruce, pine is the second most common forest tree species in Central Europe. In Germany, it has a forest share of about 23 percent. In addition, it has a high occurrence, especially in Sweden, Russia and Poland. But its popularity is international: due to its rapid growth, it is ideally suited for afforestation of forests, and the tree species is native to all areas of the globe from Asia to South America. The dominant pine species here is the common Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). But also the black pine (Pinus nigra), Swiss pine (Pinus cembra) and mountain pine (Pinus mugo) enjoy a high reputation as well as wide areas of application. Although pine wood is mostly used in furniture construction, its use as construction and construction wood, veneer and fuel also play a major role. The production of cellular and paper materials also largely depends on the light wood.

Several felled pine logs are stacked in the forest
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The appearance: distinct grain, noticeable darkening

Furniture made of pine wood can be classified by color in a spectrum from whitish-yellow to reddish-yellow. A characteristic feature of this wooden furniture is a discoloration to reddish-brown over time, which can be slowed down by the use of wood preservatives. Another hallmark is the clear grain: pine wood shows high-contrast, medium-brown annual rings, accompanied by branch holes and small irregularities. These properties give the pine wood a natural and equally friendly aesthetic in furniture construction, which predestines it for use in country house style. Furthermore, the resin channels visible to the naked eye, coupled with an intense scent of resin, are also characteristic of the wood of the pine. The latter makes it possible to experience the feeling of a natural environment in the country house with additional senses. But be careful: if pine wood is exposed to high temperatures, resin leakage may result.

Coffee table Monza 140 cm pine wood

Features: robust, but not against everything

Pine wood is valued in furniture construction above all for its good processing ability, because it is one of the soft to medium hard woods. In addition, the material is very elastic, which makes pine wood furniture comparatively resistant to breakage. For garden furniture, however, we recommend teak furniture and other harder types of wood such as robinia or oak. After all, pine is not so resistant to weathering and quickly rot when in contact with water. The same effect comes to light when pine furniture comes into contact with soil. The good news: a treatment with wood preservatives significantly increases the longevity of the pine wood.

7-piece teak garden furniture set Mai - table 240cm and 6 stacking chairs

The advantages of pine wood in furniture construction

Pine wood has several advantages in furniture construction: for example, the wood is available at a reasonable price. With its clear grain, fresh scent of resin and pleasant irregularities such as branches, the material is also ideal for country house furniture such as chairs, tables, benches or beds, which create a natural flair in the living world. Whether as classic furniture in a country house style or in a modern look – with their bright, whitish-yellow to reddish-yellow surface, pine furniture never looks stale and at the same time contributes to a friendly, bright atmosphere.

Monza sideboard 163 cm, pine chest of drawers

Additions to furniture construction: what goes well with pine furniture?

The short answer: almost everything. No matter whether you want to combine the light wood with other woods in the American country style, want to create a Scandinavian flair with a minimalist character or are looking for the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. Pine wood furniture is a flexible companion that can easily cope with even stronger changes in your interior or decoration. Grandma’s armchair with checkered fabric looks just as good next to a TV table made of pine wood as modern design furniture. There are almost no color restrictions: from soft pastel shades, such as in the French Cottage, to bright color accents such as red vases, pop art paintings or pink armchairs, various styles can be combined with the wood. And the best thing: due to the natural darkening and easy use of various wood remedies, you have in your hands how the color of the pine wood develops. Those who prefer the whitish-yellow radiance resort to appropriate protective agents. If you want to give free rein to the natural discoloration, you can look forward to wooden furniture with a lively appearance.

Coffee table Daan 140 cm pine wood

Country style: Perfect stage for pine furniture

Pine wood is widely used in furniture making and fits various interior styles. According to our experience, pine furniture achieves the best match with the country house style, where the varied grain and small irregularities of the solid material are a perfect enrichment of the atmosphere. Paired with wooden floorboards, visible wooden beams and romantic mullioned windows (including shutters) invite you to feel good and with the beginning of autumn also increasingly to cuddle up. All that is missing is a fireplace, a good glass of red wine and delicious cheese snacks to complete the overall picture.

Side table Fleur 100 cm Pine White

By the way: many people love white country-style furniture because it is particularly cheerful and exudes a positive aura. Wood furniture from pine (and other softwoods such as spruce) is the easiest to glaze, which is why you can easily carry out a transformation in your own work or with the help of a professional. From brown to white – the pine makes it possible. As you can see, if you don’t necessarily leave the soft wood in the rain, you will benefit from the natural material in many ways and should definitely try it out. Pine wood is deservedly so popular in furniture making.

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