Bathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

Bathroom Trends: 10 Trends We’ll See In 2025

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Before you start the process, stay on top of what’s shaping up for bathroom trends 2025! Biophilic design, sophisticated and sought after tiles in neutral tones that evoke nature, taps that steal the show … We’ve grouped 2025 trends to help you define the style of your next bathroom.

1. Biophilic design settles in the bathroomBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

Nature lovers, you will love biophilic design! Such thinking connects man with nature. It has long been proven that we are more efficient, calm, and clearly more focused when we are surrounded by nature.

For the bathroom, we dare with tapestry illustrating foliage. Light also plays a very important role in our contribution to nature. We can integrate large windows or a dimmer that will allow us to track changes in natural brightness.

2. Baths and sinks: synonymous with tradition and cultureBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

The freestanding bathtub and sinks steal the show in the bathroom. Designers think and rethink them, drawing inspiration from Japanese bathrooms, asymmetric shapes found in nature and craftsmanship. This homecoming highlights our origins, our culture, through imperfect, subtle and sophisticated silhouettes.

3. Faucets in the spotlight in a sophisticated decorBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

If you’re passionate about minimal bathroom design, this trend is for you. With the peak of glass and open shower enclosures, various faucet companies have outdone themselves to offer a wide variety of minimalist faucets that aren’t trivial! No more chrome, now you can choose between black, gold, copper, matte or not.

4. Colors that are fashionableBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

According to the Milan Design Show, champagne, sweet yellow and pumpkin red will be in vogue in 2025. Red and yellow are very dynamic colors and we integrate them economically.

5. Terrazzo trend, always lovedBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

Introduced in 2019, terrazzo continues to be prized by designers. A mixture of natural stone, cement and marble, terrazzo can be found everywhere: decorative objects, wall coverings, counters and back panels. As for the bathroom, we will see it especially in shower floors or to replace the traditional porcelain sink. This is not to say that this Italian material lacks personality with its almost endless color combinations!

6. Open the shower in the bathroomBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

Several options are offered for the shower, but we find more and more Italian outdoor showers and above all we are aiming for a well-equipped multifunctional shower: integrating a bench, steam system, adding ambient lighting, fog mirror or linear drain, etc. New the trend is to include the bath in the shower! We design an open bathroom and shower room with a narrow glass wall to separate it from the rest of the bathroom. Advantage? The room seems larger and more spacious. We also see many glass partitions with black metal frames, somewhat reminiscent of the loft style.

7. Console bustle styleBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

The 2025 bathroom trend is to opt for a console-style vanity over a solid piece of furniture. This trend is especially true for small bathrooms, as the console cabinet creates the illusion of space majesty. This type of furniture is also ideal for bathrooms.

8. Mini bathrooms with maximum personalityBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

Do you have a small bathroom to renovate? Designers compete in ingenuity to create small bathrooms that look just as good as large ones. Since the surface to be covered is smaller, we can afford to buy more luxurious materials. A trend we often see is to line the walls with tapestry, or to cover the walls from floor to ceiling with ceramic tiles. We also see original washbasins with attractive designs in concrete or marble.

9. Ceramics: exquisite and in demandBathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

For ceramics, everything is in the details. No more extravagant ceramics that will not fade over time. We focus on a popular but sober style. Neutral grayscale color palettes will be present as well as matte blacks. To create a little dynamism, you can opt for textured, embossed ceramics. Otherwise, there are high-end ceramics that combine gloss and mat. Luxury in subtlety!

10. Lighting needed in the bathroom in 2025Bathroom Trends: 10 Trends We'll See In 2022

Lighting is a key aspect in a bathroom. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it must be practical. Next year, the trend will be towards minimalist and linear lighting that leaves plenty of room for other bathroom elements. Light fixtures and wall lights are also popular, but they also feature simple and clean lines.

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