Smart Home In A Modern Apartment

Smart Home In A Modern Apartment

Smart Home In A Modern ApartmentWhen in childhood we read fairy tales, and later fantastic stories, the spirit was breathtaking from the “magical” possibilities of objects: the lamps lit up on a clap, the pot began to cook itself, the cold rooms quickly warmed up … Now all this has come true – and our company will help to embody all this for you in your own apartment by installing the “Smart Home” system.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is. An integrated electronics complex that allows you to remotely monitor the condition of your home, configure the semi-automatic operation of the main systems (heating, power supply, water supply, climate control, security and fire alarms, audio-video equipment), and spend rationally. The program tailored to your needs will take care of your household and prevent trouble. It can be programmed to perform various functions: from making morning coffee to watering flowers and alerting guards about unauthorized entry of strangers.

The Main Elements Of The “Smart Home” System

  • Sensors. From the environment, they perceive signals and other information.
  • Processor controller. It processes the received signal and makes a decision.
  • Actuators are also executing devices. After receiving instructions from the controller, they begin to perform the assigned task (turn on the light, water the flowers, open or close the door, and so on)

It is quite problematic to independently engage in equipping premises with devices that can make your life easier, so it is better to entrust the process to professionals. We can automate both individual sections and the whole house.

Among The Main Areas Of Work Of “Artificial Intelligence” Are The Following:

  • Light control… By installing various light groups in rooms, we connect them to the system. This gives you the ability to control them not only with conventional switches, but also with a touch panel and a smartphone. Setting certain parameters will make it possible to turn off electrical appliances at a specified time. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the likelihood of short circuits and fires. For example, a stove or coffee maker that is not turned off will no longer be a problem, you can use your smartphone to check them and turn them off if necessary. You do not have to rack your brains remembering whether you turned off the iron, because the outlet can be turned off remotely. Specialists can prescribe several scenarios for this group, for example: “office”, “morning”, “home theater”, “evening” and so on.
  • Climate control will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in each individual room. For example, it will reduce the heating in a room with windows facing south or add it if it suddenly gets colder outside. Cooling is regulated in the same way. That is, this function controls radiators, underfloor heating system, air conditioners and ventilation, you can also connect the control of water heaters.
  • Multiroom enables automatic control of all multimedia devices from a smartphone. You will be able to customize playlists for each room, thereby, for example, limiting the ability of young children to watch some programs and even channels. Also, the “Smart Home” system provides for the option of controlling equipment by voice commands. What is remarkable is the image. Received from the intercom can be displayed on any monitor in the apartment or on the smartphone screen, that is, having heard the call, you do not have to leave your favorite chair in front of the TV, you will immediately understand who has come and can open the door remotely.
  • The security system allows you to control the alarm from the phone or the bedside switch. Touch cameras react to the slightest movement, make it possible to watch videos online, or send you to your smartphone photos of moving objects that have come into their field of view.

Additional Options

Based on the personal needs of the apartment owners, we can customize some individual functions. These can be presence sensors that respond exclusively to people, ignoring pets and birds. These processors save energy because they don’t turn on every time a cat or dog moves.

Voice control makes it possible to start electrical appliances: washing machine, coffee maker, audio and video systems, electric kettle and other devices. Controlling blinds and curtains will allow you either on command or at a given time to close all the cones in the apartment simultaneously or in turn.

Watering plants is prescribed by a separate algorithm, according to the degree of soil moisture or time, the system starts irrigating home flowers (in a private house, you can water the lawn this way). If you are away from home for a long time, then select the “pet feeding” option. According to the schedule, the food will be fed into the cat’s bowl or the fish in the aquarium.

There is a special “Vacation” mode. When you leave for a long time, the automatic equipment in the apartment switches to standby mode, thereby reducing energy consumption. And, taking into account the criminal situation, it is possible to arrange an imitation of the presence of the owners, in this case, in the dark, lighting devices will automatically turn on in different rooms.

These are just some of the features of the Smart Home that make your life easier. Monitoring is assisted by security cameras, various sensors that detect the appearance of smoke, gas or water leaks, and track the opening of doors or windows. You can connect control modules for curtains and blinds, install smart sockets, select the heating, lighting and temperature modes. There is even an air freshener – a fragrance controlled by voice or running automatically on schedule. It will adjust the intensity and frequency of the refreshing scent.

Often, family members prefer different temperatures in the bathroom. In order not to “rinse” with boiling water or ice water after someone has taken a shower before you, you can program it. The settings can be set individually and switched on by voice command. Thus, everyone will receive the desired water flow rate, temperature and contrast.

Two Types Of Smart Home Work

  • The first requires human participation. That is, you must either ask the system to perform an action in full voice, or set the task on your smartphone or on the remote control. Your command will go to the central processor, which delegates its execution to a specific device. For example, let’s say you’re in the living room and want to turn off the lights in the kitchen. A voice command or pressing a button in the app will signal the lighting system and it will complete the task.
  • The second is based on the work of clocks and sensors. To do this, the computer is programmed to perform a particular task, based on the time of day or instrument readings. If the sensors detect an increase or decrease in the room temperature, then the air conditioner or heater is automatically turned on. With the onset of dusk, the light on the porch (in a private house) or in the corridor can automatically turn on. If the motion sensor is triggered in the apartment, where at this time none of the “home” ones are present, the central processor will turn on the alarm.

What Interior Style Is The Smart Home System Compatible With?

A professional designer will easily fit it into any design. For example, in the classic, sensors and other devices are masked by decorative overlays, grilles and other decorations. And in the high-tech style with its strict lines and clear forms, experts use glass, plastic and metal in white, silver and black colors and their shades.

What Do You Need To Be Successful?

An internet cable is connected to each electrical appliance – it is most convenient to do this at the stage of apartment renovation. All of them are locked to the “intellectual center” – the controller. It is possible to do without wires, but then all your equipment should receive a WiFi signal, which is sent by the same controller.

What benefits does Smart Home provide you? Energy saving (savings can be up to 30-40%), safety, comfort. This is already enough to install the system.

What Affects The Cost?

The price directly depends on the number of devices you want to connect. The first and foremost is the controller. The more modern and functional model you choose, the more functions can be programmed in the system. Next come heaters, cameras, light bulbs, sockets – no apartment can do without it. Smart TVs have now practically supplanted older models, so you will buy exactly this anyway. Everything else is up to you, you can buy a “smart” coffee machine, multicooker, iron and other electrical appliances.

Undoubtedly, the quality of Smart Home operation will depend on how it is connected. Therefore, you should not try to save money by setting up the system yourself. It is better to entrust everything to professionals. This is a guarantee of your comfort and safety. Experts will quickly set up all the equipment, you just have to enjoy using it.

As mentioned above, it is best and most profitable to connect the Smart Home at the renovation stage. By contacting us, you will receive a ready-made apartment design project, which will include all the necessary functions.

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