Renew furniture

” Wooden furniture brought to a new shine “

Turn old into new! Sustainability is the trend of the hour and is also becoming more and more popular in the world of living ideas. High-quality restored furniture and creative pieces made of old wood move into the living rooms and become real eye-catchers there. Discover how exciting and diverse skilful recycling of furniture items can look like.

What is Renew furniture?

Vintage, shabby chic and antique style – there are many terms that stand for a living style with the touch of bygone eras. Renew furniture has a very special place among all these trends. The name stands for lovingly restored pieces of furniture that have been given new life. The 70s chest of drawers from Mom’s basement or an ancient rustic wooden cabinet full of elaborate carvings, the renew procedure is possible with pieces of furniture of all kinds and from all vintages.

TV board made of softwood shabby-white 110 cm

In the EU alone, around 10 million tons of furnishings end up in the garbage every year. Many of them are still in perfect condition or could be easily repaired. Other pieces are damaged, but they are made of precious materials such as noble, high-quality processed woods. Waste wood is ideally suited to serve as the basis for completely new pieces of furniture. So the teak cabinet with a unique silver patina suddenly becomes a small chest of drawers for the anteroom and the mango wood of a massive chest finds a second task as an elegant coffee table.

Mascio coffee table 100 cm / made of recycled teak wood

The category of renew furniture also includes all those unique pieces of furniture that are made of otherwise old material. Boxes and pallets are the main focus here. They become cozy lounge furniture for the balcony or small, practical stools, the seat of which is covered with old, buttery soft leather. All these results of furniture preparation have one thing in common: they stand for responsible consumer behavior and put values such as longevity back into the foreground. The issue of renew is thus an equally important and refreshing counterpoint to ever-changing fad trends that have also crept into interior design styles and living ideas.

The very special charm of restored wooden furniture

Furniture that tells a story – this aspect of restoration is an incentive for many people when choosing selected pieces made of reclaimed wood & Co. Many a furniture fan gets into a dream when thinking about what adventures the teak of his furniture has already experienced or how many generations of previous owners have already enjoyed the beautiful piece. Old, newly processed interior items fill the living ambience with a unique mood. A cozy atmosphere, which can only be realized much more difficult by completely new furnishings.

Vintage coffee table made of recycled wood

Elaborately restored wooden furniture is also usually wonderfully timeless. The mix of old and new as well as the use of valuable materials makes the pieces loyal companions. And if the chosen chairs or cabinets no longer fit your own style, the potential for resale is usually high. The furniture remains constantly in the economic cycle – this is how modern sustainability works!

With the Renew method, cabinets, tables and the like are created from a wide variety of styles, from the romantic country house look to the modern industrial style, which combines solid wood with cool metal. The topic of sustainability in living therefore has no influence on personal taste and the plan of the exact look of the new living room does not have to be thrown overboard in order to take on more ecological responsibility when shopping.

Industrial 3D chest of drawers made of mango wood/iron

Recycling and upcycling: this is how the two sustainable renew ideas differ

Upcycling is the keyword par excellence when it comes to restored, newly designed furniture made of wood and other materials. While classic recycling has the task of obtaining useful raw materials for the re-production of the same or a similar product, upcycling leads to a qualitative and creative enhancement. For example, a real piece of designer furniture can be created from old wood collected from sources such as shipbuilding or other industry. Hobbyists and professional manufacturers alike have a flair for turning seemingly worthless wood into coveted furnishings. The process allows resources and raw materials to remain in the economic cycle for many more years. What would otherwise have ended up in the trash is suddenly a trendy piece of furniture.

Display cabinet made of recycled teak wood 200 cm

Renew-skilfully staging furniture

The Renew method creates magnificent pieces that are worth every look. Therefore, in the apartment you should take a decent place. Good lighting – whether by the sun or a cleverly placed lamp – makes all the details on the wood visible. Sideboards, dressers and cabinets, which are made of several different old woods, shine best in an otherwise rather minimalist environment. The furniture itself is the highlight and does not need wild patterned wallpaper or bright wall colors to have an effect.

If you attach great importance to sustainability in your living spaces, you can complement the individual wooden furniture with equally redesigned decorations made of former everyday objects. The empty jam jar turns into an atmospheric lantern in no time and old wine bottles are ideal as a vase for discreet floral decorations.

A bench made of upcycled pallets
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Do-it-yourself Renew or from a professional: The many ways to set up a renew

Discovering an unnoticed piece of furniture in the attic, at the bulky waste or during a stroll through the flea market and conjuring a real piece of jewelry out of it using the renew method – that is the dream and hobby of numerous hobbyists. Old wooden furniture is repaired and restored by them with a lot of passion. When furniture is still in good condition, amazing results can be conjured up with sandpaper and a little paint or varnish.

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If you don’t have the time or talent for DIY projects, you still don’t have to do without a sustainable furnishing made of reused wood. More and more furniture manufacturers are recognizing the signs of the times and focusing on the production of tables, chairs and cabinets with renew treatment. As a result, the ecologically valuable furniture restoration goes into series production and becomes available to a wide target group. In many cases, every piece of furniture is nevertheless unique, as the woods, fabrics and other materials used always differ slightly from each other visually. Thus, the appeal of creative restoration is preserved even when buying from a professional.

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