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Equipment for the bookstore

” Beautiful furniture for bookshops, archives, antique shops “

Bookstores are magical places. With their special atmosphere, they invite book lovers to browse, linger and shop. The device has a lot of weight to it. Antique furniture, comfortable seating and noble bookshelves give a bookstore its special character.

Bookstore setup: What is there to consider in general?

The basis of all considerations are the individual conditions of the store: the size and layout of the rooms. Is this a new opening? Or will a bookstore and thus also the furniture be taken over? Here one could consider which shelves or seating should remain and how to give the bookstore its personal fingerprint with individual pieces of furniture in order to increase the shopping experience for the customers.

Felino bookshelf 155 cm

Especially in the case of a new opening, the furnishing of the bookstore must be well planned. How can the available space be used in the best possible way not only to present the books well, but also to invite the customers to linger and make a purchase? In addition, of course, official requirements for fire protection, etc. must be met.

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Shop furniture: what style should your bookstore have?

If you want to set up a bookstore, you usually have at least a rough idea of what the store should look like in the end. Which style do you want to implement? Which elements to include? What special atmosphere do you want to convey in the store?

Often wooden furniture, and here, of course, bookshelves in particular, form the basis of the decor. They give the store a warm, grounding atmosphere and present the real treasures of the store: the books. Depending on the concept and preferred style, shelves made of light wood such as birch, spruce or maple or also darker or reddish varieties such as beech, oak or walnut are suitable. In addition to wood in all possible shades, of course, furniture painted in color is also possible.

Teak Bookcase Shelf Heilbronn Room Divider Teak Wood

Setting up a bookstore: Excursus color concepts

When setting up a bookstore, the knowledge of the effect of cold and warm colors is interesting. While cool shades generally have a calming and relaxing effect, warm colors such as yellow or red have a stimulating effect. Among the cool colors are blue, gray and green. Nevertheless, of course, it always depends on the mixture of the color: so a green can look both cool and warm.

A cool color that is perceived as neutral is white. White or other bright, cool colors make a room visually appear larger and give it a calm base. They form an ideal background, especially if the bookstore is rather small and crowded. Warm colours such as red, orange or a warm green give larger rooms more cosiness.

Mann-und-Frau-in-Buchhandlung - Equipment for the bookstore
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Especially interesting is the combination of warm and cold tones. Used specifically in the design of walls and floors as well as the selection of furniture, the room dimensions can be cleverly changed. You can put parts of the store in the limelight and set accents very deliberately.

High wooden shelves, for example, harmonize very well with a light wall color, which looks cool and clean, and a wooden floor, which, like the shelves, provides warmth and comfort. To break this natural, rather restrained look, one could work with contrasting colors or rely on special materials and characterful vintage furniture.

Teak Bookcase Shelf Room Divider Teak Wood Teak Shelf

Individual shop furnishings with vintage flair and coffee scent

Antique furniture just fits perfectly into any bookstore. Great reading chairs, for example antique tables, original reading lamps or a cash register with a vintage look. Antique shop furniture also fits perfectly into modern interior design concepts. What is important here is the overall concept and the general principle, which is less often more. A vintage-style bookshelf can also form an interesting contrast to more simple shop furniture. Special editions, promotional items or bestsellers can be highlighted here.

A reading corner is something that you should definitely consider when setting up a shop, if the space allows it. Seating options are welcome to be colorful and form an interesting contrast to the other color concept. Above all, the rest of the equipment of the bookstore is rather clean. In addition to sofas, reading chairs, cozy chairs and stools are offered.

Armchairs Campo dining armchairs in different colors metal base teddy fur

A small café service is also a great idea to invite customers to linger. A good cup of coffee in the great ambience of a bookstore – that’s what many like to treat themselves to. And the scent of freshly brewed coffee is better and more inviting than any other room fragrance. But in order for the cup of coffee to be safely stored in books, you should think of small tables or other storage options and plan them when setting up.

Coffee table set of 2 Waynee made of mango wood/iron

Furnishing: bookshop with feel-good character

As already mentioned at the beginning, the goal of a good interior design concept is, of course, that people feel comfortable in the bookstore, like to buy something and come back. The facility is only one of many points, but it is an important one. Almost as important as the content on the bookshelf.

In addition to very practical and sales-related aspects, a bookstore should be a place where not only the customers, but also you and the staff feel comfortable. A shop like this is also a big way of self–realization, so of course a lot of personal things – preferences, tastes, visions – are also included. And that makes your bookstore unique.

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