The main trends in interior design 2021

New Interior Design Trends 2024-2025

The main trends in interior design 2024The main trends in interior design 2021

Interior styles

Individuality in the interior. One of the most global trends in interior design 2024-2025 is personalization. Requests for specific styles go away. In fashion – home decoration, according to lifestyle, cosiness and personal comfort. This trend will not only maintain its position in 2024, but will remain relevant for years to come.

From here comes the need for craft furniture, works of modern art. Interest in antique things, objects with history is growing.

Mix of styles. Experiments with style and fashion for personalized interiors have laid bare the trend for eclecticism.

Art Deco. Bright colors and bold ornaments, luxurious furniture come to the fore. Art Deco replaces the humble Scandinavian style.

Italian and Scandinavian styles. The fashion for rich finishes, attention to sophisticated colors, flowing lines is a reference to Italian design. However, the Scandinavian style does not go away at all. Northern design is becoming more sophisticated and atmospheric.

Boho. The tendency to create interiors in vibrant boho is returning. Juicy shades, an abundance of patterns, a combination of decor from different eras. Boho is particularly harmonious in children’s rooms, where a laid-back overall picture is needed, combined with sophistication.

Ecostyle in the interior. The aesthetics of the eco-style returns the resident of the metropolis to nature, so the eco-style will never go out of style, and in 2024-2025 it will become a real mainstream.

The philosophy of ecostyle is simple: a maximum of natural materials (wood, stone, bamboo, rattan), more natural lighting (many mirrors, large windows), an abundance of indoor plants. Ecostyle welcomes little things made of natural materials – clay and wicker dishes, stone coasters, textiles (linen, wool, silk).

Free space in eco-style is of particular importance. The scope is created due to the minimum of furniture, its lightness and naturalness.

Fresh flowers give a feeling of closeness to nature, purify the air and create a healthy microclimate. The desire to create a green oasis at home encourages the use of stabilized moss, large living plants. They are echoed by tropical prints.

Ecostyle calls to free the house from unnecessary trash, stop thoughtless consumption and return to touch with nature. Eco-design combines light, thin, and dense materials that are roughly rough in texture.

General trends in styles and colors look back at the 70s of the 20th century. Warm shades of terracotta, ocher, olive colors, combining them with other bright palettes – all this is typical for the decoration of apartments and houses of those years. The return of velvet and geometric ornaments also speaks of the 70s.

Interior color palette

The color of the year declared “spiced honey”. This color can be given a different character, combining it with a certain palette. Spiced Honey can become invigorating or soothing. Lovers of the classics boldly use honey to create a warm interior. Those who prefer a modern style are advised to choose white as a harmonious pair of honey.

Of the other neutral colors, combined with an active ornament, designers recommend: French vanilla, mint, light brown hazelnuts, gray-green, warm gray.

Pink, red and purple colors do not lose ground in all the variety of shades, mostly warm.

The trend for dark colors is in tune with the general directions in which the interior fashion is moving today. The color palette becomes darker – the space is filled with muted velvet greens and blues in combination with golden colors.

Attract attention, emphasis is possible not only with the help of active colors. There is also a game in contrasts, so the trend is decoration and furniture in black and white. Dark blue and black kitchen sets are a fashion trend of the current year.

Ornaments. Particular attention is paid to accents on the floor and ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with hand-painted or ornamented.

Tactility is connected to the perception of the interior. Wallpaper without an ornament or pattern still has its own expressiveness: options are selected with a texture for leather, suede, stone, etc.

Preference for wallpaper with an enlarged ornament. It looks interesting where the decoration of furniture echoes the pattern of walls and decor. Geometry is becoming bolder, contrasting, large.

Materials for Interior 2024

Another trend in the interior of 2024 is tactility. Designers pay as much attention to soft fabrics and other materials that they want to touch. In fashion, everything is natural, close to nature.

The cloth. In the first place – velvet, suede. Multifunctional, lightweight textile that you can take with you. A lot of fringes and brushes in the decor. Natural textiles are a priority – suitable for any style. More attention to the carpet, as an accent, often even an art object.

Marble, concrete and terrazzo. Marble remains in trend, but pink, black and gray rocks are more preferred. Terazzo – in decoration and furniture.

Concrete plafonds and decor elements act as an accent of the author’s interior. Concrete is used in bathrooms. Fonts and sinks treated with special impregnation are durable and look unusual and new.

Metal. Brass elements are a trend of most European manufacturers. This is especially evident in the design of bathrooms and kitchens.

The global trend for eclecticism has mixed not only styles, but also materials. The mix of gold, copper and silver elevates the interior to a new level, reveals its volume and depth.

Metal can make friends warm colors and wood elements that neutralize the excess metal cold. Collision of materials of opposite color always gives an interesting effect. A contrasting combination of metals will help with zoning.

Decor People want to see old and rare things at home with character, history, soul, and not stamped objects. No less interesting are the objects of modern art. For decor, often choose paintings, unique figurines, collections of dishes and textiles.

Hover effect. Interior items literally burst into the interior fashion with the effect of movement or levitation. These are various soaring designs, furniture, chandeliers, lamps. The illusion of flight is created in many ways. Using LED-lamps at the bottom of the bed or table, hidden from the eyes of the support, thin cables, wire, magnets and so on. The trend for soaring interior items will further strengthen its position in 2025.

Fashionable interior trends 2024Fashionable interior trends 2021

2024 brings both a continuation of the already announced trends and fresh design ideas. Which interior trends have gone out of fashion, and which have replaced them.

Interior Styles 2024

No matter how interesting and non-standard the Scandinavian style and loft would be, their usual elements should already be replaced with something more original.

Varieties of the Nordic style increasingly prefer the rejection of a white interior background and replace it with ambiguous dusty shades of gray, blue, blue, mint, the color of a withered rose.

In the loft, the brick in the interior remains, but now its rough texture is painted in black, gray or white. Do not leave concrete joints. In place of brick in industrial aesthetics, raw and uneven concrete and shabby stucco come.

Maximalism, kitsch are out of fashion. An abundance of decor, a combination of different colorful prints, a mixture of styles are replaced by minimalism. But not in black and white angular space, but in smooth lines and pastel shades. Wood and matt surfaces, yellowish lighting and retro elements will be fashionable next year.

Strengthening positions are predicted by a luxurious and glamorous art deco. Characteristics of the updated style: luxurious velvety materials; enlarged wallpaper ornaments; repetition of geometric patterns in the decoration of walls, furniture, lamps, curtains; a combination of saturated colors (blue, orange, green, gold) with strict black and white colors; the inclusion of complex pink shades; a combination of dark wood panels with ornamental wallpapers; combination in the design of the bathroom black and white tiles and brass.

Interior Color Trends 2024

Bright shades, glossy surfaces and metal inserts are replaced by pastel or dark. Different shades of one spectrum are combined. Full immersion in color is welcome – walls, floor, ceiling, skirting boards and furniture are selected in one color.

Designers suggest using shades of red and blue to create a “energy-efficient” environment in terms of color and add balance to an intense and over-urbanized lifestyle. One of the trendy colors in the interior is a deep blue shade of indigo, in contrast with fondant red or pale pink, in the retro aesthetics of the 80s.

The main color of 2024 in the interior according to Dulux is “spiced honey”. This is a warm caramel shade, which can take a woody, sandy, amber color. Cozy and soothing, stimulating and energetic – depending on the lighting and the neighboring palette. Rich caramel tones make the room visually warmer. And in combination with white trim or white furniture, they acquire a modern sound.

Interior decor and accessories

Perfect imperfection. The paintings in the interior are still abstract, but now it’s not just spots, but large brush strokes and traces. Carpets copy the texture of coarse stitches and strokes. Patterns and prints are replaced by textured and natural textures. The fabric itself is functional and durable.

Gold subtle elements do not go out of fashion. Thin brass inserts in the form of legs of bedside, coffee and coffee tables. This is due to the return of retro elements in the art deco style.

The furniture of the 70s comes into fashion again. Complex dirty shades of banana and mint, round shapes, wood and unusual slanting legs. Such furniture is used in Scandinavian styles.

Another trend is the use of velvet in the form of upholstery of upholstered furniture, ambiguous colors to match the main background of the space. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, rich in shades, beautifully shimmers in the sun.

The space theme is gaining popularity among manufacturers of interior accessories and decoration materials. Lamps resemble a star cluster, dark blue marble – the night sky, wallpaper – a spiral galaxy. Characteristic silhouettes are present in the design of lampshades, porcelain plates, decorative pillows.

The marine theme in interior design 2024 extends to the design of soft and wooden furniture, carpets, fruit vases. Neutral in color wallpaper featuring pearl shells easily fit into public and private rooms. Ceramic tiles in the shape of fish scales decorate the bathrooms and kitchens. The most glamorous option is in a dark blue version.

Among the trends in the interior of 2024 – brass fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. Such taps, mixers, switches add the finishing touch to the design. In concrete or marble bathrooms, they maintain a cool glow, while they add warmth to minimalist white kitchens.

In the interior design – an emphasis on transparent glass partitions, decorated with a dark metal layout. Layout pattern – strictly square or rectangular. It can be interior partitions, zoning structures, door frames, sliding and hinged doors, French windows, shower screens.

Interiors 2024: what’s in trendInteriors 2021: what's in trend

Design trends do not change every year, like seasonal fashion shows. In the decor, as elsewhere, times change, the basics remain. This means that everything that was so liked in 2018 will not cease to be popular in 2024, but a new one will appear.

Life at the limit of speed implies a desire to find a “haven” and digital detox in the house. Own well-being and the state of the environment – new basics of well-being. What does the design industry respond to?

A cozy house. The hygge trend will continue. There remains the desire for a simple, calm, unobtrusive lifestyle, where the house is our main refuge in a turbulent, noisy world. Everything is appreciated that provides comfort, silence and a kind of Digital Detox – cocoon chairs, sound-absorbing curtains and cozy soft sofas. Relaxing cool calm spaces are in fashion. The opportunity to breathe in fresh air without leaving the city and relax without going to the spa is appreciated. Designers design things that are favorable for the psyche.

Experts note the return of interest in minimalism and soft minimal. Everyone is interested in concise forms, expressive voids, stingy gestures, air and cleanliness of forms. Minimalism is tasted by all related industries – designers, interior designers, architects like simple forms.

Confronting the information barrage, I want to have a visually clean interior. Everyone expects one thing from space: that it meets the vital needs, in a sense, is “honest”, and not invented. In it, a person will feel relaxed and happy.

There will be more colors. Charcoal shades in the bathroom are called one of the main trends of the year. Black looks great today and in the kitchen. Gray is a universal color that gives a feeling of stability and calm. Designers still love to use it as a base, but in 2024 green will come to the fore, in all its rich range.

Blue will be the perfect hit next year. Blue is closely associated with nature, with shades of sky at sunrise and sunset. The interiors will be increasingly influenced by coral, as well as sunny yellow. People want to bring warmth to their homes.

The new generation has the idea of life without plastic – things made of composites and recycled materials that are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. It is predicted that environmental materials will become commonplace.

Passion for natural materials and textures – luxury and practicality. Colored stone in its coloristic beauty should be combined with modern design. Travertine furniture firmly took place in the living room.

Old wood plus metal is an absolute must for many collections. Metals are becoming more popular. Be it gold, brass or patinated bronze. In 2024, terrazzo will give way to concrete, ceramics and travertine.

The “smart” technique attracts along with handicraft objects: rustic sinks and ceramics with an uneven edge. In the fashion of techno-craft and the work of the makers, vintage and short-run things that distinguish us from everyone.

Scale and asymmetry, perfect imperfection, rounded furniture and ornamental decor, inspired by the 1970s. Bay windows, comfortable chairs, consoles, cylinders, pouffes and screens, dressing tables and boudoir tables. Transgender is a word that will be increasingly found in furniture collections and decor.

This year, experts called coral a fashionable shade in the interior. It is a very vibrant and energetic color, therefore it is better to use it as an accent – in accessories, upholstery and even carpets that come back to us from the interiors of the past. Also among the unexpected trends of this year are macrame decor, black bathtubs and imitation of natural forms. For example, a tile in the bathroom in the form of fish scales or an image of space on the wall.

Charcoal shades in the bathroom are called one of the main trends of 2024. Black looks great both in ceramics and in marble, painted wood and slate. Designers advise complementing it with metallic accents made of brass or steel.

Black is gaining popularity in plumbing and furniture, so it is natural that he will become a trend on the floor. Charcoal shades will appear in the floor tiles.

Most of the design ideas this year are devoted to the kitchen. This is a special space in every home where the whole family likes to spend time. The main trend in the 2024 kitchen interior is headsets of shades of juicy fruit or muted red and blue tones with contrasting textures and high aprons. Upper cabinets designers recommend choosing a lighter color. So the headset will look less massive and give the impression of lightness and airiness. Kitchen modules are popular. From them it is easy to make a functional and stylish set for the size of the kitchen.

Kitchen in the cupboard: special solutions in the micro-living trend. In the new year, built-in appliances and integrated appliances do not lose their relevance. Designers disguise household appliances. The refrigerator and dishwasher, hidden in the kitchen, will make the space more ergonomic and convenient. And the look of the kitchen is neat. Induction hobs are still popular. The trend is “friendly” home appliances, dressed in colors and textiles, not like household appliances, open storage without the top row of cabinets.

Kitchen sinks made of natural or artificial stone are appreciated. A special chic – gold sinks. In this case, the metal sink should be deep enough and covered with sound-absorbing material.

A bathtub built into the floor (rather than a free-standing one) and bathrooms with real wood are in fashion.

Colored ceiling or floor. The emphasis from the walls moves to the ceiling. Graphic ornament or dark color – everything is possible. Hardwood flooring appears in ever more complex patterns and combinations of materials. Kaleidoscopes and parquet mosaics are in fashion: planks of various shapes are lined with chevron, Binet cubes, octahedrons, etc. Any combinations of not only sizes, but materials are welcome. Wood will be supplemented with elements of ceramics, concrete, metal and natural stone.

Wallpaper on the ceiling. Among the most interesting trends in the interior is the so-called fifth wall. This is the ceiling in the room, decorated with colored wallpaper. It is important not to overdo it – the walls should be neutral shades. Light pistachio, vanilla and pink-beige colors will be pleasing to the eye. Any of them visually expands the space and is suitable for any furniture.

In addition to delicate tones, the trend is large geometry and artistic floral designs. Designers advise trying a fashionable idea that will add coziness to the interior of any room. Just highlight one part of the wall with colored or striped wallpaper. For example, by a bed, sofa or table. Another trend is African motifs on fabrics and wallpaper combined with Scandinavian design.

Furniture: low long coffee tables, sculptural furniture, small home benches. Items of strange asymmetric proportions and furniture resembling abstract sculptures are on the wave. Wicker chairs, which were previously appropriate on terraces and summer cottages, today returned to the front rooms as an addition to the main items and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Accessories: round vases from blown and colored glass, sculptural dishes and crystal. Plants without pots.

The main focus in 2024 will be a reference to sensual materials. Leather, velvet, natural wood, thin cotton. Everything that has a pronounced texture. Everything that a person would like to feel and touch.

Good lighting is still the key to keeping the room warm and comfortable. There are more and more light sources. Designers see light as an independent material. Portable, rechargeable and even folding table lamps are in fashion.

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