2024 Interior Decoration Trends

2024 Interior Decoration Trends

2024 Interior Decoration Trends

New year, new house! The latest decoration trends in 2024 are here to fill the interior areas of the home with elegance and color, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms… In this article we show you the best color combinations and the most accurate recommendations in the world of decoration.

Crafts and natural materials

This year is full of positivity and freshness. That is why home decoration trends focus on decorative elements connected to nature and made with natural materials.

Craftsmanship is present with handmade objects, especially those made in clay in the line of avant-garde designs. Other materials such as wood, marble, or ceramic tiles, among others, are also used.

This trend is based on managing to transmit emotions and feelings of handmade, showing its human, exclusive and imperfect side.

On the other hand, natural fabrics continue to be popular for another year: cotton and linen fit perfectly in new and welcoming spaces, as they provide warmth and personality.


This 2024 we are talking about a decoration with a minimalist, sentimental and warm trend that seeks to purify homes by reducing elements to a minimum, and focusing on colors and materials. Soft shapes, few pieces of furniture (but well selected), craftsmanship and powerful textures are some of the determining factors in interior decoration in 2024.

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Trends in decoration in living rooms 2024

The desire to have a home where we feel comfortable has grown considerably. Undoubtedly, the living room and bedroom are our favorite areas of the home and where we spend the most time. That is why we tell you about the latest trends for living rooms and bedrooms, so that you can find inspiration in the decoration of your future home. And if you need more ideas, take a look at our promotions Habitat Torre Amura in A Coruña and Habitat Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You’ll love them!

Glass is back

Glass was considered for many years an uncomfortable and cold material, however, it is currently undergoing a modern transformation in the trends of decorative accessories, but also in tables, lamps and shelves.

In the new designs where glass is used as the predominant material, we can appreciate anything but discomfort or coldness, since they fit perfectly with a cozy style of a living room or bedroom. Not only in the interior, but also for exterior design, glass is gaining more and more followers.

Plants become the stars of the room

Nature has become an inspiration for designers, who now want to integrate it into each of the spaces in the home. This 2024 the novelty is artificial plants, an excellent option to give a natural air to the living room or bedroom without having to spend time taking care of them.

But, in addition, we can find plants in decorations of rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Among the most recommended plants for decoration we can mention: hanging plants, palm tree and monstera. Dried flowers have also positioned themselves well this year in the world of decoration.

Drawings, paintings and bottles

The important thing is to make a combination of pieces in a harmonic, intelligent and orderly way.

This season, art pieces with faces or abstract drawings predominate. Minimalism is also imposed with murals or simple black and white photographs.

Rooms and lounges with naturalness

Naturalness is always imposed as an elegant and fresh style in the decoration of spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. This 2024 comes loaded with natural fibers and organic materials to play an important role in the decorative world.

We can see covers for armchairs, cushions and curtains made of natural materials such as linen or silk. But, in addition, the fashion for luxury decorative accessories made of natural materials, such as stones, rattan or raw wood, among others, is coming.

Bathroom decoration in 2024

Some ideas to decorate your bathroom from scratch this year are:

  • Spa-themed bathroom – Let your imagination run wild and create spa-like ambiances with candles and soothing scents in your bathroom. Include lanterns and candles in the decoration that offer a dim light. Do not forget to combine fresh and warm colors that provide tranquility throughout the space.
  • Modern bathroom : create a maritime atmosphere in your bathroom with the help of natural and sea-collected decorative elements such as shells, conch shells, and light-colored wood. Use earth colors and combine them with natural fiber bathroom textiles.
  • Fashionista bathroom : this decoration is characterized by being functional, elegant and welcoming. It focuses on gold – colored decorative accessories that give the bathroom a touch of glamor.

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