The Best Features Of Australian Style Interior Design

The Best Features Of Australian Style Interior Design

The Best Features Of Australian Style Interior DesignThe uniqueness of the Australian style reflects the incomparable Australian way of life. It is possible to convincingly “recreate” Australia in a spacious apartment, a large room, and most precisely in a country house!

This description of Australian interior design invites you to plunge into the world of wide spaces, breathe in the old-fashioned and somewhat ponderous life and feel how “home” Australia can be super modern for our continent!

The Origins Of The Australian Style

Designers from all over the world, when creating the Australian style in the interior of the premises, rely on the colorful images of vegetation, animals, sandy spaces inherent in the continent. We also take into account the love of Australians for their rather large houses, because it is with this feeling that it is possible to convey the Australian spirit, culture and life in the atmosphere of the home!

Australian design, like many other interior styles, was formed under the influence of visitors who actively populated Australia in the 19th century and made great changes in the then purely English style of design. The distinctively Australian style in the interiors and exteriors of houses started talking about itself in the middle of the 20th century.

Key Elements Of Australian Design

Let yourself be fantasized by creating a warm Australian style at home. Warmth and sunshine should flow throughout everything, including staying in the house as much as possible due to natural light.

Creating an Australian atmosphere at home is facilitated by:

  • many windows, terrace
  • air curtains allowing you to watch the sunset and other magnificent views
  • “Conditional” glass entrance doors
  • rustic wicker furniture on the veranda
  • rough, inherited furniture used inside the house
  • piece presented designer furniture
  • predominance of glass, wood, brick decoration
  • pots with drought tolerant plants
  • multi-tiered chandeliers with tinkling and iridescent pendants, with asymmetrical details, made of crystal, glass, wrought iron or porcelain.

Although the main decoration of the Australian style is the panoramic view from the windows, the design is formed from colorful details and elements that bear witness to the local decorative arts. It is a wealth of small things that are characteristic of the continent of Australia, which adorn the walls, ceilings and floors.

Your Australian Home

It’s great if you want to create and decorate your home in Australian style. We will help you to neatly fit your home into the landscape of the area and live in an Australian style in integrity and unity with nature!

Signs of an Australian home:

  • the construction of the house is an uncomplicated design with many large windows, with a large open terrace
  • despite the Australian openness, the interior remains intimate
  • wicker rocking chairs, a table on one leg, pots with flowers are comfortably located on the terrace in front of the glass entrance doors
  • the courtyard has wooden benches and simple sun loungers
  • behind the house there is an inconspicuous shed and a garage
  • along the wall of a small utility room, pots with succulents are installed in a ruler
  • pots with plants that live well in dry soil are placed throughout the garden
  • in the middle of the garden there is an unassuming place for rest with a small bench
  • a dining room for family gatherings has been made under a large canopy, which can be decorated with seashells hanging on ribbons

Indoor Australian Style

We will reveal the originality of the Australian interior design. Contrasts are characteristic of the interior layout of an Australian-type room: a huge living room and adjacent compact rooms, light spaces are in harmony with darkened areas, laconic concrete is combined with textured materials, rough antique furniture is adjacent to any designer model created in a single copy.

In an Australian-style interior, every piece of decor or furniture necessarily looks unexpected and unconventional, but at the same time thoughtful and appropriate. The house does not have the usual wardrobes, although there are bookshelves, decorative shelves, slides for dishes. To accurately match the Australian style in the interior of the kitchen, you need to buy a very large refrigerator, in which all drawers and food boxes must be labeled and carefully signed.

For things in the interior of the English style, a separate room should be provided at the back of the house. This is a spacious dressing room and storage room, which means maintaining impeccable order, and again, ideally, the lockers are signed for easy orientation.

How Is Space Zoned In Australian Interiors?

It must be remembered that if a space is recreated in the Australian style, then it is considered in unity with the surrounding nature. In harmony with the outside world, the garden, the front yard, where the tennis court and the swimming pool are intelligently arranged. In the backyard is a modest garage for one or two cars and a utility room for inventory. A cistern is installed under the roof to collect and purify rainwater.

Indoor zoning flows smoothly from the street. This is a simple and skillful arrangement of an attic and a huge balcony that serves as a veranda. The organizing center of the house is the living room with two-storey high ceilings, the design of which is thought out most carefully. The living room is combined with the dining room into one large room. The kitchen is arranged separately.

Traditionally, in the Australian style, 3-4 bedrooms are created so that all family members are comfortable to relax. Zoned main bathroom, toilet, laundry room, wardrobe and storage room.

Who Will Love The Australian Style?

Australian style is still not a housing issue, although some of its elements can be used in design. However, this is the style of people who are accustomed to thinking on a large scale, these are “workaholics” who do not know the boundaries of either their capabilities or the universe. It is convenient for such people to freely live and work from the office in their home, if necessary, move by personal car, easily overcoming long distances. They would like to be with their family and to meet and communicate with their relatives more often in a warm and cozy circle.

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