Combining wooden floor and wooden furniture

Combining wooden floor and wooden furniture

” Harmony or contrast? »

Wood has always been a common sight in living rooms. Whether it’s furniture or flooring, the popular natural material is always on trend and creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. However, when setting up with wood, stress is often on the agenda instead of relaxation: how do wooden furniture and wooden flooring best fit together and create a harmonious whole?

The same and the same likes to join: skillfully combine similar types of wood with each other

The wooden floor almost always sets the tone. Usually it is already available when moving in and will only be replaced in the course of major renovations. That’s why furniture and other interior items are based on its color. Popular and timeless is the variant in which identical or similar types of wood and colors are chosen. The room looks visually calm due to the uniform effect and creates space to set accents away from the wooden furniture. For example, the artistic picture on the wall, the colorful carpet or the imposing houseplant are guaranteed to be the highlight, because the view falls on you as if automatically.

Square dining table Soria made of acacia wood available in different dimensions

Harmonious wooden furniture with a light floor

A light wooden floor looks modern, cozy and casually elegant. Light oak parquet is particularly in demand, not least due to the perfect mixture of high resilience and attractive appearance. If the wooden furniture is chosen in the same color, a light and airy room ambience is created. Together with fabric furniture and textiles in white and other neutral tones, the Scandinavian-inspired living style is perfect.

A room with oak parquet flooring and some also light wood furniture
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If you want to combine light wooden floors and wooden furniture, you have many design options apart from the modern look. For example, the rustic cottage style or the romantic country house style are often characterized by light woods. For all styles, the following applies: choose light country house furniture and a wooden floor that belong to the same color group. A classic example is maple and birch, both of which have a rather yellowish tone. This creates a uniform overall picture that radiates tranquility.

Display cabinet Vincenza 150 cm Country house - black

Harmonious wooden furniture with a dark floor

Dark furniture and dark floor are an excellent match in large rooms flooded with lots of light. A spacious living room, with an open kitchen and glass doors leading out into the garden, is the ideal place for the concentrated load of dark wood. In small rooms with little light, on the other hand, the completely dark version quickly has a suffocating effect. The resulting cave effect makes the room seem smaller than it actually is and is no longer considered fashionable in today’s world. Some hobby interior designers, on the other hand, want exactly this look, for example for a nostalgic, cozy reading corner with a fireplace.

A cozy sitting area made of dark wood furniture placed in front of a blazing fireplace
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Dark wood furniture on a wooden floor in a dark color also looks elegant and almost dramatic. Examples of this special style of living are artfully made antique furniture made of valuable mahogany or a noble furniture made of cherry wood. In combination with the dark wooden floor, the room exudes a flair like from another time. With large windows and some bright decorative elements, the dark interior is quickly brought into the present. Like light wood, the dark option should also be properly matched in color to look harmonious. Wooden floor and wooden furniture are either reddish or brownish in the dark version and should not be mixed with each other. Unless exciting contrasts with style are exactly the desired living idea.

Gründerzeit Vertiko softwood

Combining wooden floor and wooden furniture: this is how the exciting contrast works!

There are many good reasons for wanting to combine different types of wood with each other. Sometimes different heirlooms with high sentimental value are to be integrated into one room. Others want to live in an exciting apartment, away from the regular trends. However, combining light and dark wood wildly in flooring and furniture is a demanding task. Far too quickly, the different wood variants look messy instead of stylish. Therefore, before starting the purchase of the device, the desired final result should be analyzed in detail.

A contrasting wood design thrives on the play between light and dark. Strikingly different wood tones are therefore decisive and the sign of having understood the trend. If, on the other hand, too similar woods are combined together in one room – for example birch, oak and beech – the living style is neither harmonious nor exciting at the end, but is perceived as restless and inappropriate. More than three different woods should also be avoided. In this way, the erroneous step from the tasteful variety to the thrown-together furniture can be avoided.

Urbania coffee table 135 cm made of acacia wood

Dark furniture, light floor: the mix is trendy

The modern interior design can be bold. For a long time now, it is no longer just antiques that are the only companions to the dark wooden floor model. Which furniture also goes well with a floor covering in the deepest brown or almost black? In fact, a decor in white is a trendy combination. The visual contrast allows the pieces of furniture such as buffet cabinets or sideboards to come into their own amazingly well and loosens up the room. A dark floor is best chosen matte in this option.

A light wooden floor also determines which furniture provides the best contrast. Individual pieces made of dark wood are just as well received as a very dark sofa. The combination works best if the room is designed in a rather minimalist way. The favourite pieces in the strong colours can be staged in a targeted manner on a bright floor, without the risk of visually reducing the space.

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