Popular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

If the hall is considered the face of a house or apartment, then the bathroom is a real hidden place of power. This is where we can relax, enjoy our favorite water treatments and self-care. Today it is not customary to treat bathrooms in a purely utilitarian way: designers and even psychotherapists recommend considering them… Read More »

Anti-trends in kitchen design 2022: looking for alternative solutions

Today, the concept of trends in the interior is rather vague – the designers themselves speak about this. Over the past two or three years, no one has already required scrupulous observance of stylistic accuracy within the framework of one direction. A harmonious and balanced mix of details, a light touch of eclecticism, a sense… Read More »

10 Best Colors For Cozy Living Room

Which color is the better choice for the cozy living room? It is not easy to get suitable color suggestions because everyone has different ideas about the ideal wall color. The cozy living room: living out is allowed Many people are afraid of their own favorite color. Perhaps you dare to wear it as a… Read More »

Smart Home In A Modern Apartment

When in childhood we read fairy tales, and later fantastic stories, the spirit was breathtaking from the “magical” possibilities of objects: the lamps lit up on a clap, the pot began to cook itself, the cold rooms quickly warmed up … Now all this has come true – and our company will help to embody… Read More »

Extravagant Bedroom Furnishings

Most living ideas are more about how the furniture is placed. But the type of furniture is also important. Above all, sufficient attention should be paid to the choice of bedroom furniture. Good night! Furnishing ideas for the bedroom What do you need in the bedroom? Basically, only the bed and the wardrobe are required.… Read More »

Kitchen Renovation, Stages And Sequence

Kitchen renovation on the doorstep… and should we start from the doorway? The question is important. Consider the main stages of kitchen renovation, their sequence, so that it does not turn out that you are doing the renovation backwards. Firstly, if you are renovating a kitchen in a residential apartment, then you should dismantle the… Read More »

New Interior Style Softminimalism

Softminimalizm [soft or soft minimalism] – the most versatile style of the 21st century! In the design Soft minimalism of style, it becomes possible to combine male and female points of view on how the interior should be. This unique direction resolves all the differences that arise as a result of the choice of interior… Read More »

7 Key Rules For Children’s Interior Designs

Today we will talk with you about the perfect interior design for children’s room. What nuances must be taken into account without fail at the stage of designing and thinking through the design of a nursery? After all, one must clearly understand and take into account: what a nursery should be like, what it can… Read More »

The Best Features Of Australian Style Interior Design

The uniqueness of the Australian style reflects the incomparable Australian way of life. It is possible to convincingly “recreate” Australia in a spacious apartment, a large room, and most precisely in a country house! This description of Australian interior design invites you to plunge into the world of wide spaces, breathe in the old-fashioned and… Read More »

What are the new trends in interior design in 2021?

Despite the fact that a year has not yet ended, interior design trends in 2021 are already taking their place in leading design agencies. Some of them share their findings for inspiration and for completing urgent projects. These ideas will bring modernity and conciseness to any decision to improve living space. Materials and finishes Every… Read More »