New Interior Trends 2021-2022

The main trends in interior design 2021 Interior styles Individuality in the interior. One of the most global trends in interior design 2021-2022 is personalization. Requests for specific styles go away. In fashion – home decoration, according to lifestyle, cosiness and personal comfort. This trend will not only maintain its position in 2021, but will… Read More »

How to choose tiles for the kitchen

Ceramic tiles for the kitchen – a popular material used to decorate the kitchen space. Products differ in high esthetic indicators and simplicity in leaving. But when you need to choose which solution to use in the interior, some difficulties arise. In addition to its visual appeal, performance is also required. The choice of material… Read More »

Design of a kitchen-living room: how to create a stylish integrated interior

The design of the kitchen-living room provides a pragmatic interior with a comfortable setting both in the food preparation area and in the space for relaxation. When arranging functional sites, special attention is paid to surface finishing, lighting, selection and placement of furniture and equipment. The interior of the kitchen, combined with the living room,… Read More »