Decorating Trends of 2023

Check out 7 Decorating Trends of 2023 to Put into Practice

Decorating Trends of 2023
Living room decorated in neutral colors with comfy style for 2023 decor trends – Photo: My Scandinavian Home

The watchwords for home decor in 2023 are: comfort and functionality. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we all started to value our home more and because of that, the decoration trends of 2023 revolve around ideas that bring more practicality to environments and a feeling of comfort and warmth for residents.

And if you want to know how to use decorating trends 2023 to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and practical, just keep following the list with 7 trends of 2023 to decorate your home.

1. Minimalism

Decorating Trends of 2023
Decoration trends of 2023 with minimalist living room decor – Photo: Apartment Therapy

With straight lines and simpler geometric shapes, the minimalist style is still on the rise in 2023. The big idea of minimalist decor is to create environments that are functional and comfortable, but without excess information.

Therefore, neutral colors, few decorative objects and multifunctional furniture are among the biggest trends of 2023 for decoration. In addition, you can also take the opportunity to better explore the natural lighting of your home by investing in curtains with light colors and very light fabric for the windows.

2. Comfy decoration

Decorating Trends of 2023
Comfy decor with blankets and pillows for 2023 decor trends – Photo: Wevans

As the name suggests, comfy decoration is based on comfort, that is, with furniture and decorative elements that help make your home much more welcoming and comfortable.

Therefore, invest in the natural light of the environments, upholstered with fabrics that are pleasant to the touch, pillows and blankets to bring more welcoming to the environments, but always remember not to exaggerate the decoration, so only have the objects and furniture that really are. necessary for your routine and your family.

3. Home automation

Decorating Trends of 2023
Smart and connected homes are part of the 2023 decoration trends – Photo: ID Automação

Home automation helps make our daily lives more functional and ensures practicality even in the simplest tasks such as turning on or off the lights in the house.

So invest in a connected home to bring more comfort and practicality to your whole family. Virtual assistants can do numerous tasks such as turning on household appliances such as a coffee maker, closing blinds and even locking the doors of your home.

4. Gold in the decoration

Decorating Trends of 2023
2023 trends with golden details for bathroom decoration – Photo: Beatriz Quinelato Arquitetura

The golden color is among the decoration trends for 2023. This color conveys elegance, refinement and luxury to decorated spaces, and it can be used in the most different rooms of the house.

But a cool tip for those who want to use this 2023 trend for decoration is to know not to overdo it. Therefore, choose to leave the golden color in decorative details such as metals such as faucets, cabinet handles, vases, lamps, among others.

5. Integration of environmentsDecorating Trends of 2023

It is not new that the integration of environments is on the rise and it remains present in the 2023 trends to decorate your home.

The great advantage of connecting the spaces of the house is that in addition to contributing to improving lighting and air circulation, this proposal also values social spaces more, helping to visually expand small environments, thus ensuring a more dynamic and comfortable home.

6. Natural materials

Decorating Trends of 2023
Decoration trends of 2023 with a bathroom decorated with wooden slatted panel – Photo: Decor Salteado

One way to bring beauty and lightness to your decor is to invest in natural materials such as wood, for example, which is among the biggest decor trends in 2023.

Wood can be used in the most diverse ways in your decoration such as furniture, floors, decorative objects, panels, among others. But in addition to wood, you can also invest in objects made of natural fibers such as a lamp or even a wicker armchair to take advantage of this 2023 trend.

Also remembering that potted plants and flowers are great ways to bring nature indoors and thus get a fresher and happier air for your decor.

7. Multifunctional and easy to match furniture

Decorating Trends of 2023
Decoration trend of 2023 with retractable furniture for small home office – Photo: Decor Fácil

Furniture that easily adapts to more than one function and that can be combined with different styles is also part of the 2023 trends for decoration.

Multifunctional furniture gained more evidence due to the popularization of the home office. Therefore, furniture that can be adapted for a workstation, but also as a sideboard, table or even retractable furniture helps to bring dynamism, comfort and functionality to your daily life.

As you can see, the 2023 decoration trends are thought of as a reflection of the pandemic that made us stay longer inside our own home and that’s why ways are created to bring more practicality and comfort to our daily lives.

Multifunctional, practical and welcoming houses guarantee the well-being of the whole family and using the 2023 trends for decoration you can adapt your home for leisure and also for work, ensuring everyone’s comfort and happiness.

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