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Setting up a party cellar

” With the right furniture for a harmonious ambience “

Having your own party cellar is a great thing. Here you have enough space for game evenings with friends, you can celebrate glittering parties or just sit together in a sociable group. And also quite spontaneously and without having to include the rest of the apartment or the house. You can discover creative and practical ideas with which you can set up your party cellar in this post. Let yourself be inspired.

Which room is best suited?

Although all other rooms that are large enough are also suitable for cheerful gatherings, but if you want to set up a party cellar, you have the advantage of being a little more secluded. Of course, it is important that the room is dry, not too small and that it has enough power connections. Since basement floors are often bare and cold, you could lay a carpet or other suitable floor covering. If frequent dancing is required in the party cellar, the surface should be such that even high heels can not harm it. If you especially want to celebrate parties where you can also turn up the music properly, a soundproofing with regard to the neighbors or other housemates might be a good idea.

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It is especially convenient if there is a second room right next to the party room, where you can accommodate a small kitchen. So you have supplies such as food and drinks, but also dishes and decorative items at hand and avoid long distances.

Setting up a party cellar: ideas for furniture, lighting and more

Before setting up your party cellar, you should ask yourself a few questions: what furniture is needed? In what style should the party room shine? How should the decoration turn out? Questions about questions, but it is worth asking them in order to get the best out of the room.

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The table for a cozy get-together

If you want to set up a party cellar for social game evenings and for eating and drinking together, a large table with enough chairs is a must-have. A beautiful wooden table lends itself here. Matching wooden benches are also great and invite you to linger with pillows and cozy upholstery. Overall, furniture should fit the overall concept and, of course, your own taste. Here it is good to think about how exactly the room should look and what furniture you need. Of course, there must be room for a dance floor in a party cellar, where dancing is also to be done. In addition, a good music system is the be-all and end-all. A great accessory for the dance floor is a disco ball and other cool lighting elements that create the right mood when dancing.

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The corner for resting

Seating is always important – especially on the dance floor. If the space allows it, upholstered furniture or lounge chairs can also create a wonderful atmosphere. Because no matter how much people like to dance: sooner or later everyone is happy about a cozy corner to sit in. Bean bags or large cushions are also ideal for this. Together with small tables in the form of coffee tables, you can create such cozy corners. If the room is rather smaller, you can also make do very well with folding chairs or wall-mounted folding benches and thus offer flexible seating options.

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Bar furniture for the party cellar with a home bar

In addition to the seating, of course, a bar is also an indispensable element in a party room for many. The possibilities of design are great here: depending on your taste, bar furniture is available in a rather rustic wooden or modern style with a lot of glass and metal. If you set up your party cellar with a bar counter, you can’t get around bar stools. And then, of course, there is still a need for a place for noble drinks. Wine bottles and spirits are in good hands in wine racks and wine cabinets.

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Perfect furnishings in the party cellar: furniture for playing, gambling and watching TV

If you like to play billiards, table football or darts with friends, you should definitely make room for it in your party room. A game table should stand in such a way that it can be played well from all sides. This takes up space and should definitely be considered when setting up. A dartboard, on the other hand, is more frugal, although you have to plan well here too, so that you can throw with a sufficiently large distance. On the other hand, the table and chairs should not be in the immediate vicinity of the dartboard for safety reasons.

Young people play table football - set up a party cellar

If you are setting up your party cellar, it is also smart to make sure that there are sufficient storage facilities for drinks and snacks in addition to the billiard table, the kicker or pinball machine. Furniture such as small tables or wallboards are a good idea here. Of course, if you like to spend TV evenings with your friends or gamble together, you definitely need to set up a corresponding corner with a large screen and suitable seating. Here, too, small tables are indispensable for storing drinks, food and other small things. Special TV furniture is also included. This is the best way to put the TV on a lowboard.

Young people play darts
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Setting up a party cellar with light accents: ideas for lighting

If you want to set up a party cellar that is practical, atmospheric and flexible, you should definitely think about the lighting a little. A sophisticated lighting concept is the heart of every party room and can provide a lot of comfort and always the right atmosphere. In addition to the ceiling lighting and a lamp above the dining table, floor lamps, dimmed spots and fairy lights also provide optimal lighting that suits every occasion. Black light and light tubes can also have a great effect. Sitting areas should best be discreetly illuminated. Indirect light is a great idea here, or candles, which create a particularly pleasant atmosphere.

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