TOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

By | November 18, 2019

TOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021Planning a dream kitchen? It’s time to bring the plans to life – regardless of whether you are going to make a major overhaul or just want to update a boring color scheme. But what design trends are most relevant now?

In 2021, kitchens combining beauty and functionality will be in fashion, and technologies that simplify everyday life will become even more popular.

We decided to study the newest and most fashionable trends of this year, which will help you plan the kitchen of your dreams. On this page you will find various ideas for inspiration – from open shelving and glass cabinets to banquet chairs and dark-colored designs.

  1. Gorgeous green shadesTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

Kitchen furniture manufacturers predict the popularity of rich blue-green shades in this year’s kitchen interiors, and believe that green kitchen furniture will be the main kitchen trend of 2021. Green in the kitchen can look fresh and luxurious at the same time. Deep green colors can be balanced with soft shades of latte, smoky glass and metallic to create a modern interior.

The combination of the color of white marble and brass when choosing lighting, countertops and accessories will help to better reflect light from the surfaces of the room, compensating for darker shades.

  1. Exquisite blackTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

Studio Tom Howley reported a sharp increase in orders for black kitchens, noting the trend of using darker shades for home interior decoration. Matt from Rotpunkt also notes that over the past six months, users have begun 93% more often to search for dark and black colors.

“The most popular colors for kitchens in 2021 will include dark shades. There will be less interiors made in primary colors. The emphasis will be on black, which contrasts with rich coffee, brown, gray and beige shades, ”explains Matt.

  1. Kitchen IslandsTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

The kitchen island is synonymous with luxurious open kitchens. Depending on the design, it can be used for additional storage, and the addition of bar stools will turn it into a convenient dining area.

Looking for an alternative to a kitchen island? The peninsula attached to the wall also has many advantages. Peninsulas are particularly suitable for single-wall or L-shaped kitchens.

  1. Wonderful marbleTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

The popularity of marble continues to gain momentum. It is used to give the kitchen character and personality.

Revered for its sophisticated streaks, marble is a material that exudes elegance and sophistication. Restrained beauty combined with exceptional durability makes marble an ideal choice for kitchen worktops.

Extremely practical and comfortable marble surface is great for baking. This material is indispensable when creating kitchens in both classical and modern style.

  1. Smooth minimalismTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

Smooth, minimalistic, streamlined, concise – now these are the most fashionable words to describe the design of the kitchen. This year the trend is open spaces and symmetry.

The streamlined industrial style is one of the main trends in the kitchen interior of the outgoing year, which, in our opinion, will remain relevant in 2021. Laconic seamless countertops will remain equally popular, and kitchen interiors will combine beauty and practicality.

  1. Rustic style elementsTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

Unprocessed wooden surfaces (especially oak and walnut) with deep shades and textures will increasingly be used to decorate the kitchen.

In addition, the popularity of granite, quartz and wood will increase. Try combining various textured coatings, including wooden furniture and stone countertops.

  1. Merging old and newTOP 7 Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2021

Also, kitchens consisting of different pieces of furniture, and not from the same countertops, will become popular. This will add zest to the interior. “We will continue to move into the future, and along with this we will breathe life into old vintage furniture,” say the designers.

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