How to decorate the New Year table 2021

How to decorate the New Year table 2024

How to decorate the New Year table 2021

Colds came, but this is not a reason to fall into depression or hibernation. After all, the main holiday of winter is approaching – New Year! And, as the people say, how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it.

That is why it is worth taking seriously not only the preparation of gifts for loved ones and relatives, but also the decoration of your home. We will share with you the most interesting design ideas and tell you how to decorate the 2024 New Year table.

Do not try to leave preparations for the last days of December, because the closer the holiday is, the more difficult it will be to purchase all the necessary accessories, they will be sold out to you! Yes, and prices closer to the New Year will begin to bite …

Each element of the decor should cause a festive mood, so you should not decorate the table with everyday dishes and plain napkins. After all, the year of the White Metal Rat is coming, which means that the emphasis should be on bright colors, sparkles and sparkling elements.

How to please the Metal Rat?

In 2024, the White Metal Rat will replace the good and friendly Yellow Pig. Do not worry, this does not mean that the whole next year must be spent in mud or darkness in order to win its favor.

How nice to set the table so that the White Metallic Rat is satisfied? Very simple, use her favorite colors, more tinsel, jewelry, and most importantly, just make the table burst with an abundance of different dishes, because the symbol of the year loves to eat.

Decorating the table, give preference to such colors as white, blue, green, silver. It will be appropriate to use objects of gold color.

Decorated table – the key to a good mood!

You can decorate the table with anything, the main thing is that there is a desire and fantasy works. Now it’s very fashionable to design everything with natural materials, and if the accessories are made with your own hands, then it will be even more pleasant to be at such a table.

What to look for when composing a festive composition? On the tablecloth, candles, themed figurines, natural decorations, napkin holders and various Christmas tinsel. Let’s dwell on each element in more detail.

TableclothHow to decorate the New Year table 2021

When choosing a tablecloth for the New Year’s table, first of all, you need to pay attention to the shape, color and material. With the form, in principle, there can be no questions, for a square table – a square tablecloth, for a round – round, etc. According to the classics, the edges of the tablecloth should hang no more than 20 cm, but it is not necessary to adhere to this rule, choose everything to your taste and color.

Advice! If you have a large table at home, and the tablecloth is small, and there is no money to buy new, then you can use one trick: sew an elegant “skirt” of variegated fabric, and cover the table itself with the tablecloth that you have.

Also, you can make a combined tablecloth, which will look pretty interesting. For example, a round tablecloth spreads on a round table to the floor, and on top of it is a square, of a different color. The main thing is to correctly combine the colors so that the eye of those sitting at the table rejoices, and not vice versa.

Color solutions can be completely diverse – white, blue, green, sand, milk, etc. The main thing is that the table harmoniously looks in the general interior of the room.

As for the material, it is better to give preference to natural fabrics, for example, linen. A linen tablecloth is considered a classic, because it is easy to care for, and it always looks neat.

An alternative to linen can be cotton or combination fabrics with polyester admixtures. A table covered with a lace tablecloth will look very unusual and elegant. Such beauty can be purchased at the store or made with your own hands, if there is a desire and ability.

CandlesHow to decorate the New Year table 2021

An excellent decoration for the New Year’s table can be candles. Burning elements always give decor to idleness and contribute to raising the mood. They will be especially appropriate this New Year, because we meet the White Metal Rat!

You can place candles in a variety of ways:

  • You can arrange using candles the composition in the center of the table. For example, put a transparent vase with water and place small candles in it that will illuminate the table and symbolize comfort and family harmony;
  • Candles of an unusual form placed around the table will look original. Figures of winter and New Year characters are appropriate, candles in the form of a symbol of 2024;
  • mini candles placed near each plate will look beautiful, however, do not put them too close to a sitting person;
  • long candles, exhibited in a beautiful candlestick, look very stylish;
  • if you have children at the table, or if you have pets, we recommend that you take care of yourself and instead of real burning candles put electrical accessories on the festive table. They can be used many times and not worry about the integrity of loved ones and home.

Important! Do not overdo it with candles – there should not be too many of them. Focus on the size of the table, the features of the festive table setting and the number of other decorations. Light candles during the meal, and not during the serving process, otherwise they will take on an unimportant appearance before all guests gather at the table.

DIY candles

If you couldn’t choose candles suitable for your New Year’s table decor in stores, then don’t be upset, you can make them yourself! This process will be interesting even to children.

To create your own unique candle, we need:

  • several candles of standard shape;
  • mold from plaster, the necessary form.

We extract the wick from the purchased candles. Break the candles themselves into several pieces, put them in a jar and melt the wax in a water bath. Put the wick in the chosen mold and fill it with melted wax. Do not forget to leave the tail of the wick, it should protrude beyond the limits of the future candle so that it is possible to light it in the future.

Important! Try to think over the shape for the candle and prepare in advance. You can use gypsum, glass, paper, orange peel and much more for its manufacture.

When the candle itself has frozen, you can begin to decorate it. You can cover it with beads, draw a picture on it, wrap it in a ribbon or rain, cut patterns directly on the wax, sprinkle with sparkles. Go to the sea, the main thing is that there is a desire and imagination!

Jewelry made of natural materialsHow to decorate the New Year table 2021

Speaking of natural table decorations, you probably immediately thought about spruce branches and cones. Yes, that’s right, they will look appropriate at any New Year’s holiday. Fir branches will not only externally please the eye and remind you of a festive mood, but they will also smell pleasant. They, in turn, can be decorated with various tinsel, rain, beads and ribbons.

Also, compositions from twigs and fruits will look spectacular. They can be both large and small, have absolutely different shapes – square, round, triangular. Natural accessories may include dried berries, tangerines, Christmas balls, cones, decorative snow, ribbons, etc.

To make the form more stable, use a stapler and wire. If there are children in the house, then decorate such compositions with sweets. Imagine how much joy there will be when sweets are discovered!

Do not forget about the symbol of the New Year – the White Metal Rat. Add silver, white, blue, green colors to your jewelry.

Themed figurines and tinselHow to decorate the New Year table 2021

Themed figurines will always be appropriate on the New Year’s table. It is not necessary to furnish the whole table with yellow pigs, a snowman, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, bunny will fit in well. Also, you can put on the table snowflakes, Christmas trees, cones and other figures reminiscent of winter and the holiday.

An interesting idea with a piggy bank in the form of a white or metal rat. You can even put money there so that the coming year is generous with material wealth.

Christmas decorations and Christmas tinsel can be laid out around the table. Give preference to durable unbreakable items. Do not forget to make sure that everything looks harmonious and tasteful. You can also use rain in the design of the table, for example, sew it on the edge of the tablecloth or wrap the dishes.

Let’s talk about serving

The overall picture will not be attractive if on a beautiful tablecloth among the Christmas decorations will be ordinary everyday dishes. The holiday should be felt in all the details and details! We pay attention to everything – napkins, cutlery, dishes, coasters, etc. Let’s take a closer look at all the items of the festive table setting.

Festive dishes

In no case should you celebrate the New Year with simple and monotonous dishes on the table.

It is not necessary to set white porcelain sets; white, green, blue, silver and gold will do. The original table setting will pleasantly surprise your guests. You can use utensils of completely unusual shapes, for example, plates in the form of large shells or leaves, with drawings on a winter theme.

Important! When choosing dishes, do not try to keep everything the same color. You can make bright contrasts that will look unusual.

Transparent dishes will perfectly pour into any serving, and if you select golden cutlery to it, then all the guests will simply gasp with delight. It will look just gorgeous, especially on a table decorated with candles.

With the plates sorted out, now let’s discuss the decoration of glasses and glasses. Everything is much more interesting here, because you can use rhinestones, sparkles, ribbons, and even use the decoupage technique.

Napkin decorationHow to decorate the New Year table 2021

At first glance, it might seem that napkins are a completely insignificant detail of the festive table. But, it is they who can transform the serving beyond recognition. A huge number of colors, shapes, materials and sizes. And that’s not all, for which this subject can be touted. If earlier wipes were used only for their intended purpose, today it is possible to create any crafts out of it that will delight the guests’ eyes. Moreover, it will not lose its beneficial properties.

There are just a huge number of variations, you can fold napkins in the form of a Christmas tree, a flower, any animal, Santa’s hat, boot and generally anything.

Cutlery with serving rings will look very stylish. They put a napkin in them and put it either near the plate or in the plate itself. You can use napkin rings from manufacturers or make them yourself. There are a lot of video lessons on the Internet.

How to set up and decorate the table, we figured out. But in order for the interior to be completely festive and create a good mood, you need to look around and understand if there are any empty sad pieces left in the room. Pay particular attention to the wall above the table. Indeed, against the background of solemn devices, decorations and an abundance of food, it will seem generally sad.

To avoid this, hang not her garland, toys, rain, or, for example, a holiday poster on which all guests present will write their wishes to each other.

Our table design tips will help you create a positive festive atmosphere. Believe me, none of the guests will remain indifferent when they see the elegant design. I wish you success and inspiration in the New Year!

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