The 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

The 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

The 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

Do you have in mind to give a more avant-garde touch to this space? Then, you are in the right place, since here you will discover the latest trends in kitchens for 2024. Let yourself be inspired by these creative and original decorative ideas. I assure you will not regret. Go for it!

Learn about the latest trends to decorate kitchens this 2024

As you already know us, you know that we love finding those decorative ideas and styles that are fashionable and sweeping in this 2024. So, if you want to achieve that much-desired modern kitchen, you can’t miss the 2024 kitchen trends. Get inspired and take note!

1. Cabinets without handlesThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

The new trend is to have kitchens with clean lines and furniture without handles or with other opening systems. There is an increasing tendency to look for solutions to integrate or hide cabinet door handles.

Due to the new “ open space” fashion in kitchens, the aim is to create a simpler and more discreet environment so as not to break too much with the style of the living room or dining room to which it is attached.

A pale green vinyl for furniture will not leave indifferent those who are looking for trends and modernity. In addition, you can mix it with other materials such as marble or even with neutral tones such as gray.

You can complement it by adding leafy plants with large leaves such as a ficus, a monstera or a banana tree.

If you prefer a more natural tone, the Arena color is the one you need. You can find it with different finishes such as gloss, matte and wood texture to better fit the decoration of your home.

Are you more of natural textures? Then go for this Heimatra wood design with medium and light tones. Its color and texture will bring calm and luminosity to your spaces. They also complement very well in minimalist styles such as wabi-sabi or japandi.

2. Original kitchen cabinets and wallsThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

You don’t have to settle for a boring and simple kitchen. There are more and more opportunities and tools that help you customize it to your taste and the decorative style of your home.

In this case, we are talking about self- adhesive washable vinyl for use on kitchen fronts. It is a very creative and attractive decoration idea.

Do not miss the kitchens that have most caught our attention for their originality, beauty and elegance.

This vinyl mural is Mediterranean in style and inspired by Ibiza, therefore, neutral and cream tones predominate, combining palm leaves with mosteras, pampas and dry leaves.

It can be said that it is a boho and country mix.

In the following image, you can see a design created from tiles with geometric shapes in black lines with a light background.

This is a very minimalist and primitive style that leads us to Vasili Kandinsky, the artist who gives his name to a series of three works by Lokoloko.

Now you can see the bohemian mural, full of trendy colors and covered with vegetables, which at the same time contrast with a dark background.

3. Open and multifunctional kitchensThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

Today, kitchens have become versatile spaces, that is, places to cook, eat, work or rest.

As we see in previous seasons, the kitchens are designed with the aim of allowing this function of shared space. A kitchen open to the living room enlivens the environment, since it encourages social interaction within the home.

If you are looking to give a touch of color to your decorations, try the caldera tone. You can combine it with decorative styles such as raw, boho, Mediterranean and rustic.

If you are more daring, you need to combine the natural wood texture and the bluish nuances. And it is that, the latest stylistic currents combine them with plants, large posters, marble, black colors and small golden pieces as accessories.

4. Natural textures: MarbleThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

A mixture of raw materials is what we are going to see the most this year in kitchens, both on countertops and on walls. Materials such as marble, stone or granite are used to find that point of connection with nature.

Black marble is in trend and is here to stay. It is a great option if you are looking to create a risky and very fresh space.

The following design will bring distinction and elegance to your rooms. It is ideal if you use it both on the front wall and on the countertop, thus giving continuity to the texture. You can add other shades such as white and dark grey, but total black is always a hit.

Anything goes when we talk about using this material. In the case of Calacatta marble, white with gray veins, it is a very versatile and timeless design.

In this version, it provides elegance and warmth to interiors. If you want to apply it to larger surfaces, you can combine it alternately and thus give the texture greater continuity.

5. Natural textures: WoodsThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

Continuing this trend, you will see kitchens decorated with medium-tone raw woods such as oak that are also used in combination with solid or stone desaturated tones.

If you are looking to bring warmth to your kitchen, you can opt for imitation wood vinyl, being a winning option for its authentic appearance and ease of use.

In addition, the decoration with dark wood with defined grains and knots give the interior an elegant and sober style. It is also very suitable for use in living rooms or halls.

Its sophistication and simplicity make this design a good choice to stand the test of time.

6. Natural textures: Stones and terrazzoThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

As you have seen, natural materials such as terrazzo are widely used in interior decoration such as kitchens in recent years.

Thanks to its versatility, you can use it to create more serious and cold environments as well as to make them more fun and warm.

In other words, the modern terrazzo texture is a smart bet if you want to give your kitchen a sleek, desaturated look. Its tonalities make this vinyl compatible with countless decorative styles.

In the following photograph, this vintage texture, terrazzo with gray tones and low contrast used in the front, gives a harmonious balance between size and density, giving it a neutral character.

For this reason, it is ideal for use in combination with any other decorative style.

Do you dare to implement the next combination? If we know how to use this warm pastel pink with the stone terrazzo texture correctly, you will achieve a very chic, fresh and cozy atmosphere.

The secret is in the use of a balanced color palette in combination with modern and clean lines.

7. Details with rattanThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

These natural materials have arrived stomping. A kitchen with a wicker and rattan decoration together with this sepia brown color will create a calm and elegant atmosphere.

It goes perfectly with wabi-sabi and japandi style. In addition, it will be perfect with earth tones, beige, broken white and dark or natural untreated woods.

8. Slat panels and curved finishesThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

Striated or ribbed finishes are arousing great enthusiasm and admiration in expert interior designers. And it is that, the kitchen is one of the spaces where it is gaining more strength, and we can see it both in walls and cabinets as well as in curved islands or peninsulas.

Therefore, this is an ideal wood to achieve a natural touch in your spaces. Similarly, it is a good idea to incorporate other natural elements such as pots or natural fibers in chairs or lamps.

To make your kitchen appear more diaphanous, you can mix it with light tones such as white or other warmer tones such as beige.

You are going to want to spend all your time here!

See how these kitchens look with both white and beige slat panels and their curved finished surfaces.

They are ideal!

9. Natural and soft colorsThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

By merging the kitchen with other rooms such as the living room or dining room, it has triggered the integration of all the kitchen furniture in the walls, thus discordant shapes and colors disappear.

In this way, more and more use is made of neutral and homogeneous colors such as greys.

Although, due to the trend of linking the home to nature, we can also see other types of combinations in warmer tones such as earth and green colors that will bring tranquility and calm to the home.

You can apply not only plain colors, but also geometric patterns of lines, curves, and circles.

You can complement it with any other style, although it is very common in midcentury, Nordic, art deco, among others.

As you can see, the design options are endless. Petra’s stucco will provide your kitchen with a natural finish and a lot of warmth in the environment.

10. Japanese styleThe 10 Best Trends In Kitchens 2024

Japandi decoration is based on the wabi-sabi philosophy and is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It is mainly characterized by constituting minimalist, warm and calm environments.

This latest trend in interior design makes use of natural elements such as wood, ceramic or cement and neutral colors to create functional rooms, but at the same time comfortable and welcoming.

As you can see in the following design, the texture of the cement in dark gray tones offers us a natural and handmade appearance due to its irregularities, stains and imperfections.

In this style you can also go for dark wood textures as in this case (smoked oak). Thanks to the sobriety of its colors and its veining you will have a very elegant and calm kitchen.

Which style of decoration trends for kitchens in 2024 do you prefer?

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