Fashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

Modern Ceiling Design Trends 2023

Fashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

In the process of conceiving a design idea for ceiling repair, for some reason, many owners do not limit their fantasies and often combine multi-tiered structures, complex geometric shapes and various forms of spot lighting.

The use of all these elements can be explained simply: they spied on friends, liked the option from a neighbor, or it is just so fashionable now. However, ceiling trends are set by experienced designers and can be tracked in trend reviews for the current season.

Top 5 ceiling design trends

In 2023, drywall and tension structures continue to maintain their leadership. Natural wood will not lose its relevance due to its environmental friendliness. And, conversely, we will meet fewer projects with liquid wallpaper, PVC panels and cassette systems.

This season, as in the previous one, the direction of gypsum ceilings continues to develop actively. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to create structures with level transitions with right angles.

And at the peak of popularity, ceilings with shaded abutment. This is a real trend in interior design. Shadow technology is based on fixing aluminum profiles. In this case, camouflage inserts along the walls are not used. Small gaps remain at this point, only about 6 mm. The final result looks neat and stylish. The interior turns out to be holistic, with the effect of solidity due to the shadow adjoining. It seems that the ceiling is not visually in contact with the walls. And most importantly, any type of lighting can be installed on such ceilings. These can be any light lines with diffusers, or track lights.

And a few words about what you will have to refrain from during the renovation – the use of glossy stretch ceilings is a thing of the past, even though this way it was possible to visually expand the space very successfully. Please note that with such ceilings, a modern interior will look uninteresting and cheap.

When it comes to colors, rely more on pastels, because richer and brighter shades visually diminish the room. But more on that below.

Ceiling color trends

Color in interior decoration is the first thing that forms the spatial image of a room.

Some of the 2022 color trends have smoothly migrated into 2023, let’s look at the most anticipated proposals:

WhiteFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

Without white, nowhere. It is a classic that makes it possible to optically expand the space and at the same time, it suits any design. It is used in a wide variety of styles – from baroque to eclecticism or high-tech. The main thing is not to overdo it, for example, too much white (ceiling and walls) causes a persistent feeling of a hospital room.

BeigeFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

This tone is warmer than the previous one, but it copes with the task of visually expanding the space just as well. Most often, this color is used for ceilings in bedrooms or in rooms with windows facing north.

GrayFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

Many consider this shade to be cold, but in 2020 it was at the peak of popularity and is not going to give up its positions in 2023. It all depends on the surrounding interior: in combination with cold colors, it will only add rigor to the room, but if you combine it with bright, contrasting tones, gray favorably emphasizes and sets them off.

Blue, light blueFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

In the era of the development of computer technology, blue is becoming more and more popular. Recently, a review was conducted of the colors that the 10 most popular sites have chosen for their design. Among them, it was blue and its original tones that became the leaders. Therefore, it is quite expected that this color will be one of the most fashionable next year. In addition, the blue ceiling also visually increases the height of the room and helps to relax. Blue – symbolizes calmness, it is appropriate in a bathroom or bedroom, however, such a tone is categorically not suitable for a study, as it causes drowsiness.

YellowFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

For many years this color was considered rather risky, but recent seasons have shown its increasing popularity. Especially calmer, “down-to-earth” tones will be in trend, as well as their pastel shades, which reduce stress levels and stimulate brain activity. The yellow ceiling will be an excellent competitor to traditional beige and gray ceilings.

Now let’s move on to the main ceiling trends of the next year for different rooms of an apartment or cottage.

Living room ceiling trendsFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

As a rule, the largest room in the apartment is allocated for the living room – this is the main room in which the whole family gathers to watch movies, guests at a large table. There are several guidelines for decorating a living room ceiling in 2023:

  • if the room is small, it is best to choose a traditional finish with some decorative elements;
  • a multi-level structure will help to visually divide the hall into zones, it is enough to create a certain volumetric figure or experiment with color schemes;
  • glossy stretch ceilings or finishing with mirror tiles will help if the ceiling is not located high enough – they will optically “stretch” the room.

But the main condition is that the resulting structure must be in harmony with the general interior of the room.

Bedroom ceiling trendsFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

An atmosphere of calmness and relaxation should reign in this room. The design of the overlap is very important, because this is what you see before going to bed and after waking up, so the finish should be pleasing to the eye, set a positive mood for the whole day ahead.

You can choose one of the following solutions:

  • suspended ceiling – this option is able to suppress noise and hide all irregularities and imperfections of the floor, an interesting solution will be a combination of various shapes and lighting, the main thing is that the height of the room allows, because such a structure will “steal” about 10-15 cm;
  • a mirror surface on a metal frame – such an overlap optically expands the boundaries of the bedroom, making it more spacious;
  • tension – in addition to ease of installation and maintenance, its glossy surface also has a reflective effect, due to which the space visually expands.

Kitchen ceiling trendsFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

For many housewives, it is not a living room at all, but the kitchen is considered the main room in the house. When choosing a ceiling, keep in mind the special conditions in this room. It is not recommended to use finishing materials that do not tolerate high humidity and temperature changes. In addition, during the cooking process, particles of fat and food can get on the ceiling, this should also be taken into account when choosing a material.

As for the color, traditionally, the ceilings in the kitchen are decorated in lighter colors, but recently designers have begun to move away from classical solutions, preferring originality. For example, a dark overlay will look interesting enough, but you should take care of additional lighting separately. It is also worth considering the height of the room. Dark shades will not work in low-ceilinged kitchens.

Bathroom ceiling trendsFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

As mentioned above, fashion trends next year will be even more focused on naturalness and environmental friendliness. Showy luxury fades into the background, minimalism prevails, combined with comfort. The ceiling in the bathroom should be light, without pomp and frills.

Due to the high humidity in this room, most materials are not suitable for use. The most popular here are rack and stretch ceilings, with which you can not be afraid of fungus, dirt and mold.

An interesting option would be to install a mirror cover, which will not only increase the space, but also enhance the lighting. It is unpretentious in maintenance and perfectly tolerates temperature changes and humidity.

Ceiling trends for the hallwayFashionable Ceilings 2023: Modern Ceiling Design Trends

When the dimensions of the hallway are small, it is better to leave experiments with complex, multi-level structures and dark shades for more spacious rooms. It is best to focus on lighting, brevity and simplicity.

If there is enough space, then you can implement a wide variety of ideas. Here the following will be relevant:

  • plasterboard structures – allow you to mount a lot of built-in lamps;
  • stretch – give a good illusion of even greater height;
  • suspended – their surface is assembled from several separate panels or slabs, where it is also possible to mount additional lighting to expand the space.

In 2023, the ceiling will be reinforced as an important element in interior design. If you select unusual, original designs, the overlap is quite capable of dominating the design of the room, setting the general tone. The main thing is not to overload the atmosphere with elements, since the design of the next year’s ceiling is harmony, naturalness and environmental friendliness.

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