Decoration Trends For 2024

Decoration Trends For 2024

We have twelve months ahead of us to adapt the space in which we live to our tastes and needs. No matter how clear we are about how we want our home to look, we are permeable to fashion.

In 2024 we will continue betting on environments that, beyond a certain aesthetic, make us feel good. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, feeling comfortable in our own home. The decoration trends for 2024 do not deviate from the inclination for the natural and the sustainable that already made an appearance last year. You want to know more?

Crafts and sustainabilityDecoration Trends For 2024

Slow decor has become strong. We want to live in greener environments, that support local commerce, decorated with fairness and that are closer to nature through materials, plants, color and organic forms. That is why we will see curves, unique pieces and zero waste products.

Multipurpose furnitureDecoration Trends For 2024

After the pandemic, our homes have never been the same again. We have had to learn to reconcile by forced marches, which has involved taking advantage of space as we had never imagined. Offices in the living room, nurseries in the kitchen or gyms in the bedroom. Anything goes.

Acoustic insulationDecoration Trends For 2024

In line with the above, those who have switched to partial or total teleworking know that silence is a luxury. The reform budgets include solutions to soundproof walls and place double glazing in order to be able to comply with the working day without the production being affected by the noise of the neighbors.

Total white with contrastDecoration Trends For 2024

The warm minimalism is still popular, but the neutrals will give way to a white palette that will be broken thanks to a pastel tone, such as Very Peri, the Pantone color of 2022, or with another stronger color. This effect will be applied to a wall or embracing a piece of furniture via painting or upholstery.

ScandifornianDecoration Trends For 2024

Another option to make the strictest Nordic evolve is to merge it with another decorative style. Last year, for example, we saw it as japandi, complemented by oriental touches. This year we will see how the Scandinavian travels to California to become more bohemian and tribal, with wicker furniture, knotted rugs and fiber lamps.

Botanical wallpaperDecoration Trends For 2024

But not everything will be pure white. For those who want to add more emotion, vertical walls scream for attention through a wallpaper with large motifs that seem to be taken from a tropical forest. If the urban jungle is not for you because you are not good with plants, this is your alternative.

Terracotta tiles and mini tilesDecoration Trends For 2024

For the floors, it will be difficult for the wood to abandon its throne. Although the stoneware that imitates it wins followers for being more energy efficient, what will win points will be the clay. Its irregular and rustic texture is adorable, and if it is combined with geometries, it is beautiful. For fronts and tiling, the tiles abandon the large format, but without reaching the XS mosaic.

Rope chairsDecoration Trends For 2024

The roped seats take us back to our childhood, to those stools that our mothers had in the kitchen. Although there will also be those who want to see in them the catwalk stools of a flamenco table. Fortunately, the current designs are more modern, and even inspired by true icons.

Marble auxiliariesDecoration Trends For 2024

Stone is a natural material of extraordinary beauty, which is why its presence in 2024 will be reinforced. To minimize its carbon footprint, the marble will be presented in small surfaces, such as the top of a small table with metal legs or sculpted in the form of any sustainable luxury accessory.

Black in kitchens and bathroomsDecoration Trends For 2024

We already witnessed this trend last year, and throughout 2024 we will see how it consolidates. In the dark kitchens, the resin furniture and the terrazzo coatings are extended, while in the bathroom, the taps, sinks and black furniture give a pulse to the rest of the set.

What do you think of the decoration trends for 2024?

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