Feng Shui Decoration Trends 2021: easy ideas to let good energy invade your home

Feng Shui Decoration Trends 2021If zen and relaxing interiors tempt you, Feng Shui decoration trends 2021 must undoubtedly be one of your greatest aspirations for 2021! By inviting Chinese art to your home, your home instantly becomes a place for relaxation and well-being where life is good … which is precisely what we need in a world that is always going too fast. But then, how can you easily adopt it? We gives you its advice and mistakes to avoid in order to achieve a harmonious atmosphere in all your rooms, from the entrance to the bedroom, via the living room + dining room .

The advice to follow for a Zen Feng Shui decorationFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

The Feng Shui decoration, for whom? Those of you who want to coexist in harmony with your environment can address the Feng Shui philosophy and easily create a balanced and healthier atmosphere in your own home. Feng Shui is simply the art of harnessing the positive energy that surrounds us and creating harmonious links with nuture. This more or less complex philosophy applies to several areas of contemporary life, including interior design and room decoration.

Feng Shui, or “wind and water” in Chinese, represents a millennial practice straight from ancient China which seeks to create a place where the harmony between the 5 elements (water, earth, wood, metal and fire) will be put in the spotlight. In interior design, this philosophy translates into a renewal of the space so that it coexists with the external environment. The objective will therefore be the creation of a room where good energy flows freely. But how do we materialize these five elements? By choosing the right shades, shapes and materials, of course.

What colors for a successful Feng Shui decoration?Feng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

Generally, Feng Shui colors refer to yin and yang, which in turn play an important role in Chinese art. Adopting the right nuances is crucial to master the Feng Shui decor and thus improve your lifestyle. According to the Asian philosophy, each color influences energy differently. The yin side, for example, results in the use of pastel and cold shades like sage green or classic blue . On the other hand, the yang symbolizes dynamism and vitality. We therefore discover it in warm and vitamin-rich colors, such as red, orange, pink and yellow.

If this theory seems complicated enough to understand, don’t give up immediately! We will describe in detail the exact meaning of Feng Shui colors, to help you choose the most suitable colors for your interior, according to the layout and specific function of each living room.

The 5 elements and the corresponding colorsFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

Yellow, for example, probably corresponds to Earth. An expansive color expressing sociability and conviviality, it also inspires communication. According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is preferable to reserve it for the rooms where you spend the majority of your free time. These are the living room and the dining room. You can also use it in the kitchen to create a more cheerful and dynamic atmosphere.

The color of the soul, of reflection and of wisdom, blue symbolizes water and represents tranquility and serenity. Its use is therefore recommended for children’s rooms and places of passage. Like purple, blue is one of the “Zen” tones. If you choose a blue painted bathroom, you can be sure that peace and quiet will never leave this intimate place! If, however, you want to encourage intellectual work, you can use it as the main color for the walls in the office area. Purple, meanwhile, is a spiritual shade and perfect for the living room.

Then it’s blazing red. Symbol of fire, red promotes dynamism, prosperity, vitality and passion. Extremely stimulating shade, it is better not to use it in the bedrooms, otherwise it will cause excitement and nervousness. On the other hand, you can easily apply it in small touches in the living room and the dining room and thus offer the living spaces more joy and cheerfulness.

As for the Metal element, it is white which corresponds to it. Embodying purity and spirituality, white allows the room to breathe. The decoration specialists advise to use it sparingly, because applied as a main color or in large quantities, it gives the impression of emptiness and can cause isolation and hostility. That is why, it is strongly advised to combine it with one or more bright colors.

Combined with wood, green expresses the creativity and energy of spring. It embodies balance and flexibility. Linked to its purifying function, it is ideal for sanitary and bathroom use. However, also considered a soothing color, green promotes a feeling of security and can very well find its place in the bedroom, just like pink. Very trendy and symbolizing carnal desire, it is conducive to tender moments, which makes it just perfect for intimate rooms.

Feng Shui decoration according to the location of the furnitureFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

What are the mistakes not to make when you are planning your interior according to the rules of Feng Shui? Besides the choice of colors, the way you arrange your furniture at sois also has an important place in Feng Shui decoration. As a general rule, the location of your furniture should facilitate movement. The sofa and armchairs should, for example, be placed back to the wall. Likewise, sitting with your back to the openings is to be avoided. This could stop the circulating energy. Note also: the oranges in the living room or the kitchen promote luck, while a cup of fruit in the bedroom stimulates carnal desire. Placing the bed under a beam is also to be avoided, as he believes that this can separate the bride and groom.

What Feng Shui decoration for which room?Feng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

Again, the purpose of this type of decoration is to let the good energy circulate in the room. And since each room offers different activities to its inhabitants, it responds individually to the rules of Chinese art. In other words, the decor of the bedroom and that of the living room will not be alike

The entry hallFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

The entrance hall is certainly the most quoted part of the house when we talk about Feng Shui design. Why ? Well, because the different energies come in through the entrance. Therefore, it should be bright and tidy. So think of coating it in white and installing flowers or a mirror for an even more clear effect.

The living roomFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

A multipurpose room, the living room is one of the most visited places in the house. It welcomes our loved ones and allows us to rest and recharge our batteries after a long busy day at the office. Comfort and functionality are therefore essential! Soft cushions and throws, furniture with rounded lines or a cozy fireplace… it’s up to you to choose how to promote well-being in the living room.

The kitchenFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

As for the heart of the house, the kitchen, it combines in itself two of the five main elements of Feng Shui: fire and water. We therefore avoid placing the oven in front of the sink or dishes. Here too, we favor furniture with rounded lines. The central island is therefore welcome!

BedroomFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

A quintessential resting place, the Feng Shui-style bedroom must be cozy, comfortable and unobstructed. Smart objects are to be avoided, as they have a harmful effect on sleep. Ditto for the mirrors, which should never be in front of the bed. On the other hand, you are reminded once again that the orange slices in the room greatly promote libido and the feeling of well-being.

BathroomFeng Shui Decoration Trends 2021

Like the bedroom, the bathroom falls into the category of private rooms. We therefore prefer natural materials, soft, even pastel shades, as well as the right lighting to successfully decorate Feng Shui in the bathroom. Candles and succulents are also welcome.