10 interior design trends for 2024 (according to professionals)

While we tend to eschew interior decor trends in favor of more timeless concepts, it’s still interesting to hear what designers think will be trending in 2024.

Over the past few years, many of us have begun to spend more time at home, and this has changed the way we look at the concept of home interiors, both aesthetically and functionally. For example, designers predict that people will become more adventurous in creating custom spaces filled with colorful soft furnishings, textured materials, or unique wallpapers. Well, let’s see!

Pine and other natural materials

interior design trends for 2024

Trends are an interesting thing. If the use of glossy finishes was once incredibly popular, now they have been confidently replaced by the natural, natural texture of wood. Pine will be especially respected for its ideal properties for processing, as well as the use of real rough stone and dried flowers in the interior. Pine will be in furniture, wall decoration, decorative panels and panels, decor and even dishes.

Natural chalk paints, and plasterinterior design trends for 2024

The “naturalization” of interiors does not end with wood and stone. In 2024, finishing materials such as plaster, plaster and chalk paint will return to interior design. However, they will increasingly begin to be used in such details as fireplace portals, hoods, kitchen islands and niches. Gypsum hoods in the kitchen are one of the top kitchen trends for 2024. After all, it can have a significant visual impact on the design of the room.

Bathroom or ladies’ boudoir with wallpaperinterior design trends for 2024

Ladies’ boudoirs or traditional bathrooms are small, isolated spaces where you can experiment with unique design ideas and not be afraid that they will affect the rest of the interior. Why not try something bright and fresh? After all, a small area will allow you not to go broke on expensive materials.

You can add bright texture tiles to the “wet” area and designer wallpapers with flowers or abstraction to the “dry” area (however, it is important that the room is well ventilated). Try to complement the interiors with unique accessories that add an element of surprise. Open the door – and find yourself in a world of luxury and beauty, which contributes to complete relaxation and gives the joy of life, new ideas and strength for accomplishments.

Shells with paintinginterior design trends for 2024

Yes, this story is about bathrooms again. In 2023, we have already seen designers’ timid attempts to freshen up the traditional white color of sinks. No wonder such a charming trend has found its way to the hearts of lovers of beautiful interiors. It also turned out that the painted shells are quite affordable and, if desired, you can afford such a new thing. The idea is more important here. It is better to study style references or go to a professional ceramic artist who has his own particular style.

Individual designinterior design trends for 2024

We’ve seen so much minimalism over the past few years that more people are now craving warmth, depth and character in their personal spaces. Already popular in 2023, vintage, maximalism and grand millennialism are not going to disappear. They are becoming a powerful trend that can no longer be ignored. To bring such non-trivial ideas to life, unique experience is required, for example, individual furniture production.

The principle of sustainable development in the furniture industryinterior design trends for 2024

Many of our peers agree that 2024 will be the year of sustainability in interior design. Consumers are becoming more mindful of eco-friendly options, and rightly so. People are increasingly asking “where is it made,” “how is it made,” “what is it made of.”

Many will start to move away from inexpensive furniture made from dubious materials like chipboard and start investing more in quality products made from materials like wood or high quality MDF. furniture that will stand the test of time.Instead of buying something cheap and seasonal, consumers will be more selective about furniture in order to preserve the appearance for years to come and even pass it down.

It is produced in Russia using unique technologies from natural and high-quality materials and fully complies with sustainable development trends.

High Performance Fabricsinterior design trends for 2024

The challenge for many designers is to create beautiful and livable spaces – especially for families with young children, pets or very busy lifestyles. One of the main requests of buyers is beautiful and practical fabrics.

The textile industry does not stand still. Many options are now emerging that mimic the look of natural linen, velvet and textured fabrics, but they are designed for outdoor use and are stain and UV resistant. Carpets made of natural materials that can be washed in a washing machine have already appeared (pay attention to the Spanish washable carpets), and now upholstery and curtain fabrics with high performance are entering the active phase.

Attractive honey onyxinterior design trends for 2024

You probably don’t remember that this material was popular in interior design in the 1980s. So – he returns in a new reading.

Honey Onyx is a quartz in beige-brown, amber and honey shades with bright graphic veins. It is great for kitchen or bathroom cladding. A strict pattern in the form of white marble with black and gray veins will slow down a bit. And it’s even great, the print in the form of honey onyx will bring even more warmth and luxury to the interior.

“Soft” and modern kitchensinterior design trends for 2024

Fashionable, glamorous and minimalist kitchens will give way to softer counterparts. To offset the cool glossy finish, it can be diluted with matte wood finishes and accent panels in stone (for example, honey onyx). New details can be perfectly emphasized with popular brass and velvety upholstery upholstered furniture.

Lighting as artinterior design trends for 2024

We believe that lighting is one of the most important stages of interior design. Now it is not enough to limit yourself to a chandelier installed in the middle of the ceiling. After all, lighting devices are part of the world of technology, in which various innovations are confidently used, why not use it? Lighting will become more sculptural in 2024. With the help of flexible and “smart” LED strips, walls, individual architectural elements (arches, stairs, openings) and decor (mirrors, paintings, wall panels) will be illuminated. Read about lighting trends in 2024 in our article.