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19 Sep 2020

Smart Home In A Modern Apartment

When in childhood we read fairy tales, and later fantastic stories, the spirit was breathtaking from the “magical” possibilities of objects: the lamps lit up on a clap, the pot began to cook itself, the cold rooms
17 Aug 2020

New Interior Style Softminimalism

Softminimalizm [soft or soft minimalism] – the most versatile style of the 21st century! In the design Soft minimalism of style, it becomes possible to combine male and female points of view on how the interior should
14 Aug 2020

7 Key Rules For Children’s Interior Designs

Today we will talk with you about the perfect interior design for children’s room. What nuances must be taken into account without fail at the stage of designing and thinking through the design of a nursery? After
13 Aug 2020

The Best Features Of Australian Style Interior Design

The uniqueness of the Australian style reflects the incomparable Australian way of life. It is possible to convincingly “recreate” Australia in a spacious apartment, a large room, and most precisely in a country house! This description of
19 Jul 2020

What are the new trends in interior design in 2021?

Despite the fact that a year has not yet ended, interior design trends in 2021 are already taking their place in leading design agencies. Some of them share their findings for inspiration and for completing urgent projects.
19 Jul 2020

Modern Trends In Interior Design 2021

The house is the only place in which we can completely relax. Therefore, it is important to seriously approach the issue of decorating the interior of your own home. In addition to conforming to style, space needs
18 Jul 2020

New Interior Trends 2021: Popular contemporary design of apartments and houses

Fashion for interior design is no less volatile than for designer clothes. Therefore, if you adhere to current trends, you should pay attention to the latest new interior trends in 2021. 1. Key Design Aspects Over the
10 Jul 2020

Home Design Trends In Modern Interior

Modern trends in interior design can complement the image of your home. One useful aspect of owning a home is the ability to update, remodel, complement, and decorate it the way you want. And the freedom to
4 Mar 2020

New Interior Trends 2021-2022

The main trends in interior design 2021 Interior styles Individuality in the interior. One of the most global trends in interior design 2021-2022 is personalization. Requests for specific styles go away. In fashion – home decoration, according
27 Feb 2020

5 Trendy Colors To Adopt In Your Decor In 2021

Who says New Year says new decorative desires. To give your living room or bedroom a facelift, the walls are repainted. Yes but which color to choose? Discover 5 trendy colors to adopt in your interior decor