Everyone wants to live comfortably, have an individual home and live out their living ideas. With the following new interior design trends 2021 tips and inspiration, you can be sure of a great interior !Interior design trends 2021 ideas and inspiration

Individual interior design: in demand all your life

Just as life changes, so does the apartment. A child has their own room, moves to the flat share as a student or their first mini apartment. Well-considered interior design ? Oh what, it has to be practical! Then comes the first real apartment, maybe moving in with your partner.

This turns into a separate house with children’s rooms. The spatial planning has to be reconsidered again and again, new furnishing ideas and great possibilities are needed to make the most of the available space. We are looking for living ideas that combine modern interior design with personality and ensure that a house becomes a home.

The whole life is shaped by the search for the perfect living and those who have finally set themselves up optimally have to constantly improve something here and there. Or to make a fresh impression with a new decoration. Incredible if you had to live in the same apartment with the same furniture and the same wall design the entire time you were growing up!

Just as life is change, so is living space. However, since new ideas and inspirations are always required, there are some helpful tips, possibilities and furnishing options below:

Industrial style: This style is particularly suitable for living in a loft or in a factory apartment. (# 01)

Tips & tricks for interior design

No matter which style you choose for the interior, everything is rounded off with a personal touch. To give a room or even the whole house that touch, photos and pictures that are reminiscent of beautiful moments are particularly suitable. Vacation photos, the wedding picture or simply great snapshots – these hacks help you to attach your memories.

Tip # 1: The picture gallery

The picture claw is ideal for hanging photos without having to drill or hammer holes in the wall:

Tip # 2: The magnetic claw

Even with the magnetic claw, the hammer and drill can remain in the tool box. It works with the clever system of neodymium magnets:

Find the right style

First of all, everyone should think about how they want to live. Is the industrial style preferred or can an old building apartment also become really cozy? Is modernity desired or should traditional or conservative things be integrated in terms of living technology?

When deciding for or against a style, everyone should first know how the individual directions are defined:

  1. Industrial style:

This style is particularly good to live in a loft or a factory apartment. It is about distributing different accents and decorations in the apartment, which creates a deliberately uncluttered impression. If the rooms are very large or there are only a few pieces of furniture in a room, individual parts or decorative objects are of course the absolute eye-catcher. A modern interior designwill always try to set such highlights and integrate them into the living style. So couches can be found here that show themselves with strong colors. The pieces of furniture are anything but filigree, and the wall design is rather robust and industry-oriented. Gray is usually the predominant color, colorful splashes of color can only be found as contrasts.

  1. Classic style:

This style of living is designed to create the impression of a symmetrical space that is elegant yet meets formal requirements. Many pieces of furniture or the decoration are reminiscent of bygone times and earlier furnishing ideas, the rooms have architectural details and are furnished to a very high standard. Everything fits together, there is no break in style here. This style stands for high values, for the extravagant and for quality. Most of the time it will be found in old apartments where, thanks to the high ceilings and the large rooms, wonderful effects can be created with the classic furnishing style.

  1. Minimalist style:

This is often equated with uncomfortable furniture that is only available in small numbers in the room. But far from it! The few pieces of furniture may be correct, but they should still radiate cosiness and create a calm and stress-free atmosphere. There shouldn’t be any clutter here, so the minimalist style is hardly suitable for families with small children. But this style fits perfectly to urban life!

So if you are always looking for new ideas for modern living space, you should definitely choose a style. Important: It is also possible to mix styles, but this should be really skillful and not just mix two contrary styles.

Classic style: This style of living is designed to create the impression of a symmetrical space that is elegant and yet meets formal requirements. (# 02)

Furnishing in large rooms

Large rooms offer endless possibilities in terms of interior furnishings. However, they have to be filled vertically if the ceiling is very high, otherwise the interior design is more like a hall effect. Large rooms can be divided into different zones, which can be the lounge zone and the work area in a living room, for example, if there is no separate study in the house.

The different areas are separated with shelves or sideboards, a side table provides enough storage space for the round sofa. Maybe this room can also be used as a music room? Modern music chairs or large boxes can bring the music fan into other spheres, the large room ensures good sound of good music.

It is important not to let the individual zones appear separately, but to connect them with each other, which is possible, for example, through the decoration.

Set up small rooms

In many apartments, the living space is really tight and it is not enough to be able to set up sideboards and stools, tables and armchairs as desired. Here, spatial planning has to do little miracles and implement new living ideas. Tiny spaces thrive on color, light and the ideas of how furniture can make the room appear larger. A simple way to make rooms appear larger is to skillfully set up mirrors and play with light.

Light windows are important, ideally they are positioned so that they face the mirrors. This maximizes the spatial effect. Be careful with blinds and curtains, they limit the space and quickly make it look smaller again. With regard to the furniture, too, the interior must be approached with care: Open furniture is ideal for very small spaces, because closed fronts limit the space.

Flower lovers agree: No house is a home if the flowers are missing! (# 03)

Use flowers as decoration

Flower lovers agree: No house is a home if the flowers are missing! They may not be entirely wrong and so there are also some potted plants in apartments where the resident does not have the proverbial green thumb, which optimally complement the interior.

You may not be involved in spatial planning right from the start, but will soon prove to be indispensable. They are corner fillers and decorations for the window sill, bring a little life to a dreary industrial loft. Especially very large flowers fill a room with energy and also provide a better indoor climate.

Achieve modern comfort

Two things seem to come together here that do not harmonize with each other. It is about a modern facility on the one hand and cosiness on the other. As with the minimalist style, the modern is assumed that it cannot seem cozy, although of course that is not correct. Modern pieces of furniture are often large and bulky – it is best not to select too many of them and to place them freely in the room. At the same time, large armchairs and living areas are often very cozy and invite you to a comfortable evening for two or with the whole family.

A small side table is helpful, but does not take up too much space and does not destroy the modern impression. What is essential: wall decoration ! This shows very quickly that someone lives here and above all who it is. Because hardly anything is more individual and personal than the decorations that are hung on the wall or placed on sideboards. They support the modern interior design and at the same time give it a personal touch.

They decorate for the winter and for Christmas everything is bathed in a soft light. (# 04)

Decorations for one season only

While most pieces of furniture have been purchased for many years, the decoration does not have to be that way. This may also change seasonally. When people come home from vacation, they can put the holiday souvenirs in the living room and keep the memories of the most beautiful weeks of the year a little longer.

They decorate for the winter and for Christmas everything is bathed in a soft light. They welcome spring with new flowers and small decorative items. In short: The seasonal redecoration gives them the opportunity to try again and again and finally to put all the little things that would have been too much in the past.

Distribute seating everywhere

Usually there is seating in the living room and in the kitchen, perhaps in the conservatory or in a room where guests are received. But different seating furniture can be found throughout the house! A modern interior design places chairs in the kitchen, the good Chesterfield sofa in the reception area (unfortunately only possible in very large houses or apartments), armchairs and couch in the living room. At least one stool can also stand in the bedroom.

A bench can be placed in the hallway and offers the opportunity to rest after coming home or to place the children on it before leaving the apartment. In addition, the bank is of course a storage space, of which there can never be enough in the hallway. If the spatial planning for a new building is carried out, sufficient seating furniture and options to accommodate it should therefore be included in the calculation.

Do not forget the bar stools, which can be found in the kitchen at the counter and which often make the normal table with its chairs superfluous. Can there be enough seating ? Most people find that this is not the case and also recommend placing some particularly convenient parts. How about a beanbag in XXL format in the living room or in the reading area of the lounge room? Different seating furniture is intended for different living styles and makes the house a home.

The living room is spiced up by side tables. (# 05)

Set up tables

Seating is of particular importance for the interior, but tables should not be forgotten either. The two are inseparable and, depending on the room, represent a fixed unit: the kitchen table cannot do without its chairs, the side table in the living room needs a sofa or a two-seater next to it. At the latest when someone takes a stool as a table replacement, everyone should be aware that tables are missing in the house or apartment. It is therefore important to complete the interior with tables.

However, the size of the room is important because a small living room must not be blocked by a large coffee table. If the room with the table and the armchairs or the sofa is full, something has been done wrong: here it is better to choose a small side table instead, which acts as a storage space and connection between the individual elements of the living room.

A large living room, on the other hand, may have a coffee table that is really large and serves as an eye-catcher. If the house residents meet with family or friends here, this piece of furniture is indispensable and allows games to be played as well as the storage of drinks and snacks at a private movie night.

A dressing table in the bedroom will generate a lot of enthusiasm, which can be intensified if the table is sufficiently illuminated and thus offers ideal conditions for evening dressing.

There are designer pieces of furniture where the viewer really has to ask themselves what they should be good for and where they could be in front and back. (# 06)

Rely on designer furniture

There are designer pieces of furniture where the viewer really has to ask himself what they should be good for and where they could be in front and behind. Such parts go at best as objects of art and even then, there is hardly anything to do with it unless someone is particularly into miraculous furnishing ideas and strange objects. But then there is designer furniture that can and has everything. They are of extremely high quality, serve their purpose, are decorative and exude a lot of charm.

Interior architects believe that every apartment should have at least one part that can enhance the rest of the interior, provided that it is not yet stylistically solid. However, some designer furniture are real loners and do not harmonize with other furniture at all. They must stand alone and be able to work for themselves, so that no one steals their show and vice versa they do not impair the effect of the other pieces of furniture.

It doesn’t matter whether this is a designer lamp or a designer table. If such a part should be allowed to move into the apartment, it is ideal if it can first move into its place. This makes it easier to see which pieces of furniture still fit and in which style they should fit.

Everyone knows about the effect of colors at least since school. Blue should be in the work area, green looks optimistic, red, however, should be stimulating. (# 07)

Rely on colors

Everyone knows about the effect of colors at least since school. Blue should be in the work area, green looks optimistic, red, on the other hand, should be stimulating. Experts recommend complementary colors if the interior is to be particularly expressive. What is meant here are shades of color that can be found on the other side of the known color wheel. If you want to neutralize the effect of the colors again, let white flow into it.

Colors are particularly harmonious when they are side by side in the color wheel. Green and yellow can be combined very well, also red and pink as well as blue and orange look good, whereby it always depends on the intensity of the colors. On a whim, nobody should paint everything in biting colors or particularly brightly. It is almost certain that such experiments will hardly pay off and that a new coat of paint will soon be needed.

Tip: It is better to always try a color or a combination of colors on a surface first and then see how it works. At best, this should be done at different times of the day and with different incidence of light in order to get an optimal picture.

Modern wall design with classic elements

Nobody has to choose between the modern and the classic furnishing style when designing the walls. It is possible, for example, to combine stucco with a very bright and eye-catching color in the old building and to set both as a contrast to each other. It can even be much nicer to combine the different styles with each other than to generally only focus on individual styles that can ultimately seem uncomfortable. It is important that everyone always contributes their own personality to the interior design, making the entire design individual.

Setting contrasts in children’s and youth rooms brings life to the walls and furniture that can be used to make young people feel comfortable. (# 08)

Design rooms differently

Not only do great ideas for individual living always differ, you should also design different rooms differently. Of course, nobody will design the children’s room similar to the living room, because in the former, colorful and eye-catching colors may prevail. Setting contrasts in children’s and youth rooms brings life to the walls and furniture that can be used to make young people feel comfortable.

The living room can be a contrast to this and shows itself as a classic room in brown or beige, focuses on individual splashes of color and special highlights. Perhaps it is also the study that presents itself as a personal space and that allows conclusions to be drawn about the personality. It is always and in any case important that the residents feel comfortable and that the rooms are not furnished according to the specifications from magazines or according to tips from interior designers, but exactly as they wish.

Before you can start with the interior, everyone should know how which room is to be used and for how long it is to be used. A children’s room is designed with a lot of love, but it is clear that a renewal will be necessary here in just a few years.

The bedroom, on the other hand, is usually furnished or designed once and then remains in this form for many, if not decades. The kitchen is constantly redesigned depending on the degree of wear. Wherever renovations are carried out relatively frequently, it is also worth a little courage to use color or to come up with new ideas that may at first glance seem a little crazy.

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